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  1. I've had my GT since June. Got her 3 days before we went to France. Not the best time to change a bike, but it was just so damn easy to ride and get used to. She toured perfectly, loaded with lots of gear and never moaned once. Great bike
  2. Love my GT, same colour as yours. Nice boxes. Take a look at this thread, and see what ya think : https://www.tracer900.net/topic/3734-to-beak-or-not-to-beak/#comments Might be worth a go if ya like that kinda thing
  3. That's a nice looking set up ya got there. How do you find washing the engine off with those bars on? Our roads get crappy quickly here
  4. Superb machine. But then I'm biased, I've already got the 2019
  5. Ready for a trip to France back in June.
  6. I must be in a minority then, I love the black, silver and blurple. So much so, I bought one
  7. Had them on my BMW, and took me ages to get back in the swing of cancelling them myself on the Tracer GT. We're lucky, we ride in an group most of the time, minimum two riders at worst, so we tell each other if they're on via the Cardos. One of the first questions I asked when I looked to change the bike was did it have self cancelling indicators. Had to make myself keep checking I had cancelled them, probably went over the top by doing it over and over. Still forget to do it now and then.
  8. EDIT: Scrub all what I asked, I was reading through the posts and asked a question that you have since answered.