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  1. Haven't done this with My Tracer but changed up one tooth on My previous bike, CBF 1000. There was enough adjustment at the swingarm to cope with the difference and standard chain was ok. It did make a very slight difference in fuel consumption but only about 1/2 a litre in a 19 litre tank. Not realy enough to get excited about. No noticeable difference in acceleration. Something I may consider for the Tracer next year If I manage to get a European tour planned because that will probably involve a good few days of motorway blasts to get to the good bits.
  2. Don't sound so apologetic, as its base is the Tracer it will be a fantastic bike. I like the new look and as I said in a previous post I will wait to see it in the metal before I will fix my opinion on its looks. But that will not take anything away from the riding experience and that's the important bit.
  3. You could take a fine hacksaw blade and cut a bit off the top of the Puig screen, masking tape on both sides and cut carefully, polish up the cut edge with a bit of abrasive paper. Nothing to lose if you are thinking about changing the screen at some point.
  4. As mellow states above their are huge variables with how much petrol you use, I've stuck in an extract from the ride report I listed in August down below. Best MPG I have ever had worked out at 68 MPG (imperial measurement) that would give me a theoretical range of 267 miles before the tank ran dry. Now, would I have run it that distance? No chance. I am ever likely to get close to that figure again? I seriously don't think so. I regularly run about 180 miles before I fill up but only If I know where I am stopping for fuel. That has usually left about 2 to 3 litres of fuel still in the tank. One surprise that day was how good the Tracer was on fuel consumption, apart from the first 40 miles to Oban and the last 25 miles to Fort William we were on quiet single track roads (30 to 40 MPH). When I fueled up on the Thursday morning I had used 11.3 litres of fuel over a sat nav confirmed 168 miles or 68 miles to the imperial gallon,
  5. Not at that sort of sped very often, (the corners come on too quickly if you do) the several times I have never noticed any issues and I don't think the beak would be stiff enough to cause any airflow issues that would result in any instability.
  6. Agree with every point you are making, I had booked a test ride on both the Tracer gt and the Tiger 800 The Tracer test came first and WoW the difference between that and the Honda CBF 1000 I had was unbelievable. I came back from that test ride and cancelled the Tiger test my short list was now very short . (1. Tracer 900) Straight on to the internet after cancelling the tiger test and found several pre-used bikes and was happy to spend big to upgrade. But always go for what makes you happy. Life is too short to settle for something that feels second best for you. To get back on topic some of the improvements on the new Tracer 9 sound very good but the cost for me to trade up I would guess would be up at around £6,000 to £7,000. It would take an awful lot of WOW to make me do that. the difference now is not nearly enough.
  7. A riding buddy has one and gets on well with it and If it lives up to the reviews, it should do nicely, I was wanting something to replace an older Spada set and a lighter jacket I only used in the summer months. planning a Europe tour when we are able to travel again and wanted something with good airflow and vents as well as good waterproofing. My Mondial trousers arrived today and I am pleased with the quality and fit. The jacket arrived the other day but my wife is buying that for me as a christmas pressy and when I told her of the sportsbikeshop return policy she decided she would keep it from me til the 25th of next month (because she likes surprises.
  8. In similar situation and needing to replace a SPADA jacket and trouser set that have given a good few years excellent service. I am going to go for an Oxford Mondial Advanced set of Jacket and trousers. Good reviews and a good price for a laminated set of waterproof and all weather gear. But time will tell if I have made the correct decision. (Sorry, couldn't find a picture of the suit with a Tracer)
  9. Remember that some of us use proper gallons not your puny smaller US gallons I'm typically getting the low to mid 50s' per imperial gallon. Although one glorious day last summer my sleek smooth almost as fast tech black did 64mpg (admittedly on a good bit of slow single track road) Might do more with the more economical Tracer 9
  10. Me too I noticed the pictures on facebook and like the new look I've never had an issue with this, it don't particularly annoy me. I know its going to drop to half full in about 120 miles and start to flash at me in another 80 miles or so and still have 20 to 30 miles before I'm going for a walk. And the few times I've met up with my pals at a fuel station with full showing on the gauge if I am not sure how much fuel I have used and don't want to be the one that disrupts the ride out by needing tow stop I just top up. Did once top up with a touch less than 3 litres.
  11. My Bike came to me pre-loved and complete with the SHAD three box set so no choice for me. I really like the set up and had I been given a choice I would have gone with the SHAD boxes. A main consideration for me would be how the bike looks without the panniers fitted. Most of my riding is with the topbox only. Panniers are only used on my overnight tours. I like the more minimalist look of the pannier mount system used and don't particularly like the scaffold pipe image that some sets give you.
  12. At least the hose looks like it's on and not about to come off
  13. I stopped reading when I came to this bit no other vehicle comes close to matching the thrill and excitement of two wheels Oh YES YES YES !!!
  14. Done a few moronic things in the past too, Lopsi are you moving the plastic seat support into the high position before you fit the seat . First time i tried the adjustment I had too much movement and realized that something wasn't correctly placed.
  15. Sounds lovely, enjoy the ride. I'm expecting temperature in my area of Scotland tomorrow at noon to be 3 degrees C and with wind chill to feel like -1 on the good side however it should be a nicer day than today. My bike is tucked away in it's shed under a lovely cozy cover and might not see the light of day til march but I'm only a tiny wee bit jealous.