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  1. Thanks guys. To be honest I put sw+motech+drybag - Google Search on rear seat and it was just touching paneers from time to time so I was really surprised how it end up. It got a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat in it so it wasn't more than 8kg for the whole bag. And I was looking at those paneers and tried to be very gentle with them since it was the first trip since I have bought them. I have givi top case that went through a lot and looks much better than those shad cases.
  2. Hi Guys I have bought shad 36 side cases like a month ago. I have used it on one longer trip and even besides taking good care about them, plastics doesn't look good anymore. I had bag on the seat that scratched top of cases and some scratches on the sides. Do you know any good way to refresh plastics so they look better? I am quite disappointed with the quality. I have givi top case that looks much better despite longer use.