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  1. Hi Mark, I'm 5'11" with a 33 inch inseam. After trying different initial designs I went with the offset you see because it felt right to me. Your results may very. I can tell I went with longer than factory bolts as these screw into the engine castings. Factory and Higdonion both use 10x1.25x50 mm where I went with 10x1.25x55 mm. I tried 10x1.25x60 mm but they bottomed out 2 to 3 mm from tight. Hope this helps.
  2. I had originality purchased the higdonion gen 2 but never liked the ground clearance or the over all quality/look of it. Decided to forgo the crash bars all together. No they will not work with anything else mounted in that spot. I only build things as I need them and I'm not interested in manufacturing. If anyone else is interested in making them I would be happy to supply them with detailed specs.
  3. I made these to fit the front top engine mounts. Foot pegs are MFW from a used bike.
  4. My only Triumph was a 1998 Thunderbird Sport I picked up cheap in non running condition. Nice looking bike. Had to replace a lot of expensive little things like coils, fan, ignition pickup, petcock etc.
  5. Funny, but of all the bikes I've owned I've only named two. My 1984 Goldwing was called Black Betty and my 2019 Tracer GT I call Neo as in the "one". Seems appropriate.
  6. My go to source for part numbers and most times the parts. Best online listing I can find.
  7. You could try shutting off the quick shift feature and see if that corrects the problem. Under the topic Quick Shifter in Tracer 900 GT Discussions, Tracerracer posted the following instructions that worked for me. "push the shift lever up, turn ignition key on, wait 10sec, release the shift lever - QS will be disabled/enabled. no need to unplug something." Important to maintain pressure up on the shift lever the whole 10 sec.
  8. Updated link. HeliBars® Tour Performance™ handlebar riser for Yamaha Tracer 900GT
  9. Just curious, does that fuel cell have internal baffles to prevent the fuel sloshing side to side?
  10. Found a use for the unused foot peg mounting holes on the FJ-09 side case brackets on my GT. Never have enough water on the road. Tested it today and doesn't interfere with my heel when I'm on the balls of my feet.
  11. Used those threaded holes to attach my GPS mount. As for the quick shifter, if don't want or need it, the shift rod from a 2015 to 2017 FJ-09 can be used to replace it.
  12. I'm hoping I don't need to use the Rotopax too often, more of a just in case. The farthest I've gone is 214 miles on 4.2 US gallons. The GPS I have does show has stations but have found a few closed or no longer in business. Update the GPS each spring but still not infallible. If I hit empty I'll post the numbers.
  13. I have a tentative route laid out but if history holds true I can be easily SQUIRREL! distracted. Most of my bike rides start with a direction. Coming from an FJR to the Tracer GT I find I miss the 6.6 gallon gas tank. With that in mind, I built a new case mount for the back with a mount inside for a 1 gallon Rotopax. As with most of the other mods I've made this is an untested prototype. Rode 5,300 miles last summer across Route 2 to Glacier Park, up to Waterton Park, then down to Lolo, MT for Route 93 to Challis, ID and back home VIA Route 2. On that ride I wished for a larger tank more than once.
  14. As BBB stated above, there doesn't seem to be a parts listing easily available online to be found. You might try a site like partzilla and search yamaha stopper. You might find something that looks right and a part number to go with it.