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  1. Also taking my bike to have the ECU flashed on Friday am excited about that graham
  2. Yep would use ceramic paint and prep would be good have been thinking of maybe a gold colour as well, IMO would look better than the stainless steel and easyer to keep clean but not sure how the pipes would wear over time, thanks for your thoughts regards Graham
  3. Hi thinking of spraying my header pipes Matt black on my GT with a VHT paint and was wondering what people's throughts were doing this good or bad and any experiences you may have. kind regards graham
  4. What is the length of the scorpion can please ? kind regards graham
  5. IMO yes, you can look on you tube some good installation videos there. regards graham
  6. Ok I will do my best. first remove left hand side indiacator panel and then remove the panel behind that to access the wiring you will see 3 lots of connectors pull apart the top connector so u have 2 halves, as u look head on you need to cut the green wire the chocolate wire and the white with brown stripe from the left hand halve you then connect male and female bullet connectors to the cables that have been cut,then go to the middle connector which has a black wire and blue with a red stripe wire you then take your ground from the black wire the the power from the blue wire with red stripe connectors are supplied with kit,hope this gives you some idea of installation I I can help further please ask regards graham
  7. Hi thinking of purchasing a scottoiler but a bit concerned about where to mount it,has anyone else fitted one and where did you mount it on the GT? regards Graham
  8. Hi I have now fitted the self cancel system and it works a treat better than expected I also took the power from the blue wire which on closer inspection is blue with a red stripe but is only live with ignition on regards graham
  9. Well I have fitted the self cancel indiacator system and have to say I like it a lot better than I thought it would be early days but so far so good regards graham
  10. Hi I have found out what the middle connector is in the photo I posted and it is for the horn, I have not fitted my self cancel indiacators module as yet. Regards Graham
  11. Hi thank you for all your replys I will be installing the self cancel system over the week end and will let you know how I get on. kind regards Graham
  12. Thank you always grateful for suggestions I have put a metre to the blue wire and that is also only live with ignition on,but I wanted to know what the wire was powering first regards Graham
  13. Sorry I am going to be fitting a self cancel indiacator module and wanting to take the power from the blue wire regards
  14. Hi it's on the left hand side of bike behind front indiacator panel 2018 GT regards graham
  15. The one with the blue and black wires regards Graham