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  1. @keithu- thank you for the kind works. The pad is from a Yamaha top case. The 59L model I believe.
  2. @2and3cylinders - I will be sure to leave some updates/feedback upon testing. I am a fairly slim rider who utilizes primarily the front portion of the seat. I did many test fits prior to choosing the position so lets hope works well! Additionally, it swivels up and down, hints the large bolt in the center, so position is adjustable to an extent.
  3. I've got cheap aftermarket signals on there now that used the same set-up as these you have linked so I'm sure they'll be compatible with the X-Arc's. Thanks!
  4. @betoney, looks great either way I was just curious. It is nice to see someone going beyond the typical wheel and body decals and doing something a little different such as the mesh over the honeycomb. Just placed a set of those X-Arc turn signals on order! They seem to be a very quality product!
  5. Thought i'd share the most recent mod i've made to the FJ. Ive added a backrest for the longer rides. I have not yet put it to the test as we are still under restriction here in the EU.
  6. Back rest anyone? 

    Just wanted to share my most recent mod on the FJ. I've made this backrest for the longer rides as one only gets older.. I haven't been able to put it to use yet due to the restrictions that still remain. IMG-8472.thumb.JPG.666db8166b248b217c62d1e10e4813d6.JPGIMG-8475.JPG.b25cc7ddfec8c8b5abedba17c8c2d5f6.JPG