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  1. I've run 2 sets of Pilot Road 2's on my prior bike. The performance and mileage from them was outstanding for what they are a sport touring tire. I guess Michelin is trying to wring more profit out of the PR2 brand getting a little more expensive with each new release. I also think the Angel GT are also a really great tire, I would get them again.
  2. I've been a long time user of Maxima. This is certainly a compelling reason to try gear lube
  3. "Should have happened" as in not written down anywhere? 😉
  4. Thanks Wessie.. I am kind of hell bent on using a mineral oil for my first oil change because I feel that the engine needs time to break in. Synthetic oil is too slippery as I have heard being said. it might just be superstitious and not make any difference whatsoever.. kind of like taking vitamins hahaaa.. My local auto parts suppliers are really terrible.. had to look around for awhile to find one that even stocks specific non-synthetic motorcycle oil. I ended up getting Valvoline 10w40 made for motorcycles. The 4k oil change I will go with full synthetic.
  5. What to do for the first 600 mile oil change? Conventional wisdom has always led me to believe the motor needs time to break in properly and synthetic oil too early could be undesirable. Giving a look around I don't see many choices of non synthetic oil. what did you all use for the first oil change?
  6. I agree with @betoney in that 6th gear is for higher speeds. Much of my highway riding feels much better in 5th. I can't imagine reducing the rpm's in 6th.. it already feels like an overdrive gas saving gear. I would use it more on long trips with extended highway time.
  7. Helmet Lock and Nautilus mini air horn (Ebay for only $20) The bolts fastening the left side passenger peg have to get removed and you put the helmet lock behind it to get bolted down. The trouble is that Yamaha put those bolts on super tight and used loctite. One head stripped so I had to drill and use a bolt extractor. Thankfully it worked out. and to top it off no parts houses have replacement bolts so I ended up using stainless cap bolts. The air horn was more fun to do. After separating the horn compressor from the horn I found it fit nicely under the seat bracket bridge (you have to remove the 4 bolts holding it down). I ran 5/16 clear tubing under the left side facscia alongside the tank . After some plastic trimming was able to easily mount the horn to the left side frame with some zip ties. I put a cut piece of bike inner tube behind it to make it tight and not leave marks on the frame. The front bracket is a hassle to mess with. I started out with intentions of mounting it up front but gave up after about an hour of trying. The sound from this thing is so loud I would be discretionary on when I use it. I have heard the stebel full size which I think sounds a little more musical albeit loud as well. this one however resembles a truck horn!
  8. I wish I had known this a few weeks ago. I just went with a Leo Vince system. I can't say I have regrets just less money now, hahaa. The sound on the LV is great as was expected.
  9. I am in NY. There are a few dealers in the US. I actually got mine from Amazon. Revzilla sells them as well.
  10. Thanks.. I had LV for 9 years on my prior bike so I had a good idea exactly what it would sound like. I haven't road tested it just yet.
  11. Installed Leo Vince stainless exhaust. Sound with the DB killer in is quite good. Maybe will take the db killer out just for fun.
  12. I'll take it! so long as it will fit a 2017 FJ-09. presuming all 3 years are the same?
  13. Looking for a Front seat for my FJ-09. Anyone have one to sell?
  14. Yeah man, that is the site. I've had a Leo Vince system on my old bike for 9 years. I guess you can say I am used to the sound and at times it can be loud but I mostly like it. This unit does come with a DB killer insert so would expect that could calm down the tone/decibels a little bit. With regard to weight I am not at all concerned with what performance it would give. The bike is already plenty fast enough for me. I mostly just don't want to be silent riding around on it. to be honest 137 miles now on the FJ-09 and I feel even more transparent (read invisible) with the stock exhaust. Not sure how long it will take me to nerve up and buy directly from China but I will let you all know how it goes should I decide to go this directions.