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  1. Same thing happened to me. I sent him the hardware version number and he sent me the right map. I don't remember the numbers.
  2. Monoshock rear suspensions generally have a linkage which decreases the mechanical advantage which the swingarm has over the shock as the swingarm travels. In this case, increasing preload would "soften" the suspension.
  3. I didn't go in to how it works. I assume the flash inserts the TuneBoy module in the command chain, the module contains his map, and the trim modifies parameters in that. The engine doesn't feel different. Modes still work. Fuel consumption appears to be the same. According to his answer to my pre sales inquiry: You could always ask him. sales@tuneboy.com.au
  4. Yes. MCcruise is three times the price fitted. I'm not that interested in the other features but I note on looking at the configuration screen there's an option to remove the speed limiter, which is selected by default. The software download for Yamahas includes FJ09 as well as MT09. Interestingly, the Tuneboy guy doesn't like changing maps without putting the bike on the dyno. He says injectors for example can vary by plus or minus ten percent. He says if you get a bike that's got them at ten percent over, make a map, sell it and the buyer has a bike with injectors at ten percent below spec it will run like shit. He said he recently did maps for Benelli and they gave him a bike only after flow testing the head and selecting injectors in the middle of their allowed variation.
  5. I bought one of these a couple of weeks back. It's a device about the size and shape of a cigarette with cables coming out. Two of them interrupt the plug to the stop light. One connects to the diagnostic connector under the seat. The other one is a USB cable. It takes two or three minutes to connect it up. You flash the ECU with a simple program (the flash program) you download from their web site. You need an Internet connection at flash time to register the program. I just hot-spotted through my cellphone. You can change a bunch of settings with a second program (the trim program). I pretty much left it alone. just enabled cruise. Trim also lets you examine error codes if the Engine light comes on, and clear them. I tested it on a 700km ride on Sunday. It works well. You press the Mode button with some throttle on to engage. (Standard, Mode only works with the throttle closed). Press it again and the speed goes up 1km/h. Press it for more than half a second and the speed drops 5km/h. This last one is a bit jerky: power cuts and then comes back on at the lower speed, and MT-09s are snatchy at the best of time. (I don't mind it, that's why I'm always in A mode. I like the pugnacious character of the engine.) When you engage it's always at the current speed, it doesn't remember the last speed. To disengage, touch the brake lever, brake pedal or clutch. So, a bit primitive, but what do you expect, it's really cheap. They sell separate nudge buttons. I'll send them an email and see if the nudge buttons give you the resume function. I bought it to stop wrist ache, because I'm getting old. Did a 700km ride, wrist didn't hurt. Win!
  6. @betoney - Does the MCCruise unit occupy the space where the toolkit resides? It looks like it on one of their YouTube videos.
  7. I live in Sydney Australia. I bought a 2017 MT-09 Tracer (as they're called here) from Brisbane Australia on the second. It hasn't arrived yet. I thought this would make my opening post the most boring ever, but on further research apparently not. The bike is stock apart from bags and Michelin PR2s, so it's pretty boring too. Right now I'm bored. If no-one calls about buying my V-Strom in the next 30 minutes I'm taking it to a pub I know at the end of a twisty road a hundred and fifty kilometres away which serves tasty steaks and foaming glasses of beer. Mmmm. Beer.