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  1. I've read that drilling holes in the baffle tubes of the db killer helps increase the noise. I'm sure a quick search on the web will give you ideas. Sorry didn't want to link another sites url. 🙂
  2. It the same process as removing the petrol tank, you just don't go that far... This link should help, it an earlier model but it's identical
  3. It's used to supply power to the heated seat (if you buy one) it's exactly the same as the Aux one behind the screen. Look at the video in this link. 7.20 in you'll see the lead from the seat and where it plugs in.
  4. The 4 pin plug is the OBD reader plug, not an Aux plug. Their is a two pin Aux plug under the seat, it's buried deeper in the wiring. Mine was on the right hand side between the battery and towards the seat locking bar. As for heated gear, I go either directly to the battery or as you said a power block of some sort.
  5. Are you saying you need to force the case onto the lower brackets? Do you have the rubber blocks on the right way around? Sounds silly but i was told they are slightly tapered and need to be fitted the right way around.
  6. I like the plug mount idea, I just might have to borrow that 🙂
  7. I cleaned and checked the adjustment on my chain yesterday. Pushing the chain sideways to see if it would hit the tyre just didn't enter my head to check for..... I know there's no damage to the tyre, I regularly check that for cuts, nails and such things. Are you saying yours has been rubbing?
  8. To answer my own question.... It may help someone else in the future.... The heated seat switch fit's on the front of the bike opposite the power out-let plug. It doesn't pick up power from the front accessory plug, it's just a switch with a long lead. You need to run the long lead from the front of the bike to the seat where it plugs into one of two leads coming out of the seat. The second lead coming from the seat plugs to a power connector as per the video esseci59 kindly linked in the above post. I know what I'm doing this weekend 🙂
  9. Thanks. I was after info on tne switch cable run, from the front of the bike back to where? Does it pick up power from the front of the bike? I haven't got the seat yet, should be here by wednesday. Once i see the seat wiring it might all be a bit clearer. Was just hoping someone had the fitting instructions ..... Thanks.
  10. Bit of a long shot........ I'm looking for the installation instructions for the Yamaha comfort heated seat. I was lucky to pick up an unused shop demo set on eBay for a third of the price of new. Unfortunately no user/installation guide. If any one has the instructions, would you mind scaning them and post them up, or private message them to me. Many thank. Mick
  11. Not changed the exhaust on the GT, its only three weeks old 🙂 I did change it out on my previous bike, a MT07. Same exhaust, Akrapovic. Found a similar price differenct between the official Yamaha and none Yamaha supplied Akrapovic exhaust. I was also told if you run without the cat your not euro4 compliant. Your on dodgy ground with the warentee and I'm also unsure if you need a remap. If you run with a cat then all is covered ok.
  12. This is the same one I've got. Used it a couple of times with no issues on a friends bike while out in France. Very happy with it.
  13. Fitted an SW Motech Adventure rack to the back of my GT this morning, with the rack you can buy adaptors that will allow you to mount any manufactures cases (GIVI Monokey/Monolock, Shad and others) Took about an hour to fit, it replaces the rear grab handles and uses the same boltholes. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/atHU2fYTsH https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/Fx0LUiygkU https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/sO5kSMZvXy
  14. New Phantom Blue 900GT.. Picked her up this morning from the dealers 🙂 Only fly in the ointment was no cases., none of the GTs delivered to the dealership (seven this week) came with the cases. I've been told there is a bit backlog, approx. six week wait for them.... I'd been warned before hand so it wasn't a huge surprise. anyway the bike is great, just taking it easy running it in.
  15. Afternoon All I've been lurking for a while without signing up.... normal story of wanting to read owner reviews to get any idea on the Tracer 900, not owning the bike didn't feel I could add anything to the forum. I currently own a Yamaha MT07, had it for the last two years and it's been a cracking little machine. Its just with a recent job move of location, I'm doing a lot more motorway miles to/from work , I decided I needed (read, wanted) something a bit bigger. I narrowed my search down to a few machines . Kawasaki Versys 1000, Suzuki V-Strom1000, Honda Africa Twin, BMW F850GS and finally the Yamaha Tracer 900 . Tracer won the argument of size, price and it helped that I already has a good relationship with the dealer. I ordered a 2019 Phantom Blue Tracer 900GT this morning, with an estimated beginning of March delivery. Roll on the good weather.... Mick