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  1. All this talk of lowering has me thinking. Keith do you remember the lady from Louisiana who was at TexSTOC in Arkansas? Her husband was a LEO in Lafayette I think. What was she riding? Was it a R1100RT? Hope you get the side stand fixed.
  2. Maybe Keith will send him the book about how to ride a motorcycle. And Thanks Keith! My last crash.
  4. I've heard the old 666 is a good ride. NM History: Route 666 - The Devil's Highway - The Roosevelt Review
  5. Now all that is left it to powder coat the wheels yellow.
  6. I do not see any bugs on that shield. They do made a heck of a shield don't they.
  7. The plastic thingie has been in my tool box for a long time. Putting in the bottom slot didn't seem right. Maybe I should take it off every week, just so I can remember how to put it back on.
  8. I can see I'm amongst family here. LOL! Or maybe just inmates. LOL!
  9. A while back I took my Corbin seat off for some reason and it never fit tight after that. After studying the problem and dropping many ideas (okay I'm a geezer and forgot what I was thinking) I finally got it right by an enormous amount of luck and God's grace. Unfortunately I was not driven to drink again so you distillers in Scotland can stop buying cattle urine. LOL! We had a good run in the 70's, but it's over now. Seriously though, it's difficult to get the seat into the lower notch, but when I got it there it was like turtle........well you know.
  10. And don't forget to get an intercom so George can tell you when he needs to do number two. And never forget the boots.
  11. Go to Montpelier and stop at the cafe. Ask the waitress for hot orange juice because it is cold out and mention your nipples hurting. That is when the fun begins. Make sure your riding companion is not eating at the time because they will have no option other than spitting the food while laughing. Who needs a track to have fun?
  12. Larz, it is obviously you need the services of my mental health professional. I'm not saying it will help because I'm not acting right and don't expect to be doing so any time in the future. Winter is coming and with it comes good riding weather. Just try to resist putting my little pony decals on the paint.
  13. Coop

    Shoei Neotec 2

    Agreed! I've twisted my share of glasses taking off a full face helmet
  14. I'm not really sure. I was 6-2 before I became a grumpy old man. With an around inseam of 32 inches. The 24 puts the bad air about my helmet. I do get some air around the sides, but nothing bad. I'm very happy with the 24.
  15. It least it wouldn't be like my ST. A little old lady in Oklahoma told me she loved my bike because it was so quiet. When I got home, I called Joe in Florida and bought a set of Staintunes.