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  1. Thanks for letting me know of options. Can either of you share the size of the lowering links used and what the end result is for lowering? Will definately check into a lowered seat as well. Thanks
  2. I need to hear from those who have actually lowered the FJ09. It's a great bike and I have put 2500 miles on it. But it feels way too top heavy for my 5' 10" frame. Right now I can't ride with the confidence I know is there having over 40k mile experience with seat time. -Can I swap out the shock/spring and what is the cost? -What other ways are there to get this bike about 1 to 2 inches lower? Thanks all
  3. I installed the Leo Vince system right out of the box and hooked up the O2 sensor. I think for $700 (which was a good deal, btw) they could make a better engineered product. The blue dicoloration is happening where the 2 connecting pipes (that tie the 3 downpipes together) are joining. There's a product called Barkeepers friend which I tried using. it did clean the non colored areas pretty nicely but did nothing to remove the blue spots. I've been down this road another time with my prior bike and I ended up painting the chrome pipes VHT black header paint. looks muted and blends well and is easy to maintain. It would be a shame to have to resort to this after spending the $ on an aftermarket system. I love the sound of the pipe but am pretty disapointed with the situation right now. Some users may say ride more worry less but I see it as pride in ownership. The pipes look like crap right now.
  4. Using Leo Vince SS pipes. After awhile (less than 1000 miles) the connector point turned bluish. What are you all using to polish SS pipes? Looking for suggestions. Thanks FB
  5. Hey all - thanks for checking in with all the good information.. this is a lot to process. still undecided but you all gave me some good ideas.
  6. Hey all - I want to get setup with a rack and topcase but I find the amount of choices pretty intimidating. From what I can tell there are 3 components - a) rack, b) plate c) topcase I am looking for recommendations on a, b and c. Probably looking for 40 liter or approximate on the case. Thanks FB
  7. Std mode hits the sweet spot balance between hooligan mode in A and go to sleep mode in B. For long highway runs I use 6th gear more often. I could never think of an instance of needing Mode B. And mode A for the record I find fookin' scary. too sensitive for normal use.
  8. Upgraded the stock screen. Went with a Powerbroze touring screen. From the looks of it, it should give much better wind protection. No chance to road test it yet so the jury will be out a little longer. I like the mild tint... not really in love with the plain Jane looks.. but as long as it works well all will be good.
  9. I went with a Leo Vince system. liking it so far.. but yeah.. plenty expensive
  10. I am with you here runnerhiker - my last bike I had over 43k miles on it when sold. the chain and sprockets were still plenty good. I was a little obsessive about keeping the chain lubed well at all times.. and I did a fair amount of touring in the rain where the bike got completely soaked. The chain had no kinked links and any specs of rust were always removed quickly. Will it eventually need replacing? I think so but that's a ton of miles without an issue
  11. Thanks! this is a great find. costs only $3.73 for 11 oz can and free ship as an add on item at Amazon prime.
  12. Is this a product meant for chains or simple old liquid wrench? are you able to post a link for it? Thanks
  13. Gear lube really does fling off all over the place. it got on the swingarm, left sidewall of the tire, center stand and even the engine case. I didn't think I applied a heavy coat of it. if any consolation there is no buildup left on the chain that waxes do and after the first ride and wipedown no more fling off. it's now weighing the inconvenience of cleaning waxes off the chain once per season or alternatively with gear oil having to deal with cleanup once per application time.
  14. I applied gear lube to the chain today. It does seem to cling pretty well, I will say. I haven't road tested it yet, hopefully it doesn't fling off all over the place.
  15. You're actually solving a problem I didn't know I had. I have always used the passenger grab bar to get the bike up onto the center stand.