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  1. Yes, the mount is Givi from an unused tank bag but the case is an Apache 3800 from Harbor Freight. They seem to hold up well and the price is good.
  2. Got my seat back from Terry. Fit and feel is outstanding, come on spring! Also finished tail case mount. Time will tell how it will hold up to the road.
  3. Thank you. Helps to have the tools available, best of all the small lathe in the basement!
  4. "I will choose freewill". R.I.P. Ghost Rider

    1. BBB


      Sad to hear of his death. I’d only just finished his book, after a recommendation on this board.

  5. In an effort to make long days in the saddle more hospitable, I've built a few items. First are the highway peg mounts that use the top front engine mount bolt location. Second is the rear mount for a Givi tank bag and Bungie buddy mounts on either side of the passenger seat. Third is a mount for a Garmin GPS that's centered in my line of sight. Not pictured is the National Cycle V-Stream touring wind screen, FJ-09 saddle bag mounts to replace the rear passenger peg mounts and a shift rod from a FJ-09 to replace the quick shift. No, I'm not trying to sell anything, I build for my own needs. The foot peg mounts and the tank bag mount are untested prototypes.
  6. We all ride for the freedom that the road offers us. If it's 100 miles or a 1000 miles it's all the same. I'll start posting my bike mods in the what have you done for your bike today section.
  7. I'm not sure if you would call it epic but May 31 I'll be attempting 6000 mile s in six days at the age of 60. Had this planned for the last three years. Should be a lot easier when my seat comes in from Terry's. I'll be taking my Tracer GT and heading south west to Texas then west leaving from North East Ohio. See y'all on the road. P.S. Co-pilot is Reggie