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  1. @Larzmany thanks! I am looking closely at this one and comparing it to the National Cycle Vstream S/T. Awesome pics of your riding area. Thinking about a road trip to the SW US next year now. Cheers!
  2. I am still not brave enough to run it down too low. I was just on highway cruise and at 300 km still had two bars showing but decided to fill up becuase of limited opportunities to fill up after that point. Bike took 14 litres, so with 4 litres left at the rate I was going, I'm thinking there would be 80+ km (~50 miles left).
  3. i suspect you've posted the info somewhere Larz, but what windscreen are you running there and do you like it? I just did a roughly 1200 mile trip on my 2019 GT with the stock windshield and there were times when it was punishing (headache inducing in fact). I really like the looks of the one you have.
  4. So glad I took this photo and posted! Can't wait to get a camera going and do a video to share. It is definitely narrow and winding! Road surface is a little sketchy in many places so can't rip it or attack with as much enthusiasm as one might otherwise (or at least I can't), but a great ride nonetheless.
  5. little spin on Southern Vancouver Island.
  6. Thanks all. Yes perhaps I'll just have to get used to it. @Larz, I was turning around in too small of a space and backed into the front bumper on the Bronco shown in my profile pic. Can't blame anyone but myself. Maybe I'll just have to put 60,000 or 80,000 km on the bike so it matches the luggage!
  7. So I put a big scratch on my right luggage case today. ☹️. Should I leave it there as a reminder not to do it again or are there easy touch up options? Previous bike -- 4 years, 23,000 km and no marks whatsoever. This bike -- 6 weeks, 1550 km and an ugly scratch!
  8. Having the right equipment is a plus, but being adventurous is essential! 12 years ago I took my Toyota van and towed a large tent trailer with 2 kids from Vancouver Island well into the Yukon and then over to Chicken Alaska and then back down (try the Stewart-Cassiar highway (#37) on the return trip for an alternative to the Alaska Highway). Most people doing the route we were doing were in F250s/Dodge Rams etc. and thought we were nuts. In retrospect, we were pushing it a little at times. The van was new then and I probably took a few years off its life but it's still running and now my 21 year old son and I are talking about doing the trip again (but going all the way to the Arctic).
  9. So I've never had any video gear (gopro etc.) but thought I'd quit my job and become a full time motovlogger. How hard can it be right? 😃. Well maybe not, but I would like to share some of my riding experiences and thoughts with friends and family and of course all of you. Does anyone have any thoughts on what they would buy today to get started with motovlogging or just plain filming. With most things I buy, I tend not to go completely rock bottom for price, but also not completely top end. Always looking for that value-for -money proposition (but since I own a Tracer 900 GT, that's probably pretty obvious). I know of the brand Gopro, but that's about it. Hopefully a video of my (actually pretty stunning) ride to work coming soon. Burley
  10. Awesome! We were in Wales (North) for a trip last year. Loved it. Flew from Canada and rented a 4 wheeled vehicle (perhaps bikes next time). Tracer/Bonnie: sounds like a sub-group to me!
  11. Yam Fry 2.0 on its maiden voyage yesterday with my wife on her Bonneville T120.
  12. Pick up my Tracer GT Saturday morning😁  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.☹️