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  1. The unpainted panniers on your version matches the front ABS plastic headlight surround, so to me it's not a big deal. My Yamaha Accessory 39L top case is unpainted also, and it looks fine. I'm gonna throw my race team sticker on the panniers in matching silver/blurple, and call it good (I own a race team). A Graves Ti system will turn blueish purple as well in the header area and tie everything together. I'm honestly not a fan of the blurple, but I'm embracing it! Haha. PS - about the GF, you may, and I might! Haha! - Paul
  2. My GF weights about the same. She really love it. Plus, with the Yamaha 39L case and back rest, it was heaven for her. She felt totally secure, and I didn't even notice her there, except when she was telling me to slow down on the twisties! LOL! - Paul
  3. Hmm, not sure why folks say that. My GF was totally comfortable. She loved it! And it's not like we just went for a quick spin...we did 800 miles in a day and a half! Zero complaints from her. In fact, when we got home, she wanted to go riding the very next day! From my perspective, it didn't even feel like I had a passenger. All I did was put more air in the tires like the manual says for the heavier load, and turn the preload up 7 clicks on the rear shock. Load limit on this bike is 395 lbs, and in total, with side bags and top case we were like 330 lbs tops. Bike handled great with all the luggage, even at speeds I can't publicly disclose, haha. Couldn't be happier!
  4. I don't have a built FZ-07R, just my FZ-07 street bike with pipe and airfilter I *am* building the motor in it now though...to race, but it's not finished yet. Both bikes have their purpose. The Tracer GT is really a great do all anything type of bike, and to have that in an easy to ride 2-up capable bike is just phenomenal :)
  5. So, a bit of an introduction and review of the bike all in one, LoL. BACKGROUND Ever since I turned my 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS into a one-seater, I've been wanting something to ride two-up with my girfriend. See, we had our second date on the Monster, and it was magical. She's been asking me ever since if I'd convert one of my other bikes back to a two-seater so we could ride together. That other bike is a XSR900, which is highly customized, and didn't really want to convert it back, LoL. But I love that motor so much I thought the Tracer GT would be perfect....and I was right! The way it came about was pretty fun, not only in the way I got it, but the way I surprised my GF with it. It seems the Tracer GT has been sold out everywhere for months. I know some folks at Yamaha Corporate and it seems that a rental company bought 300 of them all at once, and my local dealer helped Yamaha facilitate those sales. My local dealer also has ties with a store up in Utah (I'm in Vegas), and when they called to check they didn't have any either. A few days go by and I get a call saying the Utah store has one after all...awesome! TIME CRUNCH The only time I could schedule weekend getaway with the GF was the next weekend, due to our schedules. The idea was, to get the bike now, break it in for a week without her knowing, then take her on a two-up touring trip. But the bike was in Utah, and I'm in Vegas. My dealer was going to get it for me but it was going to be a few days...a few days which I didn't have. Went to the dealer after work on a Friday, did the paperwork (took 10 min), and ordered the Rear Rack, Top Case, Top Case Backrest, and Top Case Lock (to key to my ignition key). Only reason I got the top case was so she would have a backrest and feel more comfortable. I knew it would be way better than a 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS, haha. Found out there was a shuttle to Utah that dropped me a block away from the other dealership, so I was all set to get it the next morning. PICK UP So I told my GF I had to go to the airport, and that we were going out of town the next weekend on a surprise trip. To set the stage for this ruse...the last time we flew together it was on Spirit Airlines and they said during the flight if you show up to the ticket counter at odd hours you can great fairs super cheap. So while she was thinking I was at the airport trying to get flights for cheap, I was actually at the airport to catch the shuttle to Utah to get the bike! See, I didn't lie to her, I WAS at the airport! Hehe. The transaction was seamless, as I already had the paperwork with me since I actually bought it in Vegas. This is the 4th bike I got from these guys (in Vegas), and the owner of the Utah store is part owner of the Vegas store, hence their "ties". He actually used to work at the Vegas store when I got my first bike, so it was like seeing family when I picked it up. They came in early for me to charge the battery, and we went over the whole bike and did the PDI together. To my surprise, he said the bike has never been started, primed the tank by turning it on a few times to let the fuel pump do it's thing, and fired it up. Sure enough, ZERO miles on the odometer! Not 1 mile, ZERO miles! Because I was told they didn't have the bike, and now they do, I asked why. So the story goes...a customer had it on deposit since January. It was moved to the back of their shop (way back