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  1. Don't think you would be able to re-key the lock. My solution to having too many keys was to use a lanyard round my neck and have separate rings for bike key, hut keys, and topbox and helmet lock key. Got fed up of hunting in every pocket for the keys. (it was always in the last pocket I tried) I also had the bad habit of dropping the keys into My helmet if I was carrying it with me. Had to run back to the cafe we had stopped at for lunch on one summer tour to find the bike keys on the seat I had put my helmet on.
  2. No, it was a cheap e-bay purchase £6 or so and is bolted behind the left pillion foot peg It can be a bit fiddly to unlock with the helmet on but I wanted it for occasional use when the top box hasn't room for the helmet.
  3. HGP61

    H-D Pan America

    You make many good points that I agree with. I would never criticise anyone for their choice of bike the important thing is that it does it for you and that you get what you want from it whether it be a round world tour or a couple of hours with the chrome polish in the garage to escape from the wife. On the looks of the HD I Pan America I will know what it is as It passes me from behind or comes towards me, that look is distinctive. I won't be thinking was that a Yamonasaky 900. I think that most major manufacturers tend to follow the herd in the looks department and play it safe so they don't turn off their buyers.
  4. Hi Xstoff welcome to the forum, I had booked three test rides, Tiger 800 BMW 850 GS with the Tracer 900 first. mind made up part way through the first test ride choice was easy. The Triumph and BMW test rides got cancelled.Enjoy every mile.
  5. I have added a few of the items on your list and as I use campsites on my summer tours I have also added a larger side stand foot gives a bit more peace of mind if you are on soft ground. I also added a helmet lock bolted behind the left hand passenger footpeg nice and neat fixing. My wife was telling me recently that an online company she buys stuff from will mark a parcel with "Congratulations on winning our competition" to try to cover for some of their regular customers. Might be worth a try?
  6. I am in agreement Salish, My previous bike was a Honda CBF 1000 a nice, safe, reliable, steady, tough, smooth workhorse of a bike but exciting isn't a description I would use. It was the power delivery and wow of the Tracer that made me empty the piggy bank and throw money at the dealer. I've no plans to change.
  7. I think Honda have that in mind. Clip from Motorcycle news below. Sources in Japan have confirmed that Honda are working on a sports tourer that will be powered by the engine from the Africa Twin. Sales of sports tourers have been on the wane but adventure styled sport tourers, such as BMW’s XRs and Yamaha’s Tracers have boosted the segment, and Honda are keen to get in on the action.
  8. HGP61

    H-D Pan America

    Just been watching a video clip with the pan America specifications highlighted and while I would probably never (no make that never) buy one I hope it does well for the brand. To be competitive in today's world a manufacturer has to have a wide range of products to suit a wide sector of buyers. One point that made mr sit up and pay attention was the adaptive ride height of the new bike it drops the suspension two inches as you come to a halt to let you get your feet down. Now that is clever.
  9. I'm 5' 11'' with a 31 inch inseam and initially I felt that the Tracer was too high, no way would I feel comfortable With the seat on the high setting. But you will get used to it very quickly as long as you can get the balls of your feet down and feel confident in your slow speed control i don't think you will have any problems. I have only struggled once and that was more with the road camber, I wobbled a bit when I came to a stop and could not put my left foot down and couldn't pull it back off the side stand when I was ready to go on. However one of the benefits of the Tracer is the light weight and I only had to push the bike a few yards to a flat bit of the road and get on.
  10. I have just taken delivery of my new Shoei Ryd which I think is the same model as the RF-SR. Have yet to use it yet but the day I will is getting closer and closer. I tend to buy a new helmet every three years, have a main helmet and a spare and ditch the oldest one when it is six years old. I would be interested in feedback on the transitions visor that Shoei make for the helmet I thought it might be a useful addition seeing that the model does not come with a drop down sun shield.
  11. My thoughts as well Rovari. Can't justify new price of bikes to myself as much as I could afford it. As I had obtained my bike licence at 23 and had bikes for a few years it was only the advent of marrage, children and the lack of disposable income that stopped me riding When I went back to it at 50 I brushed aside the comments about "mid life Crisis" because I didn't suffer from that, I was a "Born again Biker" Enjoy every mile of your new bike I do.
  12. I stripped the working parts from an old car tyre inflator and ditched the plastic bits. It has fitted under the seat of the last three bikes I have run. the old picture below shows the 12v socket set up for my last bike but the 2 amp fuse on the Tracer would not have been suitable so the present set up has crocodile clips to connect direct to the battery. The compressor pushes nicely between the pins of the seat adjuster and keeps the nylon gear wheel clear of the ground in use.
  13. Friend picked up a nail in the first five miles with a new tyre I remember that resulted in a few swear words. I was following in a group ride a few years ago when the friend in front ran over a short length of spring with his rear tyre. I heard the pop and saw the instant deflation of air as it raised a small cloud of road dust. It was the first time I had seen the "string" puncture kit being used but that and the small compressor I had under the seat of my bike put us back on the road in about ten minutes. I went out and got a puncture kit the next day.
  14. I think the "Kamo" is a matt dark green when you see it in the metal interesting enough if you like dark green and don't like your bike all sparkly and colourful.
  15. Hi JD and welcome to the forum. You won't go wrong with an FJ-09 I came from a Honda CBF 1000 and the difference in power delivery was so different I had to go for one. While I have room in my head for more than one bike I don't have room in my shed so the Honda had to go. I feel that a collection of bikes have to be different to each other in some way to have two bikes that do the same job one of them will end up unused and unloved but each to their own if you keep both it might be twice the fun.