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  1. Where would you recommend getting SW Motech crash bars for my 2016? Let me know who you like. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for providing some actual user experience and the communications with regard to TuneBoy. I have been interested in this solution for some time as I'm looking for more than just CC functionality. Adding the quick shifter and getting an improved tune are priorities, so if there's a one-stop solution, this is ideal. I know there are quality solutions for these individually but getting them to work together is a concern of mine. However, if getting an ECU remap is a challenge from them without dyno'ing, it could be a no-go as I'm not in Australia. I understand the nuances he speaks of in each bike (probably valid), but I'm guessing gains can be found out of his work with averages and known frustrations in this powertrain platform (lean low speed fueling, snatchy throttle, torque reduction, etc.).
  3. Resurrecting this old thread. Any new developments on people who have actual experience with the TuneBoy solution? Yamaha offering a retrofit? Thanks.
  4. Hi there! Just bought a 2016 FJ-09 recently. Looking forward to gaining knowledge about the bike and customizing it to my liking. Thanks!