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  1. Or there is one like this which looks a very similar design to the SWMotech offering. Engine Chassis Guard Skid Plate For YAMAHA FZ09 FJ09 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT XSR900 For YAMAHA XSR900...
  2. 2and3cylinders ---- The mounting of the large bracket in the centre of the SWMotech guard is obvious but ---- What do the four countersunk (2each side) mount on to
  3. Another 600ish miles and if anything the Bagster seat is getting better. I think Wordsmith posted a similar observation early on in the topic.
  4. How long I was comfortable varied depending on the traffic/road situation. If it was a free flowing ride 100 miles was just about bearable but the hundred return gradually got awfull. Slow, busy, riding and I was shuffling on the seat after 30 miles and I started focussing on my rear rather than the road ,- not good. As posted above I just had a couple of decent days, back to back and the Bagster seat is a huge improvement.
  5. Have a scroll through the Love at first sit Bagster topic. I have a 29 and 1/2 inseam and manage the foot down aspect. I had exactly the same issues with inside thigh discomfort and although it seemed unlikely I wondered if the angular bits of body work were part of the problem. The OEM seat imho is dire. I now have a Bagster and despite only a few hundred miles on it I think it is much more comfortable. I am off on a couple of 300mile days tomorrow and will update my Bagster seat verdict after that.
  6. OK. Three hundred miles later _--- the Bagster seat is not the holy grail but imho it is a significant improvement on the original. If you can spare the £300ish buy it.
  7. Search ---liners --- using the forum Search function and amazingly a number of very specific suggestions come up
  8. I had a 280mile run this week and despite having had my stock seat reworked my Aris was killing me before the day was done. So after much procrastination I pulled the pin and ordered a Bagster seat from Chrome burner. Delivery due Tuesday. Here's hoping I find it s good buy !
  9. Catlanta,I Isyour bike an 18 onward 900GT? Did you envisage covering delivery costs to a British buyer in your offer of €200 ?? Rgds
  10. It appears a Rider's seat can be bought on its own from Bagster. Would anyone with a 2018 onward 900GT who has a Bagster seat care to check if their original pillion seat fits with the Bagster rider's seat in place. I realise this might offend the aesthetics of some but it might be an effective option.
  11. Look on ebay for Yamaha-DC-Power-Outlet-Connector-x2-FZ6-MT07-MT09-FZ07-FZ09.
  12. The seat looks exactly the same as stock as the rework was to the padding with the external cover retained so no point in a pic ! Tom's pretty seats are nice tho !
  13. I finally managed out on the GT for the first time this year and since TomHurley reworked my seat for the slope and arseworthyness.. The seat is much, much better. All hail Hurley Custom Seats Bespoke motorcycle seat...
  14. General is far too inclusive. Gear is far too General. And it's still off Topic