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  1. Hi just got back from a short ride and was using cruise control without any problems then all of a sudden the cruise control light started flashing and cruise control would not work,anyway I needed some petrol so stoped to fill up,started bike again and all was back to normal very strange anyone else had similar problem? Regards graham
  2. Hi looking to purchase the removal tool for the above what size do I need? regards graham
  3. What about this? K-Tech Fork Upgrades K-Tech Forks
  4. Thanks I have ordered the smoked grey one regards
  5. Iam going to order the MRA sport screen for my GT but don't know if to go for smoked tint grey or black I know this is personal choice but am asking if anyone has an opinion on this regards graham
  6. Hi I did this today as I had a small amount of buzz in my pegs and yes it has worked no buzz now,until about 80mph great, I did not replace sprocket I just removed the damper and reinstalled,thanks norcal6 regards graham
  7. Yep same thing happened to me,so make Sure you turn your key all the way to the right. regards
  8. I have mine at 40mm on centre stand,maybe I should rethink this. regards graham
  9. Hi what was the fit like? And was that on the GT? regards graham
  10. waase For Yamaha MT 09 FZ 09 MT 09 TRACER FJ 09 XSR900 2013 2014 2015 2016 Motcycle MT09 Chain Adjusters Tensioners Catena|yamaha mt-09|mt-09 tracermt-09 yamaha - AliExpress Smarter Shopping, Better Living! Aliexpress.com So the above would be a perfect fit? Can't afford lightech so may give these a go thanks again
  11. Thank you that's great regards graham
  12. Hi is the GT swing arm the same swing arm as used on the Yamaha XSR 900? As iam looking for rear axle chain adjusters for my GT and if they are the same this opens up my options kind regards graham
  13. So will the Chinese adjusters I posted above be a perfect fit for the GT? regards graham
  14. Motorcycle Parts CNC Tensioners Catena rear axle spindle chain adjuster For YAMAHA MT 09 TRACER FZ 09 FJ 09 MT FZ FJ 09|motorcycle chain adjusters|motorcycle mt-09|yamaha motorcycle parts - AliExpress Smarter Shopping, Better Living! Aliexpress.com hi will the above fit the GT I know they are the Chinese cheap ones but can't afford to the real deal,I know the swing arms are a little longer on the GT but if the adjuster part on the swing is the same I will give them a go kind regards graham