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  1. I think this might be what it is definitely sounds like it's coming from the shock. Been thinking about a new rear shock since I'm assuming it can't be serviced, thinking bout new fork cartridges too. Any recommendations?
  2. Randomly noticed if I take weight off the rear by pulling up on the passenger grab handles then push down on the rear i get a pretty decent pop sound from the rear end. Couldn't pinpoint exactly whats popping but it sounds like its from the front of the swingarm / shock area. Just a weird noise I hear when i'm fiddling with the bike and am curious what it is, bike has about 20k miles and was high sided on the right at around 11k so maybe the frame is bent and causing some weird compression on parts? Haven't noticed anything to strange about the bike since the accident but am always paranoid about stuff like this.
  3. Overreacted to a rear tire slip in a turn that ended in a landed baby power wheelie with the bars turned sideways around 30-40 mph bucked me off and went on a slippy slide run about 30 feet. After looking the bike up and down the only significant damage is to the slider and the right rear set. Frame around the slider seems fine although the bolt is a little bent in the slider, steering head looks aight, front end is fine but still need to make sure the forks don't have a bend in them, the only spot that concerns me is this spot in the frame by the rear set as shown in the first video in the Imgur post. In fact the whole rear set kinda spooks me because the peg is off by about 10 degrees toward the rear i hope its just the rear set bracket that bent. Anything to note from these images? or is it just a cheap little repair with no insurance needed? Yikes Post with 0 views. Yikes
  4. Whats the benefit of having the dampend front sprocket? I'm having trouble finding a 17 with dampening.
  5. I'm about to drop a new chain on the bike and figured I ought to do sprockets too, thought I could get more comfortable cruising rpms. I was doing some reading on the subject and was wondering what people are running on theirs. I live in Texas so highway cruising's gonna be around 80 mph and was seeing that others on fz09s were gearing to a 17/43 and was thinking about that on my FJ if its possible on this bike to fit a 17 in the front, also wondering if I would need to change the linkage on my chain if I did make a large change like this. Does anybody have any recommended chains/sprocket models as well?
  6. So I put it all back together and fixed the exhaust leak and the wiggles that was happening I'm just gonna get an FTtuner and flash probably a power commander m4 slip-on tune onto it and see how it runs with that I assume ill be fine with these weird headers and mid pipe after I fixed the exhaust leak. Is there anything I should look out for after the tune that's a sure sign I oughta get a different exhaust system?
  7. Well I took the exhaust apart to see what was going on and after taking off the can the headers just fell out without needing the flanges taken off. Weird gasket It mounts with this thing (leftmost header has it on) fits over the pipe then the flange holds that piece to the output Well, I guess the next question is should I go buy a new full system or is this fine to use? if its the latter do i just flash the ECU for an M4 Slip-on mapping?
  8. Anyone know if there would be any model numbers on any of these items?
  9. Update in post 6 Bought a used 2016 FJ-09 and I don't believe the ECU is flashed (still has the 115 mph limit) so I'm gonna ship my ECU in soon to one of the companies that provide the service, but I should probably figure out exactly what I have on the back end here first. I assume its an M4 slip-on with some weird headers and link pipes. Where the mid pipe area meets the header link area its got a little wiggle to it along with where the mid pipe meets the can, tried to show that the best I can in gif 2. Where the can meets the mid pipe there a small exhaust leak as well I was just gonna throw some kind of clamp there to stop that. If anyone has any information on all this let me know.