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  1. Well considering the relative importance of each application, I guess I'm going to not worry about a bag falling off versus a wing falling off.
  2. I went with the SW Motech rack. Very sturdy and versatile. Not terribly expensive either.
  3. I cut some rectangles out of a black Rubbermaid container lid to use as extenders. I used Scotch fasteners to secure them, so I can just rip them off in Spring. Very Bohemian, but functional.
  4. Excellent work! I also drilled the angle bracket (giving the JB weld something to grab on to) and used Saran Wrap to form the JB Weld inserts. If there is one thing I would like to change, it's that. But honestly, it's held up well and once inserted, you don't see it. The other thing I would consider is using steel for those same brackets vs aluminum, which could conceivably fatigue. But in quite a few miles everything looks pretty much the same as the day I put it all together.
  5. I appreciate the compliment. I don't have any plans to make more, but I would be happy to walk you through it. It's really pretty simple.
  6. Still going strong! I've used them quite a bit and on some less than stellar roads here in the Midwest. They have been rock solid with no issues whatsoever. I figured by now I would need to tweak something, but I guess I got it right the first time. I've also received some nice compliments on the luggage from people who like to tinker on their bikes.
  7. Nope - pretty much free. You can upgrade to one that you can edit. I would have snipped out the duplicate pics on the route I posted for example. But I don't really use it all that much. Just kind of a fun toy.
  8. Made a run out to the Mississippi River the other day. It was unseasonably warm, mid-70s, and it was fantastic to get in a good ride. Captured the rout on Relive - Relive 'River Run November 2020' View my ride: River Run November 2020
  9. I like the look of that. The Higdonion not so much.
  10. Haha - I thought the exact same thing my friend. Great minds......
  11. I appreciate the offer my friend. Unfortunately my limit right now is the ride to the park. All my oldness starts yelling at me (knee and hand) if I go any farther. I hope to be back to normal just in time for Winter.
  12. Haven't been riding much. A mountain bike crash screwed up my hand and then some knee issues from just plain old getting old. But I get her out here and there for short hops. Here she is at Carl Shurz Park where I am a member. It's only 7 miles away but it's better than nothing.
  13. Huh..…...I ride a Harley Davidson and a BMW (in addition to the FJ09, and a Honda, and a Kawasaki). I wave at bicyclists even. Honestly, when I'm on a Japanese metric I get waves from HD riders, BMW riders as well as others. In my experience the only guys that don't wave are Gold Wing riders. I'm serious. They just don't seem to like waving. Which is okay. Oh, and seeing as it's a pic thread - I just got back from Ohio/Kentucky riding with a friend (I'm wearing the Shoei). The pic is us doing a ferry crossing. He was on a 2002 Superglide and I can tell you, that dude can ride. I had to be on my game to keep up on the FJ. I'm not going to say I'm the fastest guy on the road, but I do ride with some guys who are and they have nothing on this guy. I guess being an ex motorcop may help.
  14. Thanks, I'm sure I will. Now I'm on the hunt for some lowered foot pegs. The choices seem to range between cheap Chinese junk and expensive CNC machined Knight foot pegs, which may be the way to go. I can't seem to find the stock Buell XB9r version anywhere.
  15. I just ordered the extended version. Thanks for the heads up!