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  1. Strangely enough, this tool takes them off gently with no fliers. Even if they did fly off, my wife can find anything. When we first married she got all excited finding pennies on a parking lot. Eventually she caught me throwing the pennies, but it was fun for a while.
  2. Pat, you have no idea. I'll tell you about pointer boy when I see you. It's too embarrassing to be discussed here.
  3. My name is Coop and I'm a farkle whore! When installing led turn signals on my Tracer I encountered those little round metal push fasteners that Yamaha seems to like. So I asked around then went to duckduckgo for an answer. The recommendation was to use picks. Hmmmm! Went to Harbor Freight and bought the two kinds they stocked. I first used the lightweight sharp pointed one and it worked, but it was a lot of work and I did stab my thumb twice. Then I tried this one in the other set. It is said to be an o ring hook, but it works super good on the push fasteners.
  4. There are round heads and oval heads.
  5. Good luck working it out. Decisions wouldn't be so hard if they were easy. Is that a Yogi quote?
  6. Great idea! How I do it. Spare ignition key is in topbox and extra topbox key is in saddlebag. The in use keys are not connected so it's unlikely both will be lost at the same time. I've lost the ignition key twice. Once it was in the saddle bag all night , next time it was on the ground by the bike.
  7. Unless your tip over wedges the bike against your porch supports, then It takes the neighborhood to pick it up. LOL! Don't ask how I know. We old goobers are allowed our secrets. And don't believe anything the neighbor lady says. It is sad when you are old enough to have to ask your 60 year old neighbor to help pick up your bike. She was up for it.
  8. I just hope that all the accessory suppliers never find out about my attempt to dissuade you from buying the Tracer.
  9. After struggling to get the horn mounted I thought this is a tough install. but after getting the plastic off there is room to hang a hammock in there and take a nap. And surprisingly enough it is an easy disassembly even running back and forth to watch the video. I have my loom made up ready to install tomorrow or Monday. It is a little noncool for the next week. Thanks for all the encouragement. Working on a new bike is like sex. The first time is scary.
  10. I hope the Road 5 is not a noisy sob like the old non ct PR's
  11. I understand completely. We have to deal with weird weather to enjoy all those twisty roads.
  12. I suggested something you had already done so I'll just ask a question. I've known several Aussies during my life and y' all's speech pattern sounds a little different to my Texas ears. My question is....does your Tracer sound different too? Asking for a friend. LOL!