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  1. I have for sale a Yamaha Touring Windscreen for a 2019+ Tracer 900 / 900 GT that has been shortened about 2 inches. See pictures with ruler. Included are the instructions and hardware kit that came with the screen. I probably used it over maybe 200 miles. I'm asking $50 or make an offer. It is located in Nebraska, USA. Will ship anywhere; buyer pays shipping. Will handle the money through PayPal.
  2. I sold my 2019 Tracer Sargent seat. How do I delete the listing? Or, mark it 'sold'? Thank you.
  3. Never had a problem with my “tire” guy. Charges me $10 to mount. I do carry a Stop & Go kit and an air compressor, too, as backup. YMMV.
  4. Maybe we should retitle the FJ09 Parts For Sale to somehow include the new name i.e. Tracer. I have a Tracer 900 seat for sale. So I put it in the FJ09 Parts. Hope Tracer owners can find it.
  5. Among the 18 issues that voids Dunlop's warranty is this, too: "Tires rendered unserviceable by road hazard–type damage such as impact breaks, punctures, cuts or snags" I figure I'd never collect on a tire warranty anyway, so may as well put in some sealant. Oh well, buy the ticket, take the ride!
  6. I don't use Goop, but I do use Ride On since I must ride on gravel roads to get home, I've had nail punctures in the past and my Tracer doesn't have tire pressure monitoring. Tire Sealant - flat tire prevention for Motorcycles | Ride-On Tire Protection Prevent flat tires and improve tire lifespan with this special tire...
  7. I can't imagine you staying out of your garage. I foresee imaginative farkling of a Polaris Slingshot, ATV, and in 10 years a wheelchair!
  8. Guess Nebraska is further away than you... mine expected "end of day Wednesday".... or, you're special since getting it "next day" :`)
  9. Thanks to DeltaHotel's post above, I emailed Sargent this morning, since I, too, was an early adapter. And, this afternoon I received an email that my seats have shipped!
  10. The big thing is the wind that is allowed behind the screen. That gets rid of the low pressure pocket which the cause of turbulence and noise. CalSci has a good explanation of this (scroll down to the Aerodynamics section) of this article. A link: Motorcycle Fairings and Windshields Madstad also explains this in their FAQ (#5). Although CalSci makes windscreens, I just didn't like the looks as well as I liked Madstad. (I had also tried spacing my Yamaha touring screen away from the mounts to get airflow behind it ... but couldn't get it far enough away and still make the fit between the mount and screen work).
  11. Yes, did 2 cuts on the optional touring screen. An inch or inch & half the first time, then another one or two later ,,, I forget. Neither worked for me. Still helmet rumbling. Got a Madstad ... problem solved.
  12. I got the 22" version. No whistling.
  13. Q. RC ---- is it more comfortable !!?? I've only done about 100 miles on it, but YES it is. I wasn't looking for an excuse to get off the bike after 50 miles. The Sargent seat gets rid of the hard central part of the OEM seat. And, sitting on a wider pan is noticeably more comfortable to me. To be clear, the only thing needing a 'fix' was the registration tab. I elected to play around with the seat levelness on my own. And, it's an easily reversible mod.
  14. Since I've been called out, I guess I better share my experience. I purchased the rider seat only. The registration tab on the seat was not long enough to engage in the receiver hole in the frame. This resulted in some side-to-side movement at the rear of the seat. I fixed this by inserting a piece of 1/2 inch ID vinyl hose into the receiver hole and left enough sticking out to grab the registration tab. (2nd photo) For the forward slant issue, I put the seat height adjuster plastic piece in the low position. This makes the rear of the seat low. And, inserted the tab in the front of the seat into the high position receiver on the bike. To make this work you have to take up the space between the front rubber bumpers on the seat and the plastic seat height adjustment piece which is the low position. So, I glued rubber furniture leg tips into the existing bumpers. (1st photo) I thought the fit to the tank was OK. (3rd photo)
  15. I've gotten good info from the forum, so I'll support. A T-shirt for my birthday!