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  1. I recently picked up a MRA Varioscreen VT and I've been really happy with it. I'd haul the bike out for a picture but I just had surgery a couple of days ago so have to take it easy for a couple of weeks. It looks great and works really well for me. I'm 5'9" and I found the stock screen abusive.
  2. I am Canadian-Dutch (Dutch Canadian??). My mother was born in Haarlem and her family has been in the Netherlands for hundreds of years. I have a book that traces one branch back to 1350 in South Holland near Den Haag. I was born in Canada and have only been to the NL once. I found cycling scary in Amsterdam, so not sure how I'd feel about a motorcycle, but I'm sure I could adapt over time . Good to know i could rent a Tracer if need be ( when we're allowed to travel again that is!).
  3. You're assuming we all live in the USA. Your Pacific Northwest and Alaska category skips British Columbia -- a rather large piece of real estate where I live (southern Vancoiver Island specifcally). All good -- just waving the flag!
  4. Greetings @ABlast82. Southern Vancouver Island here. Rode through the south okanagan last summer en route to the Kootenays. Tracer is ideal.
  5. thank you so much @betoney. I've gone across to Idaho by car but I'll have to check the route I took. The Montana stuff will all be new. I was through Glacier Park when I was about 7 in a VW van but i dont recall much! I"ll plot these routes and may be back in touch closer to the time. Thanks again.
  6. Planning to go from Victoria, BC (via Port Angeles) to eastern Montana (possibly into the Dakotas) and then up to southern Saskatchewan and then back to the coast. Wife has family from Montana from a long time ago so may explore some of their stomping grounds around Butte and then take it from there. Looking for scenic route suggestions in Idaho and Montana. Wife rides a Triumph Bonneville and I am very road oriented with my GT so good asphalt a plus at this point.
  7. @KANNON, did you go with the fork mount? These lights are currently out of stock but am thinking of pulling the trigger as soon as they are available.
  8. Seriously thinking about these. Does the wiring kit come with the on/off switch or is it produced to operate with the headlights? I like the idea of operating them independently. Also I see Baja has several configurations (e.g. Driver/Combo, Wide Cornering etc.). Which did you choose? I too am a dark back road commuter and find the stock headlights inadequate.
  9. Burley


    Great bike....identical to mine!
  10. All the best to you Wordsmith. I've enjoyed your posts. Perhaps in keeping with your namesake, some writing would be in order? I've signed up for a short story contest in January -- great way to kickstart the process so to speak. Just a thought.
  11. Tracer vs 3 wheeled electric car. Not sure what the car is but I'll bet it's smaller than a Can-Am for wheel base.
  12. Since this is a forum, it is a safe place to share ideas and opinions.
  13. Good advice. Going to get another one made ASAP.
  14. Had to get a new key made. Lost my spare 😣. It might turn up, but I'm not comfortable with only having one key.