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  1. May have. John usually brought a camper. The group I was with always rented a garage and I slept in my trailer. I sold my GSXR750 track bike to Joe Roberts in September 2019. Joe sometimes road with J Faddock at the track. My contact is doug dot pippin at bellsouth dot net.
  2. koth442 Yes I know John. He runs the HVL airport. I usually see him at the track.
  3. Tim, welcome to the forum. I live in Fletcher NC, half way between Asheville and Hendersonville and have a 2019 Tracer GT. Lot's of good roads in WNC. Look me up when you're in this area and I can show you some great roads.
  4. Cogent Dynamics in Fletcher NC (Asheville area) does excellent suspension work Cogent Dynamics | Made in USA Made Motorcycle Suspension | Forks, Shocks, Springs, Accessories ...
  5. Ohlins makes a shock for the Tracer GT that has remote preload adjustment. YA 537 I have this shock on my 2019 TracerGT and it works really well Street S46 Shock (YA 537) | Öhlins USA ...
  6. There's a thread on ADV that might be a help to you https://advrider.com/f/threads/garmin-zumo-590-cradle-butchery-the-how-to.976812/
  7. I recently received my Adcox seat for my 2019 Tracer GT and I quite happy with it. I have used Sargent seats on several bikes and was going to get one for the Tracer, however their Tracer GT seats were FUBAR. At first I thought I'd have to use the Adcox seat in the low position, but found I can still get my feet on the ground with the seat in the high position so that's how I use it. The seat is very comfortable. I was concerned about the wings interfering with my hanging off riding style but have adapted. I can feel the wings while hanging off but it's minimal. Fortunately I still have the original OEM seat so I can install it if I want to do aggressive riding. Overall I like and highly recommend the Terry Adcox modified seat. I hadn't heard of the wings collapsing but I don't have many miles on the seat to comment. For normal riding the seat is very comfortable.
  8. That's great. Maybe that's the fix they told me they were working on and I'll be able to get the Pyramid 072447M rear hugger soon.
  9. I was having a problem attaching the EVO Engage to my Tacer GT also. So this suggestion of adding the drilling template was a great idea except I know longer had the template. So I made a spacer using a piece of cardboard (non corrugated) and it did the job. Then I started thinking that it would be a mess if the cardboard got wet. So I took an empty plastic gallon jug that had thin flat sides and made spacer from it. It's works great. Thanks for this suggestion to make a spacer so the tank bag is easier to install!
  10. Here's a link to the euro 5 standards What does Euro 5 mean for motorcycling? ...
  11. Why bother with a slip on if your going to restrict the exhaust flow with a DB killer
  12. If you do contact Pyramid with your problem please post up results or PM me as I considering the 072447M rear hugger once they have their rework done!
  13. I bought a used front and rear seat from a member that had bought a Sargent seat I sent the front seat to Terry Adcox to be rebuilt. He matched the seat cover to be the same as the rear. It's a very comfortable seat and if I want to ride more spirited and hang off the bike I just put the original seat back on. It's great to have a choice. I should add that originally I was contemplating a Sargent seat for the Tracer. However Sargent totally messed up their new Tracer GT seat by starting with a seat pan they had for an older MT09 and it did not fit properly. I had Sargent seats on several bike before the Tracer and they were nice. But their Tracer GT seat was FUBAR
  14. Here's the e-mail reply I received from Pyramid on August 19, 2020 Hi Doug, Yes we have since bought our own Tracer in to complete the fix for this part (as it proved more tricky than we'd expected) and we are close to having a solution. We hope to have it sorted and back on the market within the next 4 weeks - you will see it appear back on our website as soon as it's ready 👍 Regards Adam Pyramid On Wed, Aug 19 2020, at 03:45 PM, Pyramid Support <2e10pgqjl3mol4j3@emails.gorgias.com>