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  1. The Corbin uses the lower mounts, and I don't see a way to adjust the height.
  2. This presents a good challenge. Yamaha designed the signal & tail light mount long enough to clear the side boxes, and any fender eliminator that tucks them in tight will put them behind the boxes when viewed from the side. This has me wondering about installing turn signals in the backs of the boxes, with quick disconnect wiring into the TS circuit. Then the mini signals on the fender eliminator can be used when running without boxes, or the box mounted signals when the boxes are installed.
  3. Here's a top view that I grabbed with the phone at work this evening. From the seat they typically sell, I asked them to level out the rider area by removing some of the foam toward the back of that area. Then I asked the tech to shave down the raised area between the rider and passenger about 3/4". Finally, I asked him to take down the rim around the rider area to about half the original height, so there's less of a scooped out feel to it. The materials are leather on top and a vinyl on that sides that's called asphalt. I've had them do and entire seat in asphalt on an adventure bike. It makes a good gripper type material. The tuck 'n roll look to the top cover is an option. They can do it smooth too. But as many know, Corbin's foam is on the stiff side. When they do the tuck 'n roll, they stitch in an extra layer of soft foam. I don't know if they'll custom build a seat for mail order.
  4. You bring up a good point. I found it odd thst one side had a peg axle that was secured with a cotter pin, but the other side is flared like a rivet. If a cotter pin works for one side, why not the other? Anyway, the kit includes bolts and nylock nuts fo replacing the OEM peg axles. I reused the pinned one and replaced the rivet style with one of the bolts.
  5. Answered my own question. Installed a set of the MFW Vario 23mm extension arms, mount brackets and pegs. The controls were easily adjusted to match the new peg location. It definitely helps with what I considered to be an odd choice of somewhat high and rear set pegs which push your torso forward, combined with handlebars that have quite a bit of rise and pullback, which push your torso back. The riding position is now more neutral and for me, more conducive to longer rides. It's also an easy process to reverse, if the urge to do a track day comes up.
  6. Took the Tracer to the Corbin plant in Hollister, for their ride-in, custom seat build. Told them my main plan was to loose most of the slop toward the tank. And as was mentioned earlier, I wanted to avoid some of the grand-dad look that their seats can have, so dumped the piping and went for some of their more modern looking cover materials. This was what they built for me...
  7. They said, "Someday, you'll own a Yamaha." That was quite prophetic. 

  8. Looking good! Will LED turn sigs plug right into the system and function properly with the OEM flasher and indicators?
  9. Sounds good. I'm seeing a few options for the length of the drop linkage. Has anyone installed this a figured out how far the peg can be dropped and still be able to adjust the brake and shifter far enough for proper relationship with the pegs?
  10. Thanks guys. I'm not seeing listings for these types of pegs that specifically say they'll fit the '18/'19 Tracer GT. Maybe it's just too new? Will the ones listed for an FZ or FJ 09 work?
  11. Thanks for the link to these pegs. I looked at the auction, and they mention there being interlocking teeth to hold them in position, but the photos don't show them. Can you tell me if they actually have the locking teeth, or if they're just held in place by bolt tension?
  12. Someday, you'll own a Yamaha


  13. Would like to move the rider foot pegs a bit forward and down. Anyone have ideas for doing a mod, or know of available parts or kits?