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  1. Hi, just been out on mine for a spirited ride ( no pillion for a change 😉 ) air temp was 10c and coolant held rock steady at 70c - when I was at traffic lights in town it crept up to 75 -80
  2. Hi, I have the larger of the 2 Yamaha top boxes available in the uk, it takes2 full face lids on their sides. It fits directly onto the top rack mounting which moves the pillion handles outwards. Takes seconds to remove with ignition key , It is waterproof and well made. Yamaha recommendation is not used in conjunction with side cases but I ignore that and just keep speed down when fully loaded, other half loves the back rest pad !
  3. Enjoy - but not in the snow 🤣
  4. Phantom Matt Blue - UK. personally didn’t like the other options especially the multi tone ones but all subjective of course 🤐
  5. Hi all Not new to motorcycling but new to the 900 GT family. Collected my new one just before xmas so looking forward to sharing hints, tips and experiences and maybe the odd photo !