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  1. I have always checked level on the centre stand. Dont think I would like to try to hold the bike level while trying to bend down low enough to get a look at the sight glass. Also don't think I could take the ridicule if I asked one of my mates to pop over and help me check my oil level.
  2. while I feel that my large puig touring screen is functional and effective I think it does look like an add-on and the original screen was more form before function Picture showes the Puig touring fitted but I thought I had a clearer picture of it. (oops, dont know why picture has rotated
  3. My experience is similar to betony's above, I started to despair of the original screen on the first run back from the dealer. It was quickly changed for a puig touring screen that I find very effective. I was thinking of cutting down the now redundant stock windscreen to cope with hot summer weather but hailing from Bonny Scotland I might never have to bother about really hot summer weather so might not bother..
  4. Never used a dealer myself for servicing but my two riding buddys bought new bikes last year. One quoted £200 to service his Tracer from the suppling dealer the other expects to pay about £250 for his Triumph Tiger.
  5. Extra gear needed to cope with the Scottish "Midge"
  6. chitown Summer of 17 we rode the route anti clockwise apart from the first day we had fantastic weather and saw Scotland at its best. Thought we would try it clockwise this time.
  7. I thought that there was a small pinnion gear in constant mesh with the starter ring on the flywheel and a "spragg clutch" connected and engaged the starter motor and small pinnion when you turned on ignition and started the bike. Not sure if this is the correct terminology or if this is the arrangement with the Tracer this was how one of my previous bikes started.
  8. My two riding buddies and Myself are planning a "four corners" tour of Scotland in the Summer.Taking in Berwick on Tweed , run across the borders to Mull of Galloway lighthouse and then taking in Durness and John O'Groats as part of the Northwest 500.The socialising is as important as the riding so no particularly long days and will probably plan on being away for the week.
  9. Good review, Glad that you are out and enjoying your bike. I have not seen a Niken in the "flesh" yet but the pictures look interesting. I think the legislation in the UK states that if the wheel base on an axle is less than 600mm then it counts as one wheel and is a bike, more than 600mm would make it a Trike. I would expect that the extra weight and bulk would make it much less fuel efficient than the Tracer but who puts fuel economy at the top of their list when buying a bike.
  10. Good Buy, the important think is you are happy with the deal and you have picked up a fantastic bike. I agree with you about the more "smoother" lines on the newer model and Yamaha's choice of colour scheme Picture of My 17 plate model for comparison below.
  11. Makes me smile too. Its not having it back on the road untill March or April thats making me sad.
  12. I test rode a new GT bike at a local dealer before I bought my two yeat old model in July. My friend and riding buddy had gone for a new GT model a few weeks before, haven riden both models back to back I think that the differences in handling is minimal and for 95% of my riding not noticeable. Where the longer swing arm may be more relevent might be if you intend to ride with a pillion passenger. If I was making the decision to change my bike again I would probably go along the same route . My Two year old 6,000 mile Tracer was easily £4,000 pounds cheaper than going down the new GT route. But each to their own, I wound never critisise anyone for buying brand new.
  13. I would put a radiator guard, engine bars and maybe some form of throttle lock on my wish list
  14. Hi Cropduster, Just check that the original inner screw dosn,t foul the throttle grip when the heated grips are on. When I fitted the OEM grips to my 17 plate bike I used the original inner screw because I thought they were the same. When I used the heated grips on the hottest setting the thermal expansion of the grip acted like a throttle lock (it did feel good to have cruise control for a wee while.) When I checked later there was a very small difference in the shape of the inner screw that came supplied with the heated grips kit to give a little more clearence in use.