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  1. Yamaha main dealer in local town has confirmed that the only way to get bike on to local plates is to change lights as they cannot be adjusted
  2. They have different lens on European to British
  3. No its the direction light shines UK models shine to left European models shine to right and they will not adjust
  4. Itv inspector similar to mot inspector but far worse measure everything on bike and if it is not as original spec forget it instant fail even measure heights of screen and seat and wheel base dreading taking wife's 19 year old Fazer 600 as think it may fail on emissions
  5. It has been picked up by itv inspector and refused itv as lights set for uk and not Europe only way to adjust is to purchase set of European lights at €1000 on plus side I will be able to sell originals on uk ebay site as undamaged originals so will recoupe some of money
  6. Posted last night and have just been quoted over €1000 to get headlamps changed for use in Europe there must be a way to adjust them somehow Need help urgent as have to get it through itv before I have to pay import tax on her
  7. Surprised no one has mentioned Devils Bridge Kirkby Lonsdale and Bull Beck just outside Caton on Kirkby Lonsdale road both big bikers meeting spots on way to and from runs out also Hawes in Wensleydale is very popular on summer weekends Now we are moving to warmer climates I am going to miss meeting up with everyone at these places
  8. We are in process of moving out of UK to live in Europe and are taking our bikes with us what do we need to do to make MT 09 Tracer Euro legal. I.e. Can I adjust headlights or do I have to replace Thank you