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  1. No deterant...the central heated big house with free hot meals and a comfortable on-suite don't work. Sorry for your loss.
  2. Its all 2wheel fun, but here in the UK, the majority of the Harleys riders do seem distant from the rest of us. Not the mixing sort. However, over the last few years though, I do think the HD showroom's have become a more attractive place. Those sportsters with flat bars look pretty good I reckon, compared to those big, horrible touring armchairs. Still never have one though.
  3. Normal...no load.. Get yourself an electric pet dryer. 2800W Dog Cat Pet Dryer Grooming Hair Stepless Speed Blaster Blower Heater Black 2800W dryer for powerful drying. 2800W is the perfect...
  4. Think there cheaper in US. In our 'very devided' United Kingdom a brand new GT will cost you £10800 and standard £9300. Standard has everything i need. MY 19 that is. Brand new 18s are £7995.
  5. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153648993419
  6. As said above, biker's are getting older, same in UK. Young lads seem happier in there fancy car's and boom box. Most biker's I know are moving towards the sit-up, comfy bike, Better view ahead on our congested roads, top speed less important, but you do need that extra now and again. For me, I want a comfy bike that will get me to 100 mph quickly, importantly, the 70 to 100 bit quickly, after that it can take it's time. Many bike's can do this but not many for the price of a tracer 900. Others manufacturers will compete and add the bells and whistles but then the price goes up. Personally, I'm very happy with the standard tracer, no bells, no whistles, no problems. I speak as a single bike owner, if I had more then yes, have anything you fancy, two wheels is always fun,👍 whatever you got.
  7. I found it a bit strange at first but got used to it. Indicator for full. Just to add, don't get complacent when filling up. Few weeks back the pump never shut off and had fuel all over the place and on a hot engine. Wasn't sure if it was going up in flames. Went in the garage and told them 'nicely', that there pump wasn't working as it should, no cut off. Not happy. Moral of the story, 'keep looking down'... not at the sexy lady next door.
  8. KTM keyless has been very problematic, leading to steering lock issues. Absolute waste of time and was never a problem before.
  9. To be honest, I don't know what the 700 is for. If you like the tracer, get the 900. Still a lightweight bike, looks the same, and goes better when required. Imo that new front end on the 700 looks awful. Sales will tell us if they got it right or wrong with that design.
  10. Been checking colour matches from home interior design to gents 3 piece suits. It seems that my favourite match with a lightish grey is white. No Plasti dip required. 👍
  11. Welcome Denis, They are a great multipurpose bike, that should tick all the boxes. Enjoy.
  12. I bought nimbus grey and white. MY 18. On first sighting I preferred the red panels of the MY 19, but that would of cost me another £1300. Could order red panels for £270 ish but didn't bother and the white has grown on me to a degree. I do sometimes think about panel colour but what goes with grey and is different. Maybe black or bronze. Who knows until you try. So, a lad at work mentioned Plasti dip. A rubber spray that can easily be peeled off if no likey. Comes in many colours, apparently can be sprayed over badges then peeled off. No damage to paintwork. Anyone got any experience of this stuff. Cheers.