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  1. Your comments on the Bagster seat are welcome. I ordered my one a week ago,and opted for Bultex foam. Should get it mid December.👍 Kenny.
  2. Thank you for confirming this. I'm a lot happier now. B.T.W. Sorry to hear you have to sell your GT. Dread the day that happens to me.
  3. Forgot to say that price quoted has v.a.tax @ 20% to be added to total.
  4. Thanks for that,that's all I need to know. Been quoted €351 + shipping. 4 week turnaround. Happy with that.👍🙂
  5. In the process of ordering my Bagster seat for my GT. Was going to get Bultex foam in riders seat,but don't know how that affects the height of the seat. Can anybody advise,please ? Kenny.
  7. Welcome from another Scot. Luv my GT. 👍
  8. Took it in to the dealer. A few minutes later - sorted.👍 Even better,it was free.😊
  9. Ordered my one yesterday. Should get it by the weekend.👍
  10. I painted it before I fitted it. Need to touch up the red that can be seen. Used Yamaha touch-up paint,went for a 150 mile run and the paint was fine. Kenny.
  11. I no longer have a red ring on my Scorpion end can. Now Phantom Blue.👍 Kenny.
  12. Aha !! On close inspection,the connector at the harness looked o.k.,but it turns out that it was partially disconnected. Bugger!! This connection is very easily connected/dis connected. A trip to the dealer now. Thanks all, Kenny.
  13. Hi Skip, O2 sensor is connected and installed in pipe. I didn't start the engine with it disconnected. I might pay the dealer a visit tomorrow. Thanks for reply. Kenny.