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  1. This looks great! It puts the GPS right where It should be.Was this difficult to do and would you be willing to share this so others can do?
  2. Yes I can push the chain into the tyre, both upper and lower. I do not see any evidence of it coming into contact with the tyre. I do not see this as an issue, but will keep a eye on the tyre.
  3. This is the first bike with a QS, but I must say I just love the corner exits where the bike just keeps pulling no sleight Pause as with using a clutch. I find partial or full throttle the shifts are all very smooth. Just keep the throttle position do not roll off and all works well. I can't Waite for down shift software .
  4. No tyre rubbing, but the bike and chain only has 1,500 miles on them. Just went back to my owner's manual the torques are there, but no socket size. Many thanks, off to buy a socket tomorrow.
  5. After reading this went out and checked my chain and found that it needs to be adjusted. Then found that the biggest socket I have is 24 mm. What size is the axel nut. Does not say in the manual. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have ridden Fz1, FJ, and now Tracer GT the whine in 3rd and 6th has been there on all of them. It is the Yamaha tranny nothing to worry about.
  7. I have the free play in the rear shock, normal. No clunk in the front
  8. Thanks Korydz that will work well, just what I was looking for and at a much better price.
  9. At last I pick up my GT tomorrow. On my last two bikes I have installed daytime running lights like the Piaa fork mount lights in amber. Does anyone know of someone that makes a set up for the GT? Whatout the Piaa price.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! With me at 200 lbs. with gear and the BMW AT over 700 it was very notable when riding at 8/10 in the twistes. Now with half the Pistons and almost half the weight should be a little higher on the fun scale, but I did love that Motor. Now over to the store. I am in Sebastopol ,in Sonoma county.
  11. Just bought a 900gt. Will pick up in about a week. Came off a BMW K1600gt. Will be great to get rid of the weight. Now if it will only stop raining. 10" in two days and some flooding.