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  1. Great feedback. Keep it coming. I want to thank each of you for your relatively unbiased input. I considered an FJR a few years ago but someone said it was top heavy so I figured I already have a great bike so I would not gain anything but a lot of work adding stuff to it. I am now rethinking that as well as the versys. One thought was a Versys 1000 lt (not the SE) and paying the big bucks to get a quality cruise control added. That way I could get almost all the benefits of a Versys and even explore the used market for added savings. Cruise is one of the absolute necessities. I would have the four cyclinder, the handling and could afford to fix the bags when I drop it! I'm probably missing something but I'm sure someone will straighten me out.
  2. Hello all. I'm new to the forum and I am going through my annual dilemma regarding downsizing. I think this is the year that it will happen. I have looked at the FJR several times but it still needs a lot of mods and it is a little top heavy and over 700 lbs. My friend is doing the same and he came across the Tracer GT as a good possible alternative to our current bikes. I recently thought that the right bike might be the new Versys 1000 but it is butt ugly with the black and white color scheme plus it is $5K more and heavier. With that backround, what are the mods that are needed to make the Tracer as comfortable and safe as can be. I am coming from a Goldwing with oscillating headlamps and wig wag stop lights. Of course it has all the windage protection that has to be given up on the smaller bikes but that's the way it is. Is there a brand of crash guard that protects everything including the bags in a tip over? Can the bike be set up to relieve any pressure on the arms when cruising down the interstate? As a practical matter, how many hours or miles a day can a smaller bike be tolerated? I should point out that some of my motivation is driven by age and reduced strength. I can only put the Wing on the ride off center stand when it is not fully loaded. Is there such a thing as a ride off stand for the Tracer? Is it relatively easy to get on and off the stock stand? If you have read this far, thank you for your patience. I love the Wing but age has it's way with you. Thank for any input.