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  1. Burley


    Great bike....identical to mine!
  2. All the best to you Wordsmith. I've enjoyed your posts. Perhaps in keeping with your namesake, some writing would be in order? I've signed up for a short story contest in January -- great way to kickstart the process so to speak. Just a thought.
  3. Tracer vs 3 wheeled electric car. Not sure what the car is but I'll bet it's smaller than a Can-Am for wheel base.
  4. Since this is a forum, it is a safe place to share ideas and opinions.
  5. Good advice. Going to get another one made ASAP.
  6. Had to get a new key made. Lost my spare 😣. It might turn up, but I'm not comfortable with only having one key.
  7. Is it just me or does the new BMW 900 XR look like another Tracer copycat? Between that and the Ducati Multistrata 950, it seems like the Europeans have realized that Yamaha is on to a good thing. Their models will still be 50% more though. Granted the Ducati is a good bike with some features the Tracer doesn't have, it would have come out around $21k compared to $14K (Canadian) to be similarly equipped.
  8. Thanks -- I will cruise throught the threads and thanks for the advice. I suspected there was no great advantage with Yamaha for the lights. On my last bike (2015 FZ-07) I did buy the Yamaha heated grips which were a little more expensive than other after market products but not much and they created a more streamlined function and look but I don't see that being the case with lights.
  9. I was thinking that $548 Canadian for the Yamaha fog lights is pretty steep. I ride all year long so would get good use out of them. Is there any advantage to the Yamaha lights?
  10. Took the day off work. Pouring rain until about 1130 then brightened right up. Picture is at Clover Point, Victoria BC Canada looking over the Strait of Juan de Fuca. In the distance you can see the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State USA.
  11. Fantastic. Was in Wales last year -- mostly Anglesey. You have the exact same model/colour scheme as me. Hard not to imagine myself there now.
  12. Burley

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  13. So MacGregor and Boorman took the long way around, but I took the long way to work. Why? I don't think I need to explain to this audience. Today is my 50th birthday, so was feeling a little reflective and thought I'd capture a bit of what I was seeing. I'm realizing how important it is to capture what ever adventure you want whenever you can -- even if it's just on the way to work.
  14. I live on Vancouver Island and had a work event to attend in the Greater Vancouver area. Decided to be frugal with my travel budget and take the bike over on the ferry instead of flying. Sure it might rain a bit I thought, but at least I can try out my new KLIM Latitude gear. Well holy crap did it rain. For those of you in the US PNW, you probably had the same thing (Sept.12). I think we set some records. There was so much water coming at me that it did manage to find ways to creep into the gear. (lesson learned -- zip and tighten everything up) Also the leather on the forearms got completely saturated and made the inside of the arms quite damp. But I'm willing to treat Thursday as an outlier event. The KLIM gear is great. Used it or a cross-BC trip this summer where temperatures ranged from 13 C to over 30 C. You never know what you're going to get.
  15. @Larzmany thanks! I am looking closely at this one and comparing it to the National Cycle Vstream S/T. Awesome pics of your riding area. Thinking about a road trip to the SW US next year now. Cheers!