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  1. The electronic throttle cables actually dull down the response, not enhance it. Even in A mode, it doesn't provide close to a 1:1 throttle to valve ratio. Snap the throttle to WOT and the computer tells the valves to open progressively (all in less than a second). The difference in responsiveness more relates to the lessor capacity and torque.
  2. At 5'5", what issues are you having with the stock screen?
  3. Pulled the trigger on a Madstad, adjustable height and angle sold me. Will update on effectiveness.
  4. I started out at 17 on a 900 Ninja. I wouldn't recommend this. Wouldn't recommend a Tracer to a kid either. But for the guys asking, in his 40's and sounding sensible in his post, I can't see it being an issue.
  5. Never really looked at the screen when turning it off, but I'm wondering if it is something to do with the light level sensor that changes screen display colours.
  6. If you feel most comfortable on the GT, sounds like it is the best choice. They aren't overly powerful. In B mode the throttle is tame. You are old enough and from your post, sound sensible enough not to get yourself into trouble on one.
  7. It doesn't necessarily need to be bigger for it to work for me. Angles play a big part here. I'm tossing up between the givi and madstrad, the givi is 4" taller, but from what I'm reading, the madstrad could be a better option.
  8. Older/less sophisticated quickshift systems, like on my Ducati, have a set ignition and/or fuel cut value for when it is engaged. As a result, they typically only work best at full throttle, as this is what they were primarily designed for. There is extensive mapping in the ecu for the quickshifter for each gear that dictates how much ignition and/or fuel cut is to be applied based on throttle position and rpm. It should work seamlessly at all points, but of course, it doesn't. Under high load it's pretty good, not so much under low load. 90% overall. It could be tuned to perfection if/when ecu tuning software unlocks this section of the ecu. The ecu also has the ability built in for throttle blips on downshift. Tuning software will offer this at some point I would imagine.
  9. The MRA one I have installed came with two mounting options, clip onto the top, or screw on. I went with the easy option, clip on. At full height there is a fair sized gap between the screen and the spoiler. I might try screwing it on, if I get the position right it might work out for me.
  10. North East QLD mate. It is definitely the screen. At speed, I can position my hand on top of the screen to reduce it. My helmet isn't the quietest out there (Shoei Neotec) but as said, it is a much quieter ride without the screen fitted.
  11. Good suggestion wordsmith, riding without them is very much ill advised. The damaged caused by wind noise is not good and irreversible. I always wear hearing protection. However, wind noise on this bike is still an annoyance. I had the same problem with my old VFR750, tried different screens and could not find one which made long highway trips tolerable. My preference on the GT at present is no windscreen. I live in the topics up the top end of Australia and could ride around here without a screen all year. However, later in the year I intend to ride down the coast in climates which will be much cooler and require wind protection. Plenty of time to find a suitable option, I hope a few taller riders can give input to assist in picking the right one. Buying screen after screen to find the best fit becomes frustrating.
  12. Thanks Mike, They look promising. Various screen height options with a rider height cross reference. It looks like they would do away with the stock screen height adjuster. This probably isn't a bad thing given how flimsy it is. Stock screen with MRA spoiler and it flaps around quite a bit at speed. Only real concern would be if the stock hand guards are compatible. Anyone have experience with Madstad screens on the GT?
  13. Thanks Whistler, I'll have a browse later.
  14. Hi Mike, the link provided doesn't work, but I'm assuming it is something similar to the MRA spoiler. I have added one of these to my stock screen, and while it is an improvement, it is only marginal. I'm wondering if this might work better for me fitted on either the Yamaha taller screen or mra screen.
  15. Hi guys, new here having just purchased a new Tracer GT. First thing needing to be changed is the screen. At 6'6" / 198cm I'm looking for recommendations from other tall riders for a screen that will eliminate wind noise for long highway rides. Thanks in advance :)