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  1. I went from a 2015 gen 1 to the GT. Absolutely worth the upgrade. Every little detail they have refined and the package as a whole is worth the cost It still leaves room for personal tweaking to suit tastes However, you can happily ride the GT out of the showroom and go anywhere as standard
  2. Cheers for that - will watch with interest
  3. Hi I am in the UK - this is an official Yamaha bracket Here is a link if your interested. In the UK it is priced at £47.60: Tracer 900 GT - Motorcycles - Yamaha Motor WWW.YAMAHA-MOTOR.EU The official product page of the Tracer 900 GT. The page contains the technical specs, media for download and an overview of related accessories.
  4. Yup I am also on the lookout for something to cover my pillion heal plates
  5. Great - if you could grab a pic at some point it would be much appreciated so I can how it looks with and without a GPS attached
  6. I have scuffing and scratches to the pillion heal plates I sent some pictures to Yamaha Europe as I wasn't impressed with the scruffs and scratches and never had a problem with my previous Yamaha's They just put it down to a high wear area and that they are susceptible to scruffs which they deem is unavoidable It has been passed to the motorcycle technical staff who sometimes pass these reports back to the factory so maybe something Yamaha may considering improving in the future Has anybody got any advise on how I can hide the scuffs to the pillion pegs?
  7. Hello As anybody tried the official Yamaha GPS mount for their GT's?