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  1. I used the 2 existing holes on the underside of the fairing below the headlights - but I made an aluminum L bracket that runs horizontal bwtn the 2 holes to add strength and rigidity. Worked perfect. I'll take another pic in the next day or two to show the bracket...
  2. yep - i get anywhere from 160-180 miles on a full tank - then about 25 miles once into the "reserve"
  3. Installed a pair of Baja designs Squadron Pro aux lights today - tested them tonight going to work- and holy moly!! - night and day does not do it justice. These things are awesome! I wired these with an on/off push button on the L/H handlebar - so I can run them independently of the low or high beam - or OFF - if I choose. I was doubtful at first, especially with a price tag of $300, but well worth it. I ride a lot of country backroads to and from work and these things are perfect. I have each light pointed outward maybe 5-10 degrees from center - and it is perfect. Highly recommend!
  4. Great info - suspension doesn't always have to be a black art..
  5. 2019 Tracer 900 GT

    2009 R6 Track only 

    2002 Ducati 998 

    2011 Genuine 150 Scooter - yes it's a 2 stroke, and yes it's supposed to be that loud