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  1. Hello, Till now I had a KTM 1050, a Super Teneré and a KTM 1290 SAS. All superb bikes. The ST was very confortable not only to me but also to my wife. The KTM 1290SA-S is a great bike, but not so much confortable to my wife. But the main concern is all them are tall bikes and I have only have 170cm high (5,7 ft) , always with tip-toes one the floor when stop in traffic lights or whatever. Only with me not problem to manage it. But with the two above the bike is not so easy to manage it during stops and slow manouevers. And, after many miles, we had a fall during one of these manouevers. Not so big deal, but my wife had the foot stuck below the bike... And now she is asking me to have a bike not so high and that I can handle with confidence during low manouevers and when I stop. But I not know if Niken can help me about this... Even having 3 wheels... Another doubt is about the seats... The one to the driver seems OK... But the one to the pillion??? What you can say about my questions? Thanks! Duarte S.
  2. Hello, Considering to acquire a Niken...