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  1. I don't think I'll ride the road I went down on much, either. I've slowed down on the back roads a lot. My riding friends and I shudder to think of our youthful rides... I'm sure we're not alone (to say the least).
  2. Hi all, I had a deer t-bone me last fall. I was going about 50 on a Maine coastal back road and came around a corner/dip in the road. There was a large doe just leaving my lane that I swerved to miss... I then remembered the old saying "where there's 1 deer, there are more." I vaguely saw a shadow moving to my left and just caught sight of a deer diving under my front tire. Into Maine Medical I went, 2 broken ribs, punctured and collapsed lung, fractured kneecap with 8 stitches. I am thankful, especially, for my full face Shoei. The critical care nurses thanked me for wearing my (good) gear. The bike needed a bunch of cosmetic work, new front wheel, forks, etc. There was deer fur wedged in between my tire and rim. Just now riding again, tentatively. I went down the same road and at the exact spot a chipmunk ran out... PTSD!
  3. As I noted elsewhere, I'm luckily alive and walking after hitting a deer here in Maine 3 weeks ago. I had no chance, it came out of the woods diagonally and hit my front end. I never even had a chance with the ABS. I have deer fur wedged between my front rim and tire as well as in the brake rotors. Bodywork cooked on 1 side as well as forks. I won't list my bodily damage but my gear saved me. The ambulance guys said I was the 2nd guy that day! At least squirrels kind of look around before they dash across the road. Of course, some friends asked how bambi was... sigh. PS it was at 11 AM, not dusk as we're always told. Please be careful, folks...
  4. FYI, I'd use some loctite as one day, voila! She was gone! Just saying...
  5. A friend with a Tracer 900 just went to Wales, said it's great for biking...
  6. I rode a couple miles once with oil on the rear tire from a blown shock... lucky I didn't go down, good luck!
  7. Looking forward to more reports on Maritime trips!! Newfoundland, anyone?
  8. Yup, bought it used 2 months ago, alas.
  9. Just an update as this is a bit rare. The Yamaha tech and service manager said that they hadn't seen this before. It appears that the speedo unit failed, although the surrounding readouts ( high/low beam, directionals, etc.) on the periphery of the unit all work fine and the bike works fine. The screen is as dead as my parents old 1962 motorola TeeVee. Unlike the motorola, I didn't even get to hear the National Anthem and see a test pattern. The part is north of $500. :(. I'll try a few things (as tktplz mentioned) but I may be out the bux. And I finally just got the seat sorted ! (2 layers of 1/4 " yoga mat memory foam over the original foam and then the original cover... ) Thanks to all for the advice. Jon
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I did put new footpegs on but even with my limited knowledge I don't think that affected it :)... I do think it is running OK... Jon
  11. Hi all, a couple of days ago my tach/speedo/etc. readout went completely blank. The peripheral turn indicators, neutral and ABS lights still work. All the lights, etc. work. 1st, can I still drive it? It seems to run fine and my dealer is about 10 miles away. Also, whats up with this? Seems pretty rare. It's a 2016 with 10K.
  12. Hi fddriver2, I'm wondering what seat you have on your bike (in photos pertaining to soft luggage)... it looks comfortable.  Jonmue

    1. fddriver2



      It's a Seat Concepts cover. You put it over the existing foam and seat pan and use a heavy duty stapler with stainless steel staples. I had a Sargent and it didn't work for me and traded it away. 

      This has worked pretty well for me so far. 


      I'm a mileage lightweight. I generally get fuel every 150ish miles and use that time to walk around and stretch drink some water figure 15 - 20 minutes or so.

      The longest day in the saddle was around 425 mile and it was on this seat. It wasn't bad but I was ready to get off.



  13. Nice trip, a friend and I did the Gaspe a couple of years ago... but in the opposite direction. We cut across it to Maine and down the Haynesville woods road, made famous in the old country song 'Tombstone every mile'! The Maritimes are great for touring...