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  1. I have this Yamaha OEM on my Tracer 900 GT, good quality and works a treat.
  2. I have OEM Pegs from the Niken. Cost an arm and a leg as they were genuine OEM but they fit and work perfectly. Much more comfortable than the ridiculously narrow and short stock items. A bit wider/longer than stock so do notice touching them with my calves when I have my feet down but no great drama once you're used to it and adjust accordingly.
  3. Armor-All is excellent for all the plastic/vinyl bits and pieces, stops them going that grey colour, have always used it on all my bikes and cars. Except on the pannier lids of the current GT (Australian model) where the lid is unpainted and has a rough surface. Tried spraying the Armor-All on it and when I went to spread/wipe it with a micro-fibre cloth, it stuck to it, guess because of the rough surface and the fibres on the cloth. Had to then wash it off to stop any smudging. May try with another type of cloth next time as the lid will probably go all grey if not protected. Alternative is to have the lids painted professionally and Armor-All the body of the pannier as I'm not confident to paint them myself.
  4. Thanks for the info and offer, much appreciated. Think I'll go with the 70 x 28mm as they look ok on your panniers, considering I've already bought them (see attached pic). Will post before and after images when I've installed them. Really appreciate your offer to send me some reflective tape...........
  5. Wordsmith, I noticed you've added amber reflectors on the sides of the panniers. Been wanting to do the same but cannot get a size to fit the existing cut-out/position on the panniers. All I could see were two sizes made by NARVA from Repco here in Perth, 28 x 70mm or 44 x 94mm. The first is too narrow and the second too long. A 44 x 70mm would be ideal. What size are yours and where did you get them from? Thanks.
  6. Hi, When you say Sound-bomb Mini, I assume you mean the Denali? If so was it fairly easy to install and are you happy with the result? Louder than stock? Different tone? Etc.............Thanks.
  7. In Fremantle Western Australia on a glorious winters day.............
  8. Yes 6th gear up to around 112 kmh is quite loud, then it seems to settle. The rest of the gears aren't particularly quiet but 6th seems to be the worst. Luckily cruising at between around 115 - 120 kmh should be reasonably quiet. My previous bike an FJR used to really scream in 3rd to the point of being embarrassing, then it would start again in 5th (only 5 gears) all the way to 112 kmh then settle. Put it down to Yamaha gearboxes...................
  9. I've experienced the gear indicator on my GT going blank, usually in the lower gears when clicking down while rolling to a stop. Way to solve is to let out the clutch slightly and you'll hear/feel a slight clunk from the gearbox and the indicator will light up. Think what's happening is that it's ending up between two gears and engaging the clutch slightly puts it in place, my FJR used to do that too.
  10. Been toying with the idea of fitting one of those or similar on mine too, and did look at that position. However; I'm wondering whether the mudguard is going to collide with the bottom of the horn when the front suspension compresses? Did you do a front suspension compress test before you installed the horn in that position? To see how far up the mudguard comes. Thanks.............
  11. Hi, I've just done this swap from a 2015 FJR to a Tracer 900 GT after owning the FJR for around 12 months. Reason; finally decided the FJR was a bit on the big side for me at nearly 290kgs opposed to the GT at around 227kgs. Loved the FJR for comfort in the saddle and especially the wind protection, not to mention the carrying capacity, can fit loads under the seat in addition to the panniers and the 50L top box. Tons of power and loved the open road but a bit heavy to manually handle in the garage and car parks as I am only 1.7 mitres tall and weigh around 70kgs. The GT will give you all of that but to be fair it is not a full blown tourer so wind protection won't be as good but it will tour in relative comfort plus you've also got the added bonus of a slipper clutch, quick shifter, not to mention it's 63kgs lighter which is considerable. More Sports orientated but will also tour pretty well. Added Yamaha frame sliders, radiator guard and a side stand extender, have a topbox on order which I should get sometime this week in time for the 1,000km service. I've only had the GT for less than a month so far, very glad I made this choice, looked at other machines but the Tracer GT came out tops in value for money.
  12. Yes, Suu Kyi is the current Leader in Myanmar, "discredited" depends on your point of view. I admire the "person" and her Tenacity, hence the name, which is also on my registration plate.
  13. Have had my new Tracer 900 GT for just under a month now and loving it. Added a taller Yamaha screen, frame sliders, radiator guard and currently waiting for a top box. Done around 700kms just riding around town, will wait till after the 1,000km service before I take it for longer runs. The taller stance of the bike took a little bit of getting used to but once that was over with I absolutely love that triple engine, so flexible and torque right through the rev range, all the time omitting a very pleasant burble note from the exhaust. Other bits I love include the cruise control, quick-shifter (although I don't use it much), heated grips (rarely used but nice to have), TFT Screen, the comparative lightness and ease of maintenance, all the bits that need to be accessed such as the coolant and oil levels as well as the oil filter and drain plug are within easy reach. I ride frequently depending on the weather and clock up around 15k kms in a year so really looking forward to enjoying the GT. Immediately before this I had an FJR1300 for just over 12 months, great bike but was a bit on the big side for me so decided to trade it in for the GT. Bought both the Yamahas for 5 Star Yamaha in Hamilton Hill, Perth Western Australia. I don't mind giving this dealership a mention as they have been great all along, will not hesitate to go back there for my next machine. The FJR was preceded by a Suzuki Bandit with a Suzuki Boulevard before that. I have also had an RD400 Yamaha, BMW R65 and a Honda CB360 quite a while ago.
  14. Very first pic with 600kms on the clock, taken in Fremantle Western Australia on a glorious winters day.