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  1. Sharks are sold separately. I was given one of these when buying a couple sets of sprockets and chains a few years back. Used a bunch of other methods prior, but using the laser makes it quick and easy for myself. The price in the one I linked is over the top, only just saw it. You can get them for around $20 elsewhere.
  2. I align my chain with a laser, like the one in the link below. Profi Motorcycle Laser Chain Alignment Tool. Profi C.A.T Standard DOT Laser Finally with this tool you can check chain and belt alignment with laser...
  3. I do all my own suspension work, along with everything else. I'm still in the deciding range as to what approach I'll take with the GT. I don't really want to spend too much money on this bike as I don't see myself keeping it for the long haul. I've got three bikes, two of them are keepers and I've spent a lot setting them up. The tracer, I just don't see in the same light, great bike, but I'll probably trade it in a year or two. I have the front forks maxed out on preload and have over 50mm of sag. Definitely need springs. The valving in the forks is adequate, I can work within the range they provide. A set of Matris cartridges would be miles ahead, but again, I don't know if I want to spend the money on this ride. The rear needs a new spring, it ain't designed for 100kg rider. Again the valving seems adequate, it'd be nice to have compression adjustment, but it isn't terrible for what it is. It would be nice to be able to push this thing a little harder than the stock suspension will ever allow, but I have other bikes for that. I always have one bike which is kept mostly stock, just to munch the miles. That is the role of the GT.
  4. Looking to upgrade my suspension. I see the base model 18/19 Tracer uses the same rear shock as previous generations, which means, replacements marketed for any tracer would be suited for the GT. I've checked part numbers on the front fork springs, and those used on the GT are the same as previous gen FJ's. Fork tubes, upper and lower, are the same on the GT as previous FJ's. Can't find info on the spring in the rear shock for the GT. So based on what I have found, there are options for replacement fork springs, replacement fork cartridges and replacement rear shocks. Does anyone know what options are available for rear spring replacement? I'm weighing up if I'll just spring to my weight or upgrade the lot.
  5. It isn't licensing. There are two reasons why they lock your ecu. First, to protect their canned tunes. If they don't lock them, someone can download your tune and chuck it on other bikes. Other reason is if you need adjustments in future, you're locked in to using the same tuner. Looking at Ivan's site, it looks like he doesn't adjust the qs cuts, nor offer downshift auto blips on older models which other software can offer.
  6. I could be wrong, but I don't believe there is provision for tuning quickfhift cuts for the GT yet. Do you know what software Ivan uses?
  7. Downshift would require new hardware. Just the shift sensor, easy to swap out. On the software side, I don't think anyone has this available for the 18/19 models as yet. Woolich Racing are working on this, once available, any tuner (or DIYer) using their software will be able to make it happen.
  8. I was just riding in the rain. Third gear, gave it a bit and the rear started to step out before traction control kicked in. Pirelli Angel GT's on other bikes with similar power are miles ahead in the wet. Same story in the dry really, the stock rubber is cheap junk.
  9. You should be able to turn the qs back on by lifting the gear lever and maintaining upward pressure (as though going up a gear) and turning the key on. 15 seconds or so from memory.
  10. Front preload is maxed out. I've got something like 58mm sag front. Rear is around 3/4 of max preload. On the softer side to match the front until I get new springs.
  11. They go in front first. No height adjustment.
  12. With 140mm travel in the rear, 40mm sag is ok. Ideally, you want new fork and shock springs. I'm similar weight, these bikes aren't setup for us.
  13. Try adding preload in the rear, see if that reduces it with luggage.
  14. Some people tune it to add fuel to the mid range where it is a little lean, smooth out the throttle as some has said. Personally, I don't find the fueling too bad on the GT. What does bug me a little is the delay between my right hand and the throttle valves. I'm used to bikes with traditional throttle cables, direct control. This will drive me to retune my bike at some stage, I'll go over the fueling and ignition maps while there, but main goal is a 1:1 throttle grip to throttle valves ratio.
  15. In past, a C on the end of the model designated California model. This was in the 90's when California had more stringent emission regulations than the rest of the US. Probably unrelated to the current Tracer. Edit. Chitown beat me to it, I guess California models are still a thing.