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  1. I think the above maybe incorrect and should be MDPBM1 regards
  2. It's all normal ,you can not feel any wobble what so ever regards graham
  3. I must say iam not happy about this,are there some GT owners that do NOT have this wobble? regards graham
  4. After reading this thread I thought I would see if my 2018 GT had this wobble and yes it does at 42mph with top box,have not tested without top box yet. regards graham
  5. Hi thanks all,its all complete now and looks and works well all the above info is correct. Regards Graham
  6. I may do that,but thought I would try here first,someone may of done the same thing. regards
  7. Would you say this is correct? As don't want to blow any fuses! Regards Graham
  8. I believe this is the colour code MDBM1
  9. Thank you so I should wire my red top box wire to the yellow GT wire and the black top box wire to the black GT wire? thanks again
  10. Hi I want to add a LED brake light to my top box which has 2 wires,one red and one black,having looked at the wireing on my GT it has 3 wires one blue,one yellow and one black,and iam not sure which 2 I should wire into? Has anyone any experience with this? Many thanks graham
  11. Hi any one know the colour code for the phantom blue gt kind regards graham
  12. Thank you when I was filling up I did not see the bigger hole silly me just had a look and yes there it is regards graham
  13. Hi so went to fill up with fuel (first time)open the filler cap inserted nozzle pulled the fuel tigger and the fuel went all over the tank so I continued to fuel up very slowly seemed to take forever, am I doing something wrong?as don't want a repeat regards graham ps loving my tracer
  14. Thank you all sorted regards graham