apparently) and forgotten about. The guy never bought it, and they never put it back into inventory, until we inquired about it. RIDE HOME I'm very particular about how I break in a bike, and I wasn't too keen on spending hours droning along the highway at a constant RPM. You can vary your speed some, but not to the extent I'd prefer. Luckily, there was a nice twisty road that bypassed a lot of the highway, and then I was able to ride through The Valley of Fire, and come back on the road from Overton to Lake Mead. Made for about a 4 hour ride with varying speeds, rpm, straight and twisty roads, etc. A little bit of everything. FIRST IMPRESSIONS Motor is same as my XSR900, so no surprised there. Thought it would be slower with a little extra weight with the side cases, etc, but didn't feel like it was lacking in power in any way shape or form. Wasn't a fan of the stock windscreen. Had nothing to do with buffeting (I'm 5'8" for reference), but it had to do with the sound. At low speeds, it felt like the air was ripping, if that makes sense. Only other nitpick was the stock seat. It's not bad at all, but the downward sloping does put you close to the tank, (I have the seat in the low position) and if you scoot back some, you will slide forward under braking a bit. I fixed both of those things immediately, but other than that, love the bike. Got home, did one more ride, and came home and changed the oil after 350 miles. QUICK FIXES - INSTALLATION OF AFTERMARKET PARTS, ACCESSORIES, ETC. So, here's the list of parts I installed immediately: - Yamaha Accessory Rear Rack (needed for the 39l Top Case. Installed in 3 minutes, super simple) - Yamaha Accessory 39l Top Case (chose this because it's a little taller than the bigger version, and the only reason I got it was for a back rest for my GF, so I thought taller would be better, as there would be more surface area vertically for her to lean against) - Yamaha Accessory Backrest for 39l Top Case (you have to drill 3 holes to install, and the top case is already marked for it - simple as pie) - Yamaha Accessory Lock for 39l Top Case (wanted the top case keyed to my ignition key. Install was a snap, works perfectly) - Yamaha Comfort seat set (Less forward lean, and the two raised cushion areas grab you better to prevent sliding forward. All in all better than the stock seat by far.) - MRA Touring Windscreen (It's actually about the same size as the stock one, but it's curved back towards the rider. That ripping of the air sound is now gone, and I didn't notice any buffeting issues. Install was a snap. - R&G Lower Frame Sliders - R&G Radiator Guard - R&G Bar End Sliders THE SURPRISE TOURING TRIP So, I'm at my GF's house early Sat morning (I stayed over). I say we have to go to my house before we leave because I got her an outfit that I forgot to pack. We go back to my place, and I show her all her Moto gear I got her. She's like awesome, but how am I gonna take it on the plane? I said, remember when you wanted me to convert the XSR900 back to a two-seater? Let me show you I said. I took her down to the garage, and when she saw the Tracer GT I said yeah, I'm not doing that, I got his for us instead! She loved it! We then left for our 800 mile journey. Went to Sedona, AZ, stayed the night, and then came back through the Grand Canyon South Rim. Couldn't be happier!
  6. Thanks! But that's what I'm saying...everything that says 18w or 24w also says they are over 2amps. Still confused
  7. Hi everyone, new on the forums here. Just picked up a 2019 Tracer 900 GT. I'll have to do an introduction thread soon, but in the meantime something in the manual caught my eye and wanted to run it past you all... The DC outlet on the left side of the headlight...the manual says don't exceed 24W (2A). Every time I find a decent charger for my phone and want to stay under the manuals limits, say a 18W charger, it's always over 2 Amps. I don't want to be blowing fuses, so can you guys tell me what you have successfully plugged in for long distances without any issues? I can't seem to fine any 2 Amp chargers worth buying. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Paul
  8. I have an EarthX lithium battery in my XSR900 (and all my other bikes for that matter), and plan to put one in my new Tracer 900 GT also. They are a little over $200, but well worth it IMHO. The special thing about the Earth X Batteries, is that they have the cell balancing technology build into the battery itself, so there is no need for an expensive lithium charger...you can charge it with a normal car charger. You'll save about 8 lbs high up in the bike (which is always good), and I've never had one not start, even after leaving my bike untouched for 6 months. One of my bikes had a Shori lithium battery in it. After 3 weeks, it was dead and wouldn't start the bike. Changed it to an Earth X and never had a problem ever again. - Paul
  9. Hello all! I'l have to do an introduction post at some point, but saw this thread and wanted to chime in. First leg of an 800 mile long trip a week after I got the bike, and did 209.9 miles. F Trip said 20.9 miles before I filled up. This was 2-up and loaded with side cases and top case, in windy conditions. Wasn't trying to see how far I could make it...I actually had no choice as we were in the middle of nowhere - Paul