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  1. My Rider Seat has gone to a local custom seat builder for reworking. He has done several Tracer's --- most in the search for comfort. Hurley Custom Seats Bespoke motorcycle seat...
  2. So, the 2amp supply is ok. If you want to be "happy" about connecting the lights to the Aux supply ---- buy a cheap in line fuse holder and put a 1amp fuse in it. You could test it simply by touching "the lights" to the battery terminals ------ via the 1amp in line fuse, before you open up the front of the bike. You can then be assured you are not going to pop the aux supply fuse and be confident about taking the time to open up the front.
  3. Any changes Sargent make "within the next week or two" can surely only be superficial. Ref Bagster I asked them if they would sell a Rider's seat only and they said Non.
  4. What a catalogue of vague admission that they are incompetent.
  5. So there you go, 500mamps to spare 😁
  6. LED lights draw low current, the 2amp fused supply should be fine ----the spec for any lights should however tell you what the load is. Don't be surprised if it is milliamps.
  7. The problem with a hammock, particularly in Scotland, is finding two trees at the appropriate place, having nice sunny weather and keeping out the MIDGIES !!
  8. Here is some food for thought if you are a solo camper -- View topic - 1-man tent and sleeping bag recommendations I'm going to...
  9. We await your review with great anticipation 😁.
  10. If a Moderator is following this thread what's the Rules on linking a thread on a communication to s Vendor ??
  11. The side plates are now fully finished off with a coat of Hammerite and the pics show the pair as they would be mounted on the bike with the function of the cross rod obvious. The reason for making the side plates to carry 30litre soft panniers, a recent short trip.
  12. So is the summary so far :- the seat still does not fit flat enough. the fit of the seat to the bike is completely unsatisfactory. if fiddled with to fit, the indications are that it is comfortable. on the Yamaha high setting the seat to floor height is lower than standard. Fair ?
  13. RC, Also a positive review ref comfort. The plot thickens !!
  14. Whistler, That's the nearest thing to a glowing endorsement I have ever read for any product. Great to hear you think it is a good buy. Enjoy.
  15. RC certainty used logic to overcome the issues he found when installing the seat ! It is however ludicrous that those "adaptations" had to be made to a seat supplied by a well established seat producer. Furthermore the High Low options are no longer available with those changes. Ridiculous. RC ---- is it more comfortable !!??