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  1. Yeah, you get burn-off when the engine is started as everything hots up - it was like a bonfire down there after my latest round! 😆 I do apply the ACF50 when the bike is cold and assume it's primarily working only until the next start-up. I don't put ACF50 on the actual pipes, just the clamp plates and nuts that secure them, which appear to be mild steel rather than stainless.
  2. BTW, for bringing your old stainless pipes up to new and shiny, there's little to beat Harpic loo cleaner. Paint on with a brush, leave for 30 minutes or so, then use a plastic kitchen scourer. Finish up with some Solvol Autosol. Make sure none goes on the engine or anywhere else and rinse off thoroughly with a hose!
  3. Yeah, the issue with attempting a replacement is exactly that - sheared stud! I'll continue the ACF50 and also intersperse with WD40 and whatever penetrating fluid I can lay my hands on. Hopefully, as, when and if I need to remove them, they'll come off! 😖
  4. I know mine wasn't garaged for the first year or two of its life but even so, the brackets/clamps and nuts that hold the exhaust headers into the cylinder head are mighty corroded. I've been lathering them in ACF50 at every opportunity in the hope it may make a little difference. I assume these are swaged in place when the header piping assembly is made up and so cannot be changed without a new set of header pipes...?
  5. FWIW, mine is the same. Not bothered about it too much but may look at painting it with Hammerite or some such. The clear vinyl film that you can get for fairing protection may be an idea...
  6. I took an F800ST BMW over the Khulo pass in Georgia (European country) and it has an equally exposed oil filter. It was mostly a gravel trail with one place where I was on grass with a few ruts. It's doo-able - I went very slowly! The tyres I used were Continental TKC70, which is a notch less off-road than the TKC80. If you need the TKC80, then you are probably outside the bike's envelope!
  7. tried A mode this morning (bike is all original). For the most part I would say this is much more like a normal response, other than the abruptness of the off/on change over. However, given what poor shape UK roads are in, trying to keep a constant throttle while hitting grooves, potholes, splits, manhole covers, drain covers... is a bit wearing!
  8. Anyone in the UK had a re-flash...? Didn't think that would be such a common thing. I generally use STD or B - now I'm thinking about it, I've not tried A yet! 😃
  9. Seems to be pretty over-optimistic, according to my calcs. What's anyone else found...? 😊
  10. When I engage 6th gear there is a clear change in the transmission noise. Just wondering whether mine's got poorly toleranced gears/shafts, or do they all do it...? There's also quite a change in pitch when pulling in and releasing the clutch in neutral... 😖
  11. Great to read all of the replies... The Dunlop Sportmax Qualifiers that mine came with, I'm running at 33/38 psi, which works pretty well. May try a Qualifier II on the rear when this one wears. A bit cheaper than some of the other options but still a great tyre - great-great-great grandchild of the D207RR I have a mate who has Angel ST's on his BMW S1000XR and rates them very highly - may give them a try in due course, but fancy trying some Bridgestones too - soooo much choice!
  12. Amazing! No tyre thread on this forum! 😆😉 Previous owner had just fitted Dumlop Qualifiers, which I remember as the OEM fitment on my old Street Triple some years back. Very nice tyres actually, but they are only single compound and wear moderately fast. Are people mostly going for sport/touring rubber...?
  13. 2016 and red for me. Took a test ride on one of the new matt black ones, which made the red one I got seem all the lovelier somehow
  14. Ah, cheers, I'll have yet another dig through the manual for some mention of them! 😊
  15. There are two knobs that poke up behind the windscreen on top of metal rods that disappear down at an angle behind the headlamp. I can see them in one of the pictures in the owners manual but there is no mention of what they do - I'm intrigued! Are they for headlamp beam adjustment...?