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  1. I have only been living here for a few years and moved here from Los angeles, ca. Pittsburgh reminds me alot of European small towns specially in the U.K. I do like it here since I prefer the much slower life pace and the small city feel. There are awesome twisty and mountainous roads.
  2. I am about to send mine in but I'd like to hear some reviews or recommendations from people that have done it... what about factory warranty? I have a 5 year bumper to bumper, would this flashing possibly void that?
  3. An ECU tune is next....who or what is Woolich ? are there any others?
  4. This specific exhaust was part of the deal while negotiating....I paid about $11500.00 USD otd all included and them shipping exhaust to my house.
  5. I bought this trough the yamaha dealer where I purchased my bike since they gave me 30% off accessories so I paid $1,100.00 USD
  6. After some research on many exhaust systems in the U.S. and U.K. I found for my liking this was the best. Full titanium and carbon fiber. No issues with center stand as you can see.
  7. It's a pain to adjust pictures but here are some for now.
  8. And the smaller size on my Samsung note 9 is nowhere near as small to pick from.
  9. I have alot of pictures on my phone but I can't make them smaller.