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  1. I haven't tried the lower seat but have tried the Yamaha lowering kit and yes it did lower the bike noticeably as the front forks are also lowered to keep the bike level. On the downside it made it harder to hoist the bike onto the centre-stand, remembering that the bike being lower you have further to lift and also the angle of the stand has been altered. In terms of height; in standard form I can only just flat-foot so wasn't really an issue for me but being harder to get onto the centre-stand was so didn't have the lowering kit installed on the new bike. I find the standard seat quite comfortable actually so no need to change.
  2. Have tried the genuine OEM FJR pegs (my previous bike) and although a bit more comfortable, the FJR pegs are quite a bit longer, not an issue for me in terms of scraping but they interfered with my legs when walking the bike backwards or forwards from a seated position so have swapped back to the standards pegs, expensive lesson. There's an extensive discussion on this subject elsewhere on this forum.
  3. Ditto for me as well, traded my FJR for the Tracer GT. Former got too heavy and although a great bike wasn't the right one for me, the GT is absolutely perfect.
  4. Can sympathise with you, I'm just a tad taller at 5'7", used to be 5'7.5" but lost half an inch somewhere along the line. I use the lower seat setting on my GT and works fine for me. Tried one fitted with lowered suspension and although it does lower the bike considerably it also makes it a bit harder to hoist onto the centre stand as the whole bike is lower so a bit harder to lift. I've noticed on this lower seat accessory that the hump on the front of the seat is much more pronounced than the standard seat, probably because they've simply scalloped the padding in the middle and towards the front but left the front bit alone. I had this done to me previous bike (FJR1300) and had to have it reversed as it made me sit lower in the seat and pushed my knackers hard up against the front of the seat which made it very uncomfortable and even painful. The Kawasaki Versys and a few others have this sort of configuration where the hump on the front of the seat is very pronounced, may be ok for you. Something to keep in mind.
  5. All the very best for the future and thanks heaps for all your wonderful advice and informative articles, all written with real passion. Thanks in particular for your offers and willingness to help. Look forward to hearing from you in this forum and learning from your vast experience..............
  6. From stone cold, the thermostat opens at around 40c, I'm guessing this as prior to the gauge registering a temperature it says "Lo". Freeway cruising with the ambient temperature in the mid 20s the coolant temp is around the mid 70s, it will climb to around 85c in stop start traffic. Fan comes on at around 100c, I can hear this and also notice the temperature reduce slightly by a few degrees as a result.
  7. You're spot on of course, I got the Nms and Fps mixed up, good job I ain't employed as a mechanic LOL.......In any case still feel the 111 fps is a bit on the high side so my 100 fps feels about right based on other machines which are around the 80 fp mark.
  8. The owner's manual on the GT says 35mm to 45mm whilst up on the centre-stand. Mine was around 50mm measured with the Motion-pro chain slack tool so adjusted it back to specifications. Also; only tightened the axle nut to 100 Foot-Pounds, not 150 the manual says as that is way too tight from my perspective, more akin to doing up diesel head blocks. All my bikes have been around 89 - 90, hence the 100 fps for the GT. Rode it like that for a couple of days and noticed a grinding noise and felt some vibrations in the pegs on deceleration which wasn't there before. All that's changed is the chain tension so adjusted back to around 50mm slack, only this time I used my inbuilt devices to determine accuracy (my eyes, brain & hands). All good after this, the grinding noise has gone away. An observation; the alignment notches don't seem to have varied much before and after adjustment whereas the chain tension has, particularly noticeable when off the centre stand. Leads me to conclude that sometimes, tightening the axle nut can influence the chain tension, something to keep in mind. Setting aside the Motion-pro, Chain Monkey and the tape measure and trusting my own judgement and observations from here-on.
  9. Have swapped back to the stock from the Niken pegs and they're ok. No more digging into the calves when stationary or back paddling. Don't know why I swapped as stock was not causing me any issues. Guess I experience this interference probably because I'm not that tall at 173cms (5'7") hence I need to keep my feet closer to the bike. Expensive exercise but there you go, just pleased the outcome is positive.
  10. Yes I had to order the complete set-up for the Niken pegs from Yamaha and yes it was quite expensive, AUD 330. I've never experienced pegs catching on my calves (not that I can remember) so going to swap back to the billet stock pegs to see where the extra expense is justified.
  11. I have a Stebel Nautilus in my workshop which I've been meaning to use but the size and the need to install a relay has put me off, hence the Denali Soundbomb, no where near as loud as a compressor driven item but much, much better than stock. Have also thought about some engine crash bars but the extra weight has concerned me so happy with the current set-up for now.
  12. As mentioned in a separate post, I fitted OEM pegs from a Niken, quite expensive but wanted the genuine item. More comfortable than the original short metal pegs but what I am finding is that as the replacements are longer I keep rubbing against the ends when I put my feet down, particularly when I'm seated and pushing the bike backwards. Are you experiencing the same? The Niken pegs are 9cm long, measured at the rubber top.
  13. Fitted the Denali Soundbomb mini. Relatively easy 20 minute job, had to bend the stock bracket forward a tad to clear the radiator guard at full left lock. To me the sound is about 30% louder but with a much lower penetrating tone which is more effective than the stock which belongs on a bicycle. Couldn't hear the stock when cruising along but can hear the Denali quite clearly so worthwhile upgrade without the need to add relays etc.
  14. The Yamaha pannier liner bags from my previous FJR1300 fit the Tracer. They are convenient in that you just need to grab one bag out of the pannier rather than multiple items. However; the liner bags themselves take up a bit of space so have ditched them and now use multiple mesh bags from Kathmandu (camping store) and can fit a lot more.
  15. Hi, How do I add a "Signature" to my posts as seen others where they've listed previously owned bikes etc? Looked through the menus but can't find any instructions, thanks.