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  1. On my XSR900 I used the givi engine guards with some cheap pegs bolted on and worked ok. Haven't went that route yet on this bike but am thinking about.
  2. I put mine on last nite but won't be able to get the bike out for a while to try them out and make sure nothing is in a bind in any way. Doesn't appear to be by just starting it up in the garage and am sure this will make a fine bike even nicer. Thanks to those that recommended this mod posted their tips.
  3. I bought the 20" Madstad and think it does a great job, very well made but at 55 and above, notice somewhat of a whistle that's a bit annoying. Anybody else notice this?
  4. Thanks for posting the pics of it. I put their "mini" screen on for summer and have thought about a taller one for cooler weather and will consider one of these also. Can you post how tall the screen is please?
  5. Put a several hundred so far and what a difference, tho I know most can't handle the shape on this style of bike, but being a senior citizen, comfort is paramount and between it, the peg extenders, and mini handlebar risers made me really like a great bike even more.
  6. Super nice and really like it so far.
  7. The place where I park my bike is really close to a metal rack and my tool chest and have come so close a few times back it up and almost hitting the tool chest that I put foam strips on the sharp edges just in case. I can see how easy it would be since the hard bags stick out. I would definitely try and touch it up myself or get it it fixed somewhere since the bike is so new.
  8. I need something also. On my XSR900 I put on Givi engine guards and some cheap pegs and it helped a little but wasn't a big enough difference to spend that kind of money again on the Tracer. Had trouble getting comfortable with my feet out but might have been because I was also more hunched over to the bars.
  9. The website I found for the Bagster seat showed it fitting the MT-09 Tracer which is what they called the previous years model in Europe and won't work on our 18' 19' US Tracers. I could be wrong tho. I'm a big fan of airhawks but with this bike being so tall to begin with, it's makes pretty much out of my range and comfort zone. May go the Seth Laam route if I don't get more used to the comfort seat.
  10. Thanks for the replies and especially the pics. I know this is the busy time of year for the seat makers and may have to do with the "comfort" seat for now but sure like the looks of the Laam and Adcox seats.
  11. How many of you are satisfied with either the stock seat or the Yamaha "comfort" seat? The stock was pretty much unbearable for me so bought the comfort seat, which I think is better, but a long way from comfortable. I've had Corbin's in the past with mixed results and by the pics of this particular seat for the Tracer, it looks to me to move you back too far from the bars and haven't had much luck trying to order a seat from them with custom measurements from me. Plus, of course the price and six week wait time minimum. Contacted Seth Laam to no avail and Sargent still is showing in the development stage.
  12. Normally I do my own work but decided I was going to let the bike shop do this one and they used the Yamaha link which isn't lowering it all that much. Actually, I added the comfort seat at the same time so can't even tell it's been lowered and still have to tippy toe.
  13. Just a headsup Tracerdoc. It's a little tricky to hold the bars up while sliding the both sides underneath and then lining the bars back up just right. It would be so much easier if you had a friend hold them up for you. I had one side on but putting the other side on I "bumped' the first one and it fell down into the black hole of the engine and thought I was screwed. Got a flashlight and got so lucky with a thin blade long screwdriver and fished it so carefully out by sliding the the blade into the bolt hole. It's not a hard job but due to me age and neurpathy in my hands, I'm all thumbs anymore.
  14. Yes the 15MM for 1 1/8 bars. I would have preferred the 30MM but didn't think there would be enough slack in the cables/wires to make them work.