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  1. I also feel like i sit into the tank i have removed rubbers from front of seat to lean it back a little but still sit way to close if i try and sit back doesnt feel right. after 45 minutes my ass is numb if i stop or stand up pain goes away a little but makes riding not very enjoyable.
  2. I have rukka and klim gloves i also got this problem from my last bike i think i have solved it Issues hand cramp and numb fingers for weeks also high speeds front end start of a tank slap effect started resulted in me gripping too tight and not sitting correctly powering on gripping with hands and not knees and leaning forwards
  3. So i have had my tracer for a month now and i have added the following Yamaha front and rear LED with DRL / Stop & Tail Extended mudguard on front Yamaha Tracer upgraded screen + Wind deflector ride with open face no wind upto 80mph also keeps flys from visor Dzell DRL on bar guards Side stand foot extended for grass and gravel Tomtom rider wired into ignition live Fast charge port where heated seat button would be X2 USB waterproof ignition live wired in Fast Charge single port wired live with on and off button for charging sena when stopped. Givi adventure back box Givi tank bag with lock to lock onto tank Pilot Roadmaster 5's front and back Brembo Pads ( Huge diffrence ) Anti Slip rear seat cover Extra confort front rider seat ( Still kills the ass so dont waste your money ) - I will put this up for sale and revert to standard. Anyone can recomend anymore let me know please.
  4. NC500 Scotland next week more to come
  5. What exhaust is the best for - 2018/19 Tracer 900 GT i want the same kind of power with a nice tune.
  6. So i passed my test around a month ago but i have rode bikes before so my first bike was the ducati multistrada 1200s and my last ride was 300 miles around 2 weeks ago and my index finger on my left hand is numb still now doesnt feel like my finger. So anyways sold that and bought a Tracer 900 GT 2018/19 iv come back from a ride of 100miles and my finger is numb but worse also the finger next to it and a little in my thumb. My Right hand now and again goes numb but when i take my hand off drop it down lift it back to the grip it feels fine Left elbo also has a pain in it i have had my bike setup few days ago with correct lever heights etc and its still causing me some pain problems to the point i want to trade it in. Anyone know a fix for this or can explain why the problem is happening. PS the seat also kills my butt after 45 minutes of riding ( stock & heated comfort ) tried them both.
  7. I got mine all setup from a guy in the North East of England its what he does and he also races the TT so hes good at what he does. Bike is now handling alot better only problem i have now is front end over 100mph starts tank slapping slowly....
  8. Location Seahouses - UK
  9. what is the biggest screen you can get for the Tracer i have the upgraded yam tracer screen but i get bad wind on my helmet causes a head ache i want something high do 0 zero wind lol
  10. I dont fancy sending ECU off to have it mapped is there any software I can read data with and send him the un tuned file and get it tuned and reload it back Friend remaps cars but its via obd etc dont think bike has same obd could use k tag if I can find the pin outs might email him