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  1. I came off heavier bikes (Multistrada) to the Tracer and love the lighter weight and the bike does not feel like iit is getting away from me when I am maneuvering it at the gas station or in the garage. I think the FJR would be the choice if you do a lot of two up riding, but if you want the sportiness of the FZR600, then you will not go wrong with the FJ09/Tracer. Sorry I am not in Indy!
  2. @OLD DVB good write up and summary. Would not disagree with any of it. Some of your positives that jump out for me: Engine is a gem for sure - rev that sucker. Cases do fit in well - I am from Ducati as well and on the GT the cases look good on the bike. Not so good: Seat Amazing that the same bike in the UK market, reading mph, reads 8% different to the GPS. My GT in the US is always within 1 mph of my Garmin, with both the stock tires and the Pilot Road 5s I now run. Have fun and try to squeeze some more good weather out of the year.
  3. Good to hear you are unhurt and the damage seems light for that speed - good. That frame slider did its job. It was hard for me to tell from the first video what your concerns were. I would remove all the rear-set / peg assembly and see if you can gauge what is straight and what is bent as you disassemble. Re insurance claim or not, I think you pick up most of those parts cheaply 2nd hand. If you even suspect the frame is damaged, any insurance claim would likely total the bike, regardless of how minor the damage to the frame might look. Vince
  4. Congratulations on the new bike. Nice weather there at the moment for riding. I am in Arlington and did some nice rides last two weekends as well.
  5. I have the same ones. Agree, work great.
  6. I like the GT leaning to sport as well. Yamaha have a touring leaning Sports Tourer already. Better suspension is all I would want. The bike is built down to a price, so I guess they have to economise somewhere.
  7. Speaking the GT, the reason 1st to 2nd to 3rd is clunky is because of the gap between the ratios gets less as you go up the gearbox: 1st - 2.667 2nd - 2.000 3rd - 1.619 4th - 1.381 5th - 1.190 6th - 1.037 The smaller the gap between ratios the less difference between relative engine speed = less clunk.
  8. That is exciting - fly and buy. Have a fun weekend.
  9. At least that trip data is available on most GPSs. I too find that stuff interesting. Even on a big day(s) of riding, I am amazed how much time stopped versus time moving. You think you have been on it all day giving it some welly, and it appears that you have been lounging around. Vince PS: @wordsmith threw in that Pommy reference for you. Work with Brits in the oil fields and like this term as the immediate answer to all problems - "give it some welly".
  10. I am guessing that is where he has it set for RPM and it equals 127km/h. You can go into the settings and adjust it.
  11. Frank, well done and sorry for this thread going off topic. See if you can spend all the purchase savings you made through research and get it directed to those mods.
  12. I would say no. I have more run out than that on one of my older bikes (1985) and it is per spec. The video showing the left disk to fork gap looks pretty good. The video screw driver to rim - just because there is a high spot of the wheel casting does not mean it is out of true. Hopefully someone on here who is actually qualified to comment will give better advice - not some shade tree wannabe like me
  13. You have the spectrum of road riding covered - Harley and FJ. Well done.