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  1. So it appears that 2SC-E46D0-V0-00 for the FJ-09 has been discontinued by Yamaha. There is a newer model for the MT-09 and Tracer, they only difference i can see is the different model graphic on the muffler. There is BS2-E46D0-V0-00 with the MT-09 graphic on the muffler, and B1J-E46D0-V0-00 with the Tracer graphic on the muffler. Are there any differences in the exhaust systems of the FJ-09 and MT-09/Tracer models? Looking at aftermarket exhausts, the part numbers seem to match across all models. Im thinking about ordering a MT-09 model for my 2017 FJ.
  2. I'm down. I'd love to get in on some of these camping trips as well. I'll send you a PM.
  3. Hey everyone. My name is John and I live in the outskirts of Davidson County TN. About a month and a half ago I traded in my old 2006 FZ6 for a brand new 2017 FJ-09 in Galaxy Blue. I immediately added some Givi Trekker Dolomite side cases and a Givi crash bar set. I also ordered a Yoshimura Y series exhaust before finding out it had been discontinued, so I am still deciding what other option I want to go with for exhaust. Below are some pictures of my old bike and new bike. Feel free to reach out if you are in TN and want to go for a ride!
  4. I was just out that way a few weeks ago. I just did a day trip up through standing stone state park a few weeks ago. Old hwy 85 towards Defeated was my favorite so far.