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  1. Living in the tropics, we get a horrible summer, constant, unbearable wet heat for half the year. I ride all year round, don't own a car. But in summer seldom go for a ride for enjoyment. It's just a means of getting where I need to be. Loading up on water to survive the 10 minute ride to or from work. The other half of the year is great, never a day too cold to ride. Downside, the good riding weather is also the part of the year working on bikes is bearable. Do I install my new cams in my ducati this weekend, or take it out for a ride.. Riding usually wins out until the heat starts creeping back in, then it is a frantic rush to get all the jobs done before the garage becomes the sauna.
  2. Agreed. 303 is great stuff. Armoural and other brands I've tried tend to leave a greasy film, this stuff not so much. It will make sun damaged plastic look better than it did, but not like new. Will prevent further degrade.
  3. Good to hear you got it sorted. Now I can return to my conundrum of the day. Going out for a ride, do I take the yamaha, ducati or honda. decisions decisions.
  4. It isn't a strength thing mate. Brute force rarely wins. Shock does. Always better off using a fixed spanner than an adjustable wrench. But either way, gently push in the direction it needs to go with one hand, tap the end of the wrench with the other. Also worth noting for those who might not know, when using an adjustable wrench, the adjustable part should be on the inside of the direction you are turning it. You want the fixed part of the wrench doing the bulk of the work.
  5. Just checked. Definitely reverse thread. Clockwise to undo. 17mm spanner, tap the handle and loosened with ease.
  6. You need a thin walled 10mm socket. You should be able to find a tool outlet that stocks them. Otherwise, you can grind one down to fit.
  7. That seems to be the reason behind it. Unless manufacturers just like messing with their customers, as both mirrors are more prone to coming loose at speed with this design.
  8. Easy way to remember, push the mirrors back and they loosen. Some manufactures do this so that if you clip a mirror in traffic, stuff is less likely to break.
  9. Do you guys get much movement in your madstad screens?
  10. With the mirrors coming out at an aprox 45 degree angle, either of the two would give much the same result, I would think. One benefit with the ones you are getting, you would be able to raise the mirrors and move them forward, rather than increasing overall width of the bike.
  11. 525 isn't an odd size. 520, 525, 530. All common, most stores will stock all three. R1's don't come with a 520 stock. I know a bunch of R1 models that came with 525, maybe all? 520 is lighter. Not by much and you wont notice any drastic difference. They are cheaper typically. 525 will generally cost more for equal quality, 525 will generally last longer. Which do you pick for an fj/tracer? Pros and cons don't really swing much either way, whatever your preference.
  12. If it has a 10mm socket, clearly it isn't a 10mm thread.
  13. I don't think it is a 10mm thread. I haven't had mine off yet, but the diameter of the stalks suggests it isn't going to be a 10mm thread. I didn't know Yamaha did the reverse thread mirror thing. But, if they do, it'll be the right one.
  14. That is a good price, I've paid double that for suspension parts alone for some bikes, then still had to fit it. What are you getting? I'm guessing springs and valves in the front? Does the new shock retain hydraulic preload adjustment?