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  1. Do you have to be a Subscribere To get these articles. As I can not get access to them on my iPad?
  2. The change to HH pads made the biggest difference. I would start there and then the SS lines. If that does not do it for you changing to a r1 master cylinder will give that sport bike feel that some of us are looking for. So my recommendation is one step at a time starting with the HH pads and the proceed from there if that does not give you what you are looking for. Does any one know where I can buy a set of the spacers for the 320mm rotor replacement?
  3. Hello, I have just finished reading this entire thread. I am looking to upgrade to the 320 rotor, but I need spacers. Does anyone have a set that they are willing to sell. I have sent a pm to mark, but am not hopeful of getting an answer. If all else fails I will have to find a local machine shop to make some. Thanks for any help.
  4. On the subject of suspension could someone tell me if each of the following are equivalent? Raise read 5 mm or raise the forks 5mm above the triple tree? Both would put more weigh on the front. Have always wondered.
  5. Also for us Californians too wide for lane splitting .
  6. This is one of those questions you will get 5 different answers from 5 different people. For me it is Angle GT dry or wet great grip.
  7. Thank you one and all. I found partzilla, but did not know about the others. The last straw was today when I noticed my temp plate expires tomorrow. Called the DMV and they had no record of my vin number. Called the dealer and they said they had to look into it as there is nothing on the computer and have no idea what happened. Do not know how long this is going to take. How do they stay in Business ?
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation for a on line source for OEM parts. I go to my dealer they don't have the parts I'm looking for in stock and it's a two week wait before I can pick them up, so why am I going?
  9. Thanks Betoney for the reminder to use the search. As this is my first Yamaha I was unsure if the calipers were the same on the FJ09, Tracer900, and the 900gt. Now I know.
  10. I just ordered a set of SS brake lines for my gt. Does any one know the size of the bleed fittings on the GT as I want to order a set of speed bleeders for it. Thanks in advanced or any help.
  11. Like has been said I also find the oem tires to be fine and have no problems with them. Like others I have my favorite tire for the street and that is Pirelli Angel GT. Have used them on my last three bikes. Best tire in the wet or dry even did a track day on them. If you have never tried them they just mite make you a believer.
  12. This looks great! It puts the GPS right where It should be.Was this difficult to do and would you be willing to share this so others can do?
  13. Yes I can push the chain into the tyre, both upper and lower. I do not see any evidence of it coming into contact with the tyre. I do not see this as an issue, but will keep a eye on the tyre.
  14. This is the first bike with a QS, but I must say I just love the corner exits where the bike just keeps pulling no sleight Pause as with using a clutch. I find partial or full throttle the shifts are all very smooth. Just keep the throttle position do not roll off and all works well. I can't Waite for down shift software .