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  1. Hi I have found out what the middle connector is in the photo I posted and it is for the horn, I have not fitted my self cancel indiacators module as yet. Regards Graham
  2. Hi thank you for all your replys I will be installing the self cancel system over the week end and will let you know how I get on. kind regards Graham
  3. Thank you always grateful for suggestions I have put a metre to the blue wire and that is also only live with ignition on,but I wanted to know what the wire was powering first regards Graham
  4. Sorry I am going to be fitting a self cancel indiacator module and wanting to take the power from the blue wire regards
  5. Hi it's on the left hand side of bike behind front indiacator panel 2018 GT regards graham
  6. The one with the blue and black wires regards Graham
  7. Thanks I have found it and it is under the seat regards
  8. Hi can anyone tell me the where the above is located on my GT please kind regards Graham
  9. Thanks for your reply, yes I read about this a while back so i think I will not chance it regards
  10. Hi, did I read somewhere that doing the above causes an error code to be displayed on dash? i want to run my Gt through the gears for a short time on the centre stand kind regards Graham
  11. Goop or not to goop? Is there any reason not to? regards graham
  12. Not the case it would seem on my GT,like I said 5.2% off regards graham
  13. Hi, have now fitted the above and my speedo is now spot on,my % change was -5.2% fitting was quite easy and now iam happy. regards graham
  14. Hi iam thinking of adding these self cancel indicator system to my GT,anyone had any experience with these or any other system regards graham Smart Turn System - First turn signal cancelling device for motorcycle Smart Turn System is a device that automatically cancels your turn signals...