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  1. I decided changing out the air filter would be a daunting task so I watched a youtube about it. It looks like several piece of plastic have to be removed and the tank disconnected and removed. It looks like a six cup job. I used that technique with the ST when I started taking it apart until I was comfortable using the pile technique. My only question is how to drain the tank completely before disconnecting it. I'm not completely sure I could complete a one man parade successfully so help me keep from burning down the house accidently.
  2. Are the Yamaha led blinkers also running lights like the great pumpkins? And what should I ask for to get them?
  3. Better than my first one. Twin Jet 180 1966. Half English, half Japanese changing in mid sentence/mid paragraph. Less than worthless. Probably why I am so goofy now.
  4. You won't believe this, but the Crimson Trace laser for a Glock will lay flat on the sprocket and will align with the outside edge of the chain. WWwwwoooooooohhhhooooo!
  5. I always wanted one Lotus colors. BRG with yellow wheels. David Brown built some beautiful cars though. Wasn't 007's DB5 silver? It has been a while so I'm not sure. Now you've done it. I'll be thinking about British sports cars all day. The 60's were a great time, there were so many small manufacturers and everybody was trying to stick a small block V8 into their cars. A friend had a Sunbeam Tiger and yes he got the competition extension cord. The aft sparkplugs were changed out from inside the car. Oh well, it will be a pleasant day.
  6. Now you've done it! Who told you I like lasers? Now how to tape a Glock to the sprocket. Thanks for the information.
  7. Any suggestions? I've been on a shaft drive for along time.
  8. I agree, but I'm having difficulty seeing the axle alignment marks. Old eyes, old knees and they put the mark on the top. I could see the darned thing if they had put it on the bottom. What if I could verify the alignment was good and put my own mark on the bottom? Old brain too. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Yes, I'm using bobbins. I wondered about lifting off the centerstand...makes sense, but how do you let it down?
  10. I bought a Harris rear stand and like some newbies I'm kind of scared to use it. I've looked at all of the youtube how to's and they haven't lowered my anxiety level. Some use a front wheel chock to hold the bike upright and that looks good. A chock would hold my ST1300 just fine. Some look like they are free standing but most need to be bolted down. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I've been know to take off a set of Battleaxes off a new ST, but after seeing the price of PR 5's I'll wear these tires out first.
  12. No solution, just a little humor. When I wear my fitbit it gives me outrageous readouts. One time it said I walked 234 miles and climbed stairs 97 floors. That made me tired when I saw it. I have noticed a little vibration in forth gear, but no where else. But the fitbit shows it's there.
  13. And on the plus side, wearing my fitbit while riding gives some nice numbers like 97 elevations or walked 212 miles. It's the only way I can get ahead of my wife. After 97 elevations I can skip the stairs for a while.