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  1. Look just like the one I sold after getting the FJ. Enjoy!
  2. Nice work-around. That said, the easiest way to lift the front end is to load up the luggage rack while on the center stand. Rear goes down and the front comes up!
  3. I'll be interested in your progress. The old Z cars sure are enjoying a cult resurgence. Glad that many are being saved.
  4. I had 2 '73 models back in the day. Both rusted to oblivion. Sure were fun though!
  5. I rode there from DeLand a few weeks ago. First time visiting. Met up with a BMW owners group that meets there annually. Nice group and ride. Checked out the little airport while I was there. Might fly next time. 🛩️
  6. Well, don't completely dismiss achieving that goal. I didn't get mine until last year. I was 64. Bucket list.
  7. Cool! Pilot or passenger? Love the vintage tailwheel biplanes.
  8. I flew into that airport from the Bahamas last year. What a cluster f**k customs was that day. Eek. Better from your vantage point.
  9. Two of my favorite things: airplanes and motorcycles. Which runway were you at?
  10. Pretty much. It works the same as Plexus, which I used for years. Virtually no difference between the two, except for price.
  11. I discovered this stuff a year or so ago on Amazon. Appears to be the same as Plexus, but much less expensive. I am a convert.
  12. I had a F800GS a few years ago. Did not like the parallel twin engine. Very buzzy. Don't know if BMW has addressed that with this version, but Yamaha's CP3 engine is way smoother if they haven't.
  13. Very good. Interesting that the airport has that. A couple of my local gas stations have ethanol & lead free gas in the same flavor. Much preferred for the FJ.
  14. AV Gas is great for that, but in aviation, "mo gas" usually refers to regular gas station gas that you would normally put in your car. Some airplanes are approved to use mo gas as well. All that said, I hope the airport sold you 100LL instead of mo gas.