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  1. I've seen 130mph and no limiter. Is it a US thing.?
  2. Welcome Alistair. Great choice for a practical all rounder. Some gent on here has done 200k miles on his, so your good to go for a while.
  3. I just used the sticky pads it came with. Give it a good clean, bit of pressure and all should be good,
  4. I've always checked oil with bike on wheels under it's own weight standing up straight after a ride. Many bikes don't have centre stand. Be interesting if the window check is different between the two methods.
  5. If I had the cash...
  6. That applecross pass is summot else. We had a sunny week mid may 19. Brilliant week. Nice mix of slow and fast roads. Deer can get in the way though.
  7. Hi Mike, do the gaurd extensions cause any wobble when getting on a bit. I was looking at some by powerbronze. There a bit transparent and couldn't decide if I needed them.
  8. I'd be moaning about those bloody fires if I was you wordy.
  9. Nice bike. Leave the grey, wrap the white, much easier.
  10. Cheers Betoney, Rim tape will stay for now. It's a bit red for my liking. Enjoying the black and grey.