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  1. Universal Motorcycle Bike Helmet Lock Hanging Hook with 2 Keys Set-C9D | Wish Buy Universal Motorcycle...
  2. Just remember that all electrical items do not work after the smoke escapes and it is impossible to put smoke back in.😁
  3. But if the intent is to use the power supply only to the USB it would be sensible to change the fuse to 5amps.
  4. A little bit of effort on your part viewing previous posts will get you many answers to your question.
  5. Thread is in the Wrong place methinks.
  6. I am glad to hear you are going to "sleep on it" for a while and hopefully your discomfort will ease over those hot sticky months.
  7. I can't say I am not shocked by your notification ! Since I acquired my GT a few months ago you have become my forum hero! I hope you get a quick sale to seal off the anguish of the decision and send us the odd post on your future 4wheel travels. Best wishes.🌞
  8. I think these side on pics clearly show what is one of the major problems with (any) of the seats on the GT. The edges of the "pointy angled" plastic panels irritate my inner thighs almost as much as the OEM seat does my aris.
  9. Clicknow, I could not figure it out from the manual and found s YouTube video. Easy when you know how. ! My black bung is now stored away -- refit and removal toooo much of a faff about. I think the seats are possibly the worst I have ever had for remove and refit fiddling.
  10. Piotrek, thanks for your post away back in page 1. After a bit of dilly dallying I decided to cut out the Plastic Cross Member to connect the space under the pillion seat Lock Mount to the "official" under seat space. My compressor (like the orange RAC one above) now fits (just) under the lock bar and the pillion seat goes on -- with a wee bit of pressure. (If the screwdriver handle mount was cut off the pillion seat underside the pillion seat would be an easier fit.) Thanks Piotrek for the idea.
  11. Is there any appetite amongst the Forum management to split the General Discussions into separate headings e.g. Suspension, Tyres, Brakes, Electrical (everything from battery charging, wiring up accessories to my bike won't start), Accessories (requests for opinions through to reviews of products - not covered by the Gear category), Panniers/Racks/Bags (requests for opinions through to reviews of products), Maintenance and Servicing. General then becomes anything not covered by a specific heading. ?? It would support the current separate headings and make looking for previously offered information much easier to access.
  12. Speed, Fuel Consumed and MPG --- all 7% or so inconsistent --- seems logical they are all the same !🤔🤔
  13. And just to balance out my acknowledgement of great continental exploration, the Lewis and Clark travels were momentous and courageous.
  14. For anybody who has never heard of him Geoff Hill has written several m'cycle travel books including Around Oz on a Triumph (also across and up & down Americas not to mention India to UK on an Enfield)---- I know there are lots of people writing Big Trip books but he is a really funny writer 😀😀😀.
  15. Wordy, well done. Sounds like a great trip. As an aside I have a copy of "The Dig Tree" which reflects on the, politics and physical effort, of the early "adventurers" going from the South coast to the North coast. I have read it three times and will no doubt read it again. Crossing Australia through the centre certainly was/is not for the faint hearted.