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  1. This is my solution for hot weather. The Frogg Toggs pack small, are waterproof and breath well. Several years ago I did a loop around Lake Superior. Rain every day. The Frogg Toggs with my mesh gear underneath kept me comfortable and dry. They look kind of goofy, but work well. Cheap too! For cooler weather, my Aerostitch Darien gear is called into service.
  2. Agree with dfriz. Nothing about the motor or frame has changed between the FJ and the Tracer. Swing-arm a little longer, but that should not have any effect. I think you can be fairly confident that it will go on your Tracer without a problem. BTW, I have that exhaust on my FJ and love it!
  3. Sorry for the "performance award". 🙁 I go to the area usually twice a year. Stopped doing the Dragon years ago because of the shear number of bad riders and cops. There are so many great alternatives to the Dragon, and knowing that the cops are busy there, I can ride most of them without worrying about being ticketed or having to deal with incompetent riders.
  4. I used a dental pick to gently pry off those push-retainers. Same ones used on my FJ-09
  5. I use Plexus with a microfiber cloth. Both on the visor and windshield. Keep a can in the top box.
  6. As there are 2 holes, one on either side of the engine, I'm wondering if they were provided as frame attachment points for a yet unannounced ADV bike. Hmmm...
  7. Was on my way to Daytona from DeLand on 92 yesterday and spied a familiar headlight design approaching from the rear. First FJ I've seen in my area. Blue with hard aftermarket side cases. Member here?
  8. Ah. I guess I didn't catch that you wanted to apply the decals to a new piece. Still, with enough masking tape surrounding the graphic and using the proper plastic blade, chances of damaging the original panel are minimal.
  9. That's not hard to do. Before you remove the original graphic, place some masking tape along side the graphic on the tank surface. Make a few marks on the tape to indicate certain alignment points and then remove the graphic. When applying the new one, just line it up with the marks that you made on the tape.
  10. Correct. Mine are already at the rear-most position.
  11. Checked part numbers. The caps are the same, however, the risers for the FJ have an updated part number that matches the GT. I suspect that the part number was updated as a result of the recall they had on the risers a couple of years ago.
  12. Possible. I didn't think of that. Would be worth checking part numbers. Another reason to avoid the swap. There was no way to save the left grip. Tried every way possible to get it off without damaging it. Finally admitted defeat and zipped it off with the Dremel and a cut-off wheel. The right grip had the advantage of being on the throttle tube, which was easily removed as a unit.
  13. I put them on. Honestly, not a great improvement. A little narrower than FJ bars with a very, very slight increase in pull-back. If I had it to do all over again, I'd pass. Not worth the effort. Makes me wonder what contributed most to the way they felt when I sat on a GT. Seating position must factor in because the bars alone don't do the trick.
  14. I used a Centech AP-2. A little less expensive than some of the alternatives, but you'll have to also install an external relay if you want it switched with the ignition. That's how mine is set up.