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  1. Anybody in Canada do flashes?
  2. Thanks for the input. I'm wondering if the fueling abruptness issues have been resolved in the 2019 Tracer GT model?? I really don't want to have to flash the ECU, especially as other motorcycle options with sensible fueling are available.
  3. Do you have the GT? How does the fueling compare to the older iterations?
  4. So I've been reading other forums and there are several people with the GT that say the throttle response is still really twitchy, and a ECU flash is required to smooth the fueling? Thoughts??
  5. I just realized the Tracer requires 91 octane fuel or better. Unfortunately I think that will eliminate it from my short list. I live in BC, and our fuel prices are crazy high, so want to be able to use 87 octane (regular) fuel in whatever I buy.
  6. The GT definitely is better equipped, no question there. The features of the Honda I like are the light weight and incredible fuel efficiency. Speaking of which, what kind of mileage are you seeing on the highway (100 km/hr) cruise?
  7. Yeah. It’s definitely more expensive for insurance once over 750 cc here. I’ve been riding dirt bikes for 35 years, but I’ve only ever owned 250-350cc dual purpose bikes for street riding, so a 900 class is definitely a jump. I test road a Versys 650, but it didn’t fit me well. I’ve only ever sat on the Tracer 900 in the showroom, but the ergonomics feel right.
  8. This is my first post. I’ve been riding a KLX250 but am wanting a better bike for commuting to work (70km) and for multi-day trips. No off road riding planned. I’m considering a Tracer 900GT vs a 2019 Honda CB500X. I’m wondering if the Tracer 900 would be too much bike? Any risk of accidental wheelies while in B mode with full traction control? Thanks!!