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  1. Anybody knows the colour code of the Nimbus Grey cowling and the Red side panels? My bike is exactly like this and I need to touch up after I dropped it.
  2. The dealer doesn't have to set them up with the ignition key. The bike comes with two locks (placed under the seat) which are already set with the ignition key. All I had to do was fix the locks to the side cases. At least that's how it was with my bike. Perhaps it's done differently in different countries.
  3. I asked the dealer to give me the 900 GT without side cases and to give me the side cases and the stays separately. I wanted to mount them myself (not that I don't trust the dealer 😉. The instruction booklet that comes with the side cases specifically states that the tiny screws on the lock must be thread locked - which I obviously did. It baffles me why dealers don't follow procedures. Hence the reason why I like to do most things myself.
  4. I used the aux plugs behind the screen for the GPS. I'm curious to know if an aux outlet is available under the tank as I believe that would offer a simpler solution to wiring the fog lamps
  5. Other topics refer to an aux plug under the tank. Is this aux plug also on the 2019 Tracer GT (saves me removing the tank to see)? If so, what amps does it carry (fused) and is it powered on, or always on? I am about to install my SW-Motech fog lamps and am exploring way to wire these.
  6. Don't put in more oil than is required. Otherwise you will have unnecessary pressure and oil will be spit out into the airbox. After a change of oil and oil filter you need to run the engine for a few minutes (and then wait for a couple of minutes to allow the oil to settle) before you check the sight glass. This for two reasons: the oil needs to be warm ( as it expands when warm) and also because the new oil filter will 'consume' some oil. Another point: see that the oil you are using is suitable for the ambient temperature you are in. In a cold country, 10W-30 oil would be much better than, for example, 20W-50 oil