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  1. I'm going with my brother on Monday 3rd June, Glamping at Quarterbridge campsite. Looking forward to it!! Denjy
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    Thanks for all the comments, I never bothered with a satnav on my previous bikes as they were all limited on cockpit space as they were all sports bikes, however I have now managed to win an eBay bid on a Tom Tom Rider V5. A bit of an older piece of kit, but with lifetime European maps, should be fit for purpose. Also got some connectors to wire it into the spare power connections behind the screen, so that it will turn on with the key. Cheers Denjy
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    Thanks for all the input so far guys, really useful. I have discounted the use of chinese cheapo GPS as the few reviews I have found aren't very encouraging. However I have an ebay bid on a TomTom Rider V5, it's old but still does what it is supposed to do. I also have an old TomTom One but I never liked it as it took ages to acquire the satellites and needed to be permanently powered as the battery would only last about 15 minutes. Thanks
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    Morning all, I have recently taken delivery of a shiny new 900GT and have been spanking ebay and amazon for bits and pieces. I have recently been looking at satnavs and was amazed that there only seem to be 2 major manufacturers in the market. That is until you dig a little deeper and the cheap Chinese satnavs (Excelvan etc) start to appear. Has anyone got any experience of these, as they are a fraction of the cost of the major candidates in the market and could be a worthwhile purchase? Another alternative is to use my iphone in a waterproof case with a sat nav app such as NAVMII , or indeed, a car sat nav which seem to be much cheaper (also in a suitable waterproof housing). Or do I have to save my pennies for a Garmin or TomTom? (maybe paper maps are the way to go) Any help here would be appreciated Cheers Denjy
  5. Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m planning as it’s the same setup I had on my previous ride, just thought it would save me some spanner time.
  6. Thanks for the rapid reply, I guess I will have to buy the battery connection lead and install it (forgot to remove it from my Aprilia before I part exchanged)
  7. Hi guys, newbie here and a question regarding the aux power connector on the GT. Can I use this to connect a trickle charger to the bike to keep the battery in tip top condition? I only picked up the bike 2 days ago and haven’t had much of a chance to ride it, but I am seriously impressed with it so far.