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  1. Just put a Perelli Rosso 3 on the front and took all the weights off and balanced it. Seems to have fixed the issue! Smooth sailing 100MPH+. I don’t go fast often but it’s just a warm and fuzzy that there won’t be premature wear on the front end now. Has there been anything saying people have had issues with the stock tires on the GT’s or base tracers? Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for that. I’ll check that next chance I get.
  3. Hey everyone. I have about 6k miles on my 2019 GT and I’ve had a vibration with the front end ever since about 1,000 mile in the clock. It shakes the TFT display and is very appearing at speeds 70 and up. I got the front tire balances today and it seems as if it is even more aggressive now. When I’m going 70+ I can look down at the bottom of the forks and see that are shaking forward and aft pretty decently and only gets worse as speed increases. I checked the steering head and everything was fine there. Any suggestions on what else could be the culprit? I think I’m going to go to a different shop to balance my tire. There isn’t too much wear on the front or rear either. Thanks everyone.
  4. @2and3cylinders here are the close up pics for how it bolts on and with the cases off.
  5. @2and3cylinders I can take more pictures tomorrow and show you better what I did and what not to do. I appreciate everyone interest in this. I’ll circle back to answer further questions as soon as I can
  6. Just got this great rack last week and wow it’s nice. Didn’t have any reviews and couldn’t find anybody else who had one. It was $139.95 and well worth it. Fits with a Givi cargo pod and Givi spacer (I got the rack only). Has plenty of tie down points and is super solid. Would highly recommend this for anyone wanting more space for longer trips. You’re able to keep the stock hand rails as well.
  7. That’s awesome man! I went with the older version (S-Y9R3-HAFT) that’s the manufacturer number. And I didn’t remove the center stand at all. Really I only see the need to remove it when taking out the stock exhaust. It’s just big, boxy, and awkward. The Akra was a breeze to install! Oh and I got the titanium version. I’ve read the guys have made the carbon fiber version work, but when I was shopping around, all sites said the carbon tip will not work with the center stand. Hope this helps you!
  8. Justify an akrapovic exhaust with Ivan’s performance ECU flash and WOW! Bike sounds great with no baffle and and all limiters and off. Jerky throttle is now gone and the throtttle is so damn smooth. I’ve read people have said it feels slower once they get the Ivan flash but I think it’s because there isn’t the sudden surge when you twist the throttle right away. My 2019 tracer GT pulls hard and it’s gets to 120+ way too easy. It’s just way too smooth. If you’re looking for a great exhaust and a tune to go with it I would highly recommend Ivan’s tune and the akrapovic exhaust. Seriously unleashed to the bike to it’s full potential.
  9. Hey everyone. Just picked up my 2019 tracer 900gt and wow I couldn’t be happier! I’ve had a few Harley’s in the past and a couple sports bikes and this thing is the best of any of them. Just hit a thousand miles and wide open felt amazing. Anyway I’m happy to be apart of the forum and can’t wait to start throwing upgrades on the tracer.