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  1. @builderbob Yes the resisters are to slow down the flash rate. They do come with all the parts you need so I did not have to buy anything additional to install them. Thanks, I am happy with the end result.
  2. @duhs10I agree I, would think they would have been plug and play. I had to add resisters, and maybe it’s just because they are European. Initially I asked the local Yamaha Dealership (where I bought my Tracer) if they could confirm if the turn signals would be compatible, and order some for me. They said they could not find them and could not be sure if they’d work....even with the part number. So, I guess it’s just a difference in the country. As a side note, Yamaha (European) has some rear turn signals also, but I read (I think in this forum somewhere) that they hit the panniers slightly once installed. I won’t be getting those.
  3. I changed out the factory front turn signals with some smaller, brighter European Yamaha turn signals. I’m loving them, they come with white running lights on the bottom half and really increase the visibility of my bike from the front. I have not tried them out at night yet. They take a little work to install, make sure the arrow is pointed up, and the left and right sides are specific. They are not plug and play, take your time making quality connections. GENUINE YAMAHA TRACER 900 LED INDICATORS / FLASHERS PLUS - 2015... Total: GBP 117.56 Item ID: 382526132477 Seller: padgetts-online(11,892)
  4. Hi! -Installed Frame Sliders today. OES Yamaha Tracer 900/900 GT Front & Rear Frame Sliders 2019 -Ordered some Yamaha turn signals from EBay. I hope they end up working —they’re from the UK. I saw someone on this forum has them. The dealership couldn’t confirm but I went ahead and ordered them up. If anyone has input on these I”m all ears! THANKS! yamaha genuine accessories YME-FLB2F-10-00 LED Flashers Plus Front
  5. Hi! I’m happy I found this forum and enjoy everyone’s posts. I’m a returning rider after about 10 years and just bought a Tracer GT! My last bike was a Suzuki SV 650 which I also loved. But—I am so thrilled with my Tracer!