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  1. FYI, useful to identify bits and pieces, even if you're not ordering anything... Purchase Yamaha MT09 TRACER motorcycle parts online A huge selection of Yamaha MT09 TRACER motorcycle parts with fast... Honest, I do not work for them!
  2. Got my 2nd hand bike with some corrosion here and there and one of the worst culprits was the head of this bolt, right there at the front of the engine, behind the exhaust headers. Been treating it with ACF50 after every wash, which was giving me some peace of mind but not doing much else. And then the penny dropped and I got hold of some Hammerite Kurust; one of the little 'pencil' bottles, like a paint touch-up, with brush built-in to the cap. Gave it a really good degrease and scrub, finishing off with washing up liquid before two coats of Kurust. Left that to finish reacting and then rinsed off and dryed before masking up around the bolt head and three coats of Halfords high temperature paint. I only had gloss black where I think a silver would have been closer to the original plating but it looks 100% better! We'll see how it lasts!
  3. FYI in the UK... I've got a DID VX G&B chain for £59 from bikeaholics
  4. I was riding home recently and the temps here are getting cooler, under 10 celsius, maybe down to 5. As it was wet and I was tired, I decided not to filter and so spent a minute or two here and there sitting in traffic, but I was still surprised when I heard the fan come on and the temperature up at 105. Normal open road temp seems to be pretty much always in the low 70 celsius. The rest of the journey was urban and whilst I got below 100 and the fan turned off, after a couple of miles and getting home the temp was still up in the 80's. I was surprised how quickly the temperature builds, even in cold temperatures. I've not ridden much in summer temperatures although I certainly noticed the fan come on a couple of times. I'll keep an eye on it next summer.
  5. Yeah, another one with 6th gear whine; I think I posted elsewhere about it. You notice a distinct change in transmission noise as you change from 5th to 6th
  6. I had issues with intermittent activation of this switch and it was as Betoney said, the plunger was a bit stiff in the housing/rubber boot and when the spring was tensioned by the foot pedal it sometimes wasn't quite enough to pull the plunger out. Liberal application of WD40 whilst pulling the plunger in and out with a pair of pliers and working it back and forth has sorted it.
  7. Oh My Word! So, in the UK, even on ebay, the Yamaha panniers are £390 EACH! Then another £100 for the tiddly brackets that bolt to the pillion footrests, and then on top of all that you have to buy the lock! It is a neat, minimalist system, and nice how it clips into the bracket at the top, but that is a colossal price! 😲😲
  8. There was a ground frost today and the air temp gauge was down to 3 degreesC. Had the grips on 3 bars, which is set to level 5 and my gloves didn't melt! Reckon I will up that to 6 now and increase all the other levels a bit through to next March!
  9. The funky pieces down each side of the pillion seat, above the coloured rear section, I assume are related in some way to the fixings for the OEM panniers? Do they serve any other function? Do any of the non-OEM panniers use them as part of their fitting? Is some additional frame also required, in addition to these side rails?
  10. Which one did you prefer in the rain...?
  11. I'm sure I read through the manual but confess I completely missed that the three bars selectable from the handlebar controls can have their actual amount of heat set from the settings menu. My two-bar/middle position was too hot at anything above 5 degrees C so I've lowered it to 3 from 4. The three-bar/top position was set to 7! I guess that's when you ride in -5 degrees C! I've reduced that to 5 which I reckon should be plenty if I'm out when it's freezing.
  12. I was lubing my chain at the weekend, OE ~19k km, and while there has been little wear, a couple of links have seized. As the sprockets look pretty good I'm going to just change the chain.
  13. Just mounted mine up this morning. It's the Ultimate Addons handlebar clamp with three-prong attachment. Just long enough to go between the bar clamps and for the Universal Smartphone holder not to foul the top of them. Even in portrait orientation, it doesn't obscure the instruments. I dug out an old USB cigarette lighter charger that has one built-in cable but then discovered that cable was broken, so using as a SatNav the phone died on my 20 minutes in to the ride. I'll try again this evening using the raw USB port and cable but this is not weatherproof. What are folks using for USB charging that uses the accessory socket and is weatherproof too...?
  14. Another one for Loomies A32/A272 junction. Saw an absolutely immaculate red Tracer, identical to my '16 and assumed it must be newer... it was a '15 plate! 😖