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  1. Hey Folks! So I just picked up Tracer 900 this past Saturday. So far I'm really enjoying the ride. I've had several bikes in the past including a CBR600RR, a Yamaha Raider, Yamaha Warrior, and most recently a Suzuki GSX-S750Z. The Suzuki introduced me to the Sport Naked/Upright world and I'm a big fan. Problem with it was that I'm a big guy and I couldn't comfortably fit the wife on it with me, hence the Tracer 900. The power delivery on this thing is very interesting.... and FUN! Having had some big (1800 - 1900cc) Vtwins and some inline 4s, it's really interesting to experience this inline 3. It really does kind of slot right in between there. I mean, it makes sense that it would, but I was not expecting it to be such a perfect amalgamation of the two. That low/midrange torque with a mild rumble, while at the same time spinning up with no problem... it's extremely satisfying. That said, I've only got 230 miles on the triple thus far so my overall experience is very limited. My first mod came as soon as I got home, which was removing the stock windscreen. I'd read it was problematic for some and I suppose I fall right in the sweet spot for a ton of noise and buffeting regardless of position. For right now I'm riding with no windscreen while I wait for a Puig Racing Windscreen to arrive. Tail Tidy and turn signals are also on their way. Looking forward to reading posts and possibly contributing to the forum!