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  1. I have spoken with the dealership and I am still working to see if they can get the price lower on the 2017. Trade in was a little lower than I wanted to go but with riding season starting in Minnesota I can see that the numbers may be as good as they are going to get at the moment. At the moment we are sitting at $8k trade in and $8700k +TTL for the Fj09.
  2. The GT would be my first choice for the bags and creature comforts. The 2017 could be nice and something I could build overtime. I will see tomorrow what the wheeling and dealing reveals. I’m not sure what the price drop on the 2017 would be. The 2017 might be too good a deal to pass up!
  3. Short story I have a 2008 Street Glide I got for free from a family member that I use to commute 80 highway miles round trip to work and back. You would think it would be awesome for this but it’s not. I could change things around to make it a little better but at the end of the day it’s slow (hates being over 70mph), it handles like a pig, and I don’t want to put thousands of dollars into making it work. i also do a lot of pleasure riding and touring as well I’m thinking about trading it in. My local dealer has a new 2017 FJ-09 that never sold and a 2019 Tracer 900. Should I go with the 2017 and have almost a even trade or are the upgrades on the 2019 worth the extra $$$? ps I have owned a lot of bikes over the years (V Star 1100, R6, R1, FZ6, Sportster, DynaFat Bob, a couple of 70s Japanese bikes) and my favorite was the FZ6 despite its ugly appearance and banana seat. I think the FJ and Tracer are right where I want to be.