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  1. Strange...have a good look at tyre fitting, bulges etc or maybe brake binding on one side.?? Never heard of this before.
  2. Never used them before, was thinking PR 4/5. Looking last night and saw them on ebay, from a bike shop. I normally pay that for a front, so for the pair it a very good price. 👍
  3. I got these today. No idea what there like but for £109 for the pair, I'll give them a go.
  4. @daboo 👏👏👏 Brilliant...and those photos fantastic. Your so lucky to have these landscapes within riding distance. 👍
  5. My final word on this excellent thread. The Tracer is pretty much the perfect bike for me . Only things I am not 100% happy with, are the seat and screen. I fitted the puig sports screen soon after purchase, not sorted seat yet. Brakes, suspension, riding position, weight, power, all good, Oh, not sure about colour choice. I'm only 73kg, don't take pillions 99.9% of the time. So the soft suspension hasn't been an issue for me. Grab rail is great for Rok strapping down large bags when touring. I really like the stubby exhaust style. For me, its a cracker. 👍 Ps Also like the xsr 900 but it ain't quite as practical as the tracer.
  6. If your finding standard too jerky, then maybe a ECU flash is required.
  7. These bikes have 3 modes. I can only think B is for winter, icey condition. Standard is what I would call road use or normal use. That leaves A for more aggressive riding at higher speeds, maybe track. If you flash A to default, everyday, normal road use, then when would you use standard.?
  8. Fair point, but personally I found the A mode jerkyness only a problem at very low speeds. Turning at traffic lights, little bump in the road and the slightest throttle movement and the bike would pull, junctions etc. On track or higher speeds, the jerkyness wasn't really there. Many manufacturers will sell you a track pack but the tracer gets one standard. Sort of. 🙂 In all honesty, and on many bikes, these engine modes are all a waste of time imo. A decent standard setting of wrist/fuel should suffice all needs, whether on track, dry or wet road. We should all be capable of good wrist control. 👍 Btw...what is B mode for. ?
  9. On the newer tracer, I wouldn't bother. Yes, A mode is more abrupt, but it's supposed to be. I used A mode on track recently, and it was great, standard aswel tbh. Never use B. On the streets, A mode is too jerky , very sensitive, that's what standard is for, perfect. A mode for track basically. It's a bit like some folk saying, 6th gear being too high for normal use. Changing gearing to get more use of top gear. But when cruising at 80/90 mph, you'll be glad of the higher gear. Imo. You don't need to used every feature of the bike on every ride. 👍
  10. Just had a look at this. 🤔 with seat support in lower position, forward and seat front tab in high, there is movement, so washers could support in raised position but seat doesn't look right. With seat support in high position, towards rear, seat is tight with no movement. Mine looks nothing like photo. Looks all on the piss. What am I missing here.?
  11. Yep, just tighten the 10mm nut under rubber cap. 👆 just be careful when you grind down a socket bit you don't take too much off, bit at a time. 👍
  12. I use the recommended torque for axle nuts. Dont torque much else. Had a bike once and if you over did it, wheels bearings would fail early.
  13. My rubber plug went on holiday a long time ago. 🙂
  14. Is this lifting the front when in low position.? What does the seat line look like from the side.? Slope is an issue with oem seats. 👍