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  1. I had the first version of this and it broke down over time. To his credit, the vendor provided the Mark II and it is much beefier. It is a clever design and I am using with a Zumo XT.
  2. 2019 and 18k miles. I occasionally have to push the clutch lever outwards to its full travel to get the CC to engage. I put it down to having the clutch adjusted pretty loose. That's how I like it.
  3. I put my concern again to RoadRUNNER and to their credit it looks like they are resolving - I got this response this morning: Hi Vince, Thanks for your kind words and feedback. Most of the GPX files are on the website, but we keep running into problems with our backend. We're working on a new site. In the future you'll be emailed each issue's GPX file. The Shamrock Tours will always have the tankbag maps, and we're looking at ways to make the others into useable tankbag maps again too. It's just that the other maps really lack the necessary detail to actually use on the road. The GPX files and the app are the easiest way to follow the other tours. Kind regards, Florian Neuhauser - Editor-in-Chief RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel
  4. @1moreroad, they state you can get the .gpx out of the phone app, but I have not been able to get it to work. The ability to export the .gpx from the app elude me. You can share a QR code that gets someone else with the Rides app the tour, but that is it. I have a two week trial of the Rides App and am about to cancel it.
  5. Interested in comments from actual Road Runner subscribers. Have subscribed to this magazine for years and is the only print bike magazine I read (along with AMA magazine I guess). Here is the gripe: Road Runner has good stories and planned rides in it. It is backed up by a website with a searchable, global map with all their planned rides going back 20 years - great resource for route cards and .gpx files. I use this feature a lot. If you subscribe to the magazine you get access to these files. In 2020 they develop a navigation app - Rides. This phone app has all the planned rides plus a route planning function. Sounds good. I do not like using my phone for navigation on the bike, so I am not interested in paying an additional $60 annually for the app. In 2021, they stop posting the .gpx files and route cards to their website (which I have paid for through the magazine subscription) and tell me to purchase the app (additionally). Seems to me I was paying for a bi monthly magazine and access to the archived rides through their website. Now I only get the magazine. Anyone else with a Road Runner subscription peeved by this change? Or am I the unicorn? Vince
  6. Road Runner magazine had an article on Johnson City and a planned Clover Leaf Ride - four loops out of one central location. June 2021 edition. A riding buddy and I took five days to get from Northern VA to Johnson City, do the loops and home. Plan was for no freeway and routes we had not done before. Although small mileage each day we did eight hours in the saddle each day. Was a ton of fun and about 1,800 miles all up for me with very little traffic and perfect weather. 900 GT ran great as always. Day 1: Arlington VA to Christiansburg VA: Although the roads were known to us, always like 614; 678 (George Washington National Forest); 18; and 311. Day 2: Christiansburg to Johnson City via one of the Road Runner Loops taking in Little Switzerland. Route 194; 226 Alt into little Switzerland - very tight!; 221; 80 and 88 (keepers); 197 and 226 through Pisgah National Forest. A top day. Image is from Little Switzerland - every day had these same images and clear skies (well some smoke haze from the fires out west. Day 3: 197 south out of Johnson City - though we did turn back on 197 due to five miles of dirt in a very twisty part; Baileys Branch Road; 209; 212. Day 4: South and Southeast of Johnson City. Ride over Roan Mtn was great. 143 and 261. 80 and 197 - different sections than before. Day 5: Princeton WV to home. More great routes - including the Pocahontas Hwy. A terrific five days, and roads built for the Tracer.
  7. @piotrek - yep I am not concerned about it. Have put plenty of miles on it as is. Thanks for your observation/experience.
  8. 2019 Tracer 900 GT with 18k miles. I searched for this topic as I have a few mm of travel in the swingarm and is definitely in the dog bone bearings. Has not got progressively worse over the last 5k miles, but I think I will replace the bearings and bushes over the winter.
  9. Yep heading up there from NOVA. Me and two other riders are taking the long way there - west and north on Friday, racing Saturday and then ride the long way home Sunday. Looking forward to it. Sat/Sun looking good weather wise and much cooler than what we have had in the DC area the last two weeks.
  10. YAMAHA'S NEW TRACER 9 GT RAISES THE BAR - Australian Motorcycle News Lighter, more powerful – and now equipped with the most sophisticated...
  11. I went to Pilot Road 5s after the OEMs as have them on another bike. I did not realize until I changed how stiff those OEM tires are.
  12. Very nice Kevin and very envious.
  13. Very nice - you do not need an adventure bike to take in dirt roads. Seems like when I moved from dirt bikes to a CB900 in the 80's I kept riding on the good hard pack dirt roads getting to rallies I did on the dirt bike. That was in Australia where many of the rural roads were still dirt. Now to ride these roads I would be told I need an adventure bike. Pretty damn nice Stew - thanks for posting. Qualifying for the GP was interesting, all the 2020 Ducatis in Q1, with the 19's straight to Q2.