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  1. Larz, Larz Please pick up the white phone.
  2. Thanks, I've always wondered what that funny looking bike was like.
  3. No, but if Fuentes wants to move here, I'd be all for it.
  4. I live in the part of Texas that in the south pacific and own a shave ice stand on the topless beach. This year I was honored to drive the support vehicle for the annual Tour de Lubbock. Riders in the race ride stationary bikes because the island is so small and the support vehicle is a rusty Yugo that has no engine but the radio works with a good battery installed. One Nipple Nancy won the 2020 race in spite of her disability. When she wears her phony nipple you would never suspect she had a terrible archery accident.
  5. Oh, so you know where the fun starts!
  6. I don't have a problem with footpeg or handbar vibration. I just don't grip the bars like chocking a chicken.
  7. Larz, I am officially naming your bike. From this day forward it will be known as "The Blue Goose". You are very welcome!!
  8. Are you waving your whole hand or just the one finger? LOL! Harley riders are a bunch of wavers. Cheese eaters not so much, key up the theme song to Moving On. It was a TV show.
  9. I bought replacement tires soon after the bike, but I'm not getting the saddle time I got when I was younger. I did have some fun with a Camaro driver yesterday. I may have deafened his left ear. LOL! Maybe I should get out of granny mode soon.
  10. You are correct about the Corbin seat being tall. I've never ridden another brand on my old ST so I'm a Corbinoholic.