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  1. Thank you when I was filling up I did not see the bigger hole silly me just had a look and yes there it is regards graham
  2. Hi so went to fill up with fuel (first time)open the filler cap inserted nozzle pulled the fuel tigger and the fuel went all over the tank so I continued to fuel up very slowly seemed to take forever, am I doing something wrong?as don't want a repeat regards graham ps loving my tracer
  3. Thank you all sorted regards graham
  4. Thank you so much I now have it regards graham
  5. I think I should have posted this on the tracer GT forum sorry
  6. Hi Thank you for your reply there is a keyhole but this is under the seat towards the left side I have turned the key but still no joy why Yamaha don't supply owners manuals with these bikes is ridiculous.
  7. Hi can anyone please let me know where I can purchase a owners manual for my 2018 GT thanks graham
  8. Hi new to forum pick my used 2018 tracer gt up yesterday and I would like to know how I remove the seat as I don't have a owners manual thanks graham