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  1. Just got back from 3 day trip. Taking in England/Scotland border. Hadrians wall and a Spitfire in someone's front garden. Kielder and Ribblehead viaduct. Great bit of northern England that many bypass.
  2. Faulty pump. The filler holes allow for nozzle insertion and full tank guide.
  3. 18 litre tank is 4 uk gallons . I've had flashy light come on at say 180 miles, filled up and only got 14/15 litres in. So maybe they will go 240 miles to run out., if they run to empty that is. 🤷‍♂️
  4. For UK folk, M and P are still doing these for £95 a pair. I've put about 500 miles on first pair and their Great, been on wet and dry and a trackday with no dramas. Bought 2nd set.👍 Supermaxx ST2 120/70ZR17 & 180/55ZR17 Tyre Pair | M&P Direct
  5. You really don't want your centre stand scraping too much, takes weight off back end.
  6. Didn't they invite you to join them in the tent for the night. 😉 Stunning pic's. Fantastic. 👍
  7. Last fill up i put in 14.3 litres. Tank holds 18 litres. I'd done 182 miles. Yep I reckon they will do 200 comfortably ly. 👍
  8. You need a 15 amp under the seat coz that 2 amp up front is a complete waste of time.
  9. Hello and welcome @AaronCh
  10. Yep, remove pillion footrests and a seat cowl should be enough to convince them, no pillions allowed. 👍
  11. My mate got a loan 2020 tiger 900 gt while his 1050 was in for service so was a good opportunity to compare. I did about 50miles on nice fast twisties. First thing was engine, very similar to the tracer. Pin it through 2/3/4 and the pull is much the same, plenty. Nice engine tone on overun. Seat was a bit lower, pegs lower and forward and a bit close to the road. Nice phone charger under seat. Very thinly padded seat but OK for 50 miles. Rev counter on Tft screen is terrible, too fancy but plenty of other info. Easy preload shock adjustment. I noticed immediately, your sat further back on the bike, upright and overall it does have an adventure look and feel as it should. Back on the tracer, immediately more sporty. Sat forward and aggressive riding seems more natural and easy. Tracer pegs are further back. 180 rear opposed to tigers 150. Both great bikes but for me the tracer is what I prefer. Tiger is an adventure bike, Tracer is a sports tour and this difference is obvious once your moving.
  12. I'm just passed 4k on stock tyres and there ain't much left. Front has worn the most. Got some cheap maxiss to try. How was the tour.?
  13. Anyone fitted these and whats the engine mount bolt torque,? cheers. YAMAHA TRACER 900GT CRASH BOBBINS 2018+ EvoTech Performance Evotech Performance Yamaha Tracer 900GT crash bobbins are...