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  1. My first bike many moons ago was a Kawasaki 440 in the early 80’s. I used to ride that stock two up with my future and now still current wife. If I could ride that bike for hours on end, I can’t see the 900 GT being too torturous. 🙂 Doug
  2. Thanks to everyone for the input. My riding is primarily solo. I expected to have to buy a seat and a larger windshield for better comfort and wind protection. I have a Russell Day Long seat and a V-Stream windshield on my RT, both of which which work great. I was thinking of the GT mainly because it’s smaller and lighter than the RT. I would imagine that it’s probably a hoot in the twisties! I can also imagine it would be a blast to ride in Colorado or Arkansas. I’m going to try and get a local dealer to let me test ride one. Although it probably won’t be for a very long distance. Doug
  3. I have been riding a BMW R1200RT for 7-8 years. I’m 6’2 and 250 lbs. I ride 7000-8000 miles a year on multi day trips to Arkansas, Colorado, and at least one trip of 10-12 days to parts unknown. Usually 3500-4500 miles. I live in Dallas. I’m intrigued by the 900GT. A little smaller, a lot lighter, and more powerful than my RT. Is this GT a bike that I can do the type of riding that I described in relative comfort. I have read a lot of positive reviews. But would like to know about practical experience. Thanks. Doug