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  1. I had a new old stock Yamaha and one day it was running really, really good, but the oil injector tube was pumping oil onto the top of the case. Hid it in the yellow flowers and walked home to get my truck. I liked to never found that yellow bike.
  2. Dang it Larz, you know I am a Texan and yet you use those big words. Luckily I have a Okie friend to translate. He told me to use hat word just to impress you.
  3. Who complains because their bike runs too good? smh
  4. Back in the day, my second bike was a BSA 441 Victor. It was in the shop and I was upfront talking to the dealer when a nice Victor went by the front of the dealership on it's back wheel and continued like that until out of sight past the over pass. I mentioned to the dealer that I wished my Victor ran like that and he smiled as he told me that was my Victor. The rumor about the guy riding it was that he discovered the 180 degree turn around while wheeling down an alley on trash pickup day. Lighter dirt bikes were fun, but the MachIII Kawasaki was a terror.
  5. What is interesting today is the first 38 pages of any owners manual taken up by safety instruction. My first Yamaha manual wasn't that long and it was written in two languages. Not one then the other either. It would stop in mid sentence and go into Japanese for awhile before going back into English. LOL!! 1966 was a long time ago. Congratulations on your new bike and welcome to the forum.
  6. Dang, I was hoping someone else had mistakenly eaten some of the doggies Christmas cookies too.
  7. Bring some crab cakes when you come. My spy in Northern Virginia says the old place in Lorton was torn down and replaced with something useless. My last time into Reagan I decided to stay off of I-95 on my way to Triangle and instead took Hwy1. I didn't stop to think what traffic would be like going through Alexandra at 1700 hours. LOL!
  8. If it rained here the dog would need therapy. The damned dirt was blowing the other day.
  9. Are you going to have preferred personal pronouns next? LOL! When I picked up my bike after the first oil change the tech left it in standard mode. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! It was noticeable. LOL!
  10. The oem lights both mount the same way, so yes. Those little clamp rings are a pita, but you can work them off with a pick.
  11. You could build on the stock seat pan. Fiberglass composite. Watched a guy build a Quickie2 thirty or so years ago. Lucky dude developed an epoxy allergy when all he had left to do was the cockpit. and yes, his wife finished it and after some paperwork and development they were off to Pennsylvania to visit their folks.
  12. San Diego was my first time to ride in an airplane and the decent down the hill was a holey crap moment for me. Nineteen and first time away from Momma, but a kind gentleman wearing a Smokey Bear hat informed all of us that he was amongst other things our Momma. 1966 a prop job.
  13. Dang Joe! You have some serious luggage there. You must change socks several times a day to require so much storage. LOL!