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  1. Gravel does not bother me too much. The dirt roads here are pretty good - in the dry!
  2. @nhchris will not make Mt Equinox, but have done Mt Washington on a bike, in July, swimming in a river at the base and 35 F at the top. A great day.
  3. The routes I used. If you want the .pdf and .gpx files PM me and I will email.
  4. I loaded up the Tracer in the pickup and drove up to Bristol VT, near Burlington on Lake Champlain. It was about a 515 mile drive and I wanted to knock it out rather than ride the bike. This is the first time in almost 40 years of road riding, where I have trailered/trucked to start a ride (not including dirt biking). I am using Bristol VT as a base and using a RoadRunner magazine cloverleaf ride. For those not familiar, RoadRunner comes out every two months and always has a “cloverleaf” ride where you base yourself in one place and they have four loop rides – usually planned as day trips each. I have done two of the loops in a day (they average a little over 200 miles each) and one each on the other days. The magazine also gives you the .gpx files – which I have been using. I have ventured out on roads that look interesting as well. Lake Champlain is huge with VT on the east and NY state on the west. Very pretty area with rivers and streams and lots of boating and swimming. The roads could be great, but their surface condition is overall poor. I guess the hard winters here destroy the roads. VT232 running through Groton State Forrest is the worst asphalt / sealed road I have ever ridden. I was bought up on dirt roads and this road is crap – I am not sure if it frost heaves or whatever they are called, but the surface is bad! I wanted to head north for some cooler weather – it is very hot and humid in Northern VA at the moment. It has been warm in VT as well, but nice for riding. Last few days have been great. Raining this morning (Wed) and will sit it out. Should clear at lunch. I think I will try more of these RoadRunner cloverleaf rides. When I ride with the four regular guys at home, three of them like planning the routes etc, and I just have to follow along – which I like. Going out by myself I like the fact that someone has already planned it as a starting point for the adventure. Went from a 2011 Multistrada to the Tracer GT and loving it. In June 2019 I rented a 2018 Multi for a week on holidays and was worried that when I got back to the GT I would not like it – has not been the case. Only thing I miss from the ’18 Multi is the up/down quick shifter and the better suspension. The suspension is the only thing I would invest in, on this bike. PS: One dumb thing – do not leave the EZ Pass on the bike in the pickup - $36 in tolls from Arlington VA to Bristol VT on a bike that did 0 miles!
  5. @andersh that is a nice looking day.
  6. Putting the bike in the truck (or maybe the trailer) and heading up to Bristol VT to some riding next week. Need to truck it up there as need the truck as well for other plans. So my other bike has clear access to the lower triple clamp - this one not so easy. Canyon dancers will not work with the hand guards - unless I remove them. Who has trailered a GT - ideas? Images? Vince
  7. Very nice. Congratulations. Winchester, great gateway to tons of good roads.
  8. @Larz that came out very well.
  9. Very Nice. Wish that colour scheme was available in the US. That sign should read: Narrow Winding Road Use Throttle
  10. Very nice - three GTs - swag / swarm / gaggle / herd / posse / not sure the collective term.
  11. Those laced wheels look great on the bike. That color scheme is much better than the only color available of the GT. I am a bit of the "why do it" as well, but good on him for doing what he wanted.
  12. The cheapest weight saving I could make on my GT would be to stop drinking beer.
  13. Also rockymountainatv for OEM parts and tires. Have been buying tires and KTM parts from there for a long time and when I purchased the Yamaha was happy to see that they cater for this parts as well. I have never found a better deal than Rocky Mountain for tires. Luckily I have a buddy who will mount and balance them for the cost of a lunch with beers - never a better reason than to mount new tires, than lunch and beers.
  14. For mine, I just used a piece of 1 1/4" aluminum plate (actually angle that I cut the angle off where it is behind the peg hanger mount). It was very light, just a couple of mm thick. Picked up a 3' length for $7 from the depot. Vince
  15. @coop, I went the same path as @fjrpittsburgh and use the 12" Powerlet/BMW to heating clothing cord and just leave that plugged into the socket when using heated gear. Like you I wanted to mount in the plastic trim around the tank, but decided not to as I did not think it would support the outlet and me plugging stuff into it all the time - possibility of it breaking. Vince