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  1. Congratulations - good to get excited about a new ride, eh!
  2. Hey @nhchris at least the average IQ of the forum has gone up since the "dip-shit" GT owners joined ...👍
  3. My original warranty expires in Mar 2020. I will likely do Y.E.S. for the peace of mind. I see this site doing the coverage at a discount rate, $443 (+6% MI sales tax) versus Yamaha $590. Noting the comments above about some states not allowing the undercutting (I am in VA), are these guys legit? Buy Yamaha Y.E.S. Plans Online Buy Yamaha Extended Service Warranty Plans Online at...
  4. Lack of drama and bullshit they carry on with, on other social media is what makes this place good in my opinion.
  5. Says the guy using miles and mph ....
  6. That looks seriously loud. Should keep the cagers awake and off their phones.
  7. Good way to be .... I too came from a larger bike to the Tracer and it has me excited about riding on the road again.
  8. Careful. Adjustable levers need to take into account the GTs cruise control. There have been other listings on this site where the MT/FJ09 levers have not worked. I know when I apply the front brake on my GT I hear two distinct clicks - I think there may be two micro switches in there.
  9. Price tires on rockymountainatv.com as well - free US shipping and best prices I have seen.
  10. @trevinator, I hope that garage is heated - I reckon you will spending some time out there over the coming months. Enjoy the machine.
  11. I think on the ford modular V8 family, they have small intervals to check the plugs. Based on what my mechanic riding buddy has told me, it was not about the plugs needing the check, it was about making sure the plug does not end up frozen in there having not been removed for 100k miles. Alloy head and steel plug. Maybe contributes nothing to the Yamaha reasoning, just a thought.
  12. Ask this guy - those are some serious knobbies on those Tracer wheels - $AU620 (USD425) is a smoking deal for a spare set of rims with discs. Pity they are a long way away .... Yamaha MT09 / Tracer 2016 Wheels with Continental Dual Sport Tyres | Motorcycle & Scooter Parts | Gumtree Australia Gosford Area - Copacabana | 1234110318 Yamaha MT09 Tracer Wheels with Continental TKC80 Adventure Dual...
  13. I think i saw sergeant discount - enter MLK2020 at checkout - end Monday. Did not see amount. Update - baseball cap and flashlight .....
  14. Oil in the airbox - I have a dirt bike that crankcase vents to the air box and there is usually some misting in there. I have not done the airfilter change in the Tracer.
  15. Great price and the best color scheme in my opinion.