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  1. Iam in the UK down on the south coast in Dorset, my GT was first registered in April 2018 I have not received my recall letter as yet. regards graham
  2. Nice I think they look good thanks for sharing regards graham
  3. I like this idea,will be watching with interest please keep us posted with pictures when finished, I would go with amber turn signals only. regards graham
  4. So it looks like the 2018 GT is NOT included in this recall? regards
  5. These work great very bright and look good. https://www.oxfordproducts.com/motorcycle/brands/oxford/lighting/nightrider_streaming_indicators_incl_2_resistors/
  6. So I went ahead and purchased these and IMO they are very bright, and look great,and yes they are signal only regards
  7. I have not experienced any of the issues you speak of. regards
  8. Did anyone find the reason why this happens? Had the same thing happened to me regards graham
  9. Hi when I turn the ignition off I get the black Yamaha logo on the dash screen which I believe to be normal, however the last couple of days I have noticed the Yamaha logo has been red is this a warning something maybe wrong? regards graham
  10. Hi are the GT handguards the same as the fj09 and the mt09 handguards? As thinking on getting these. regards graham https://gbr.grandado.com/products/for-yamaha-mt09-tracer-fj-09-mt-09-tracer-motorcycle-hand-guard-decorative-lights-knuckle-guard-led-kit?variant=36814787707029
  11. Hi thinking of buying these but not sure of their brightness the description says 130,000 milicandle but that does not mean much to me, any help,thoughts would be great? regards graham https://www.oxfordproducts.com/motorcycle/brands/oxford/lighting/nightrider_streaming_indicators_incl_2_resistors/
  12. The same thing happened to me,my problem was the ingition key was not turned fully to the on position even tho bike would still start. regards graham
  13. Hi does anyone know what make of crash bar he has on the GT in the video? regards graham