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  1. Now considering suspension upgrade as well for my bike, I was happy enough with the stock set up but last Friday I had my first "aw F--K" moment with the bike on a narrow, uphill, bumpy bit of single track road. I must have been pushed easily two feet of my intended line, felt much more than that on the 8 foot wide strip of tarmac that I was on. Very interested on the outcome of thread.
  2. Welcome to the Tracer club Gaz, I have a Tech Black example with a few matt black pannels. I wasn't sure as well when I saw the bike at first but as I had just driven about 200 miles to buy it it wasn't a deal breaker. The rest of the bike more than makes up for it I'm sure you will enjoy running it.
  3. Hi Stew, Sounds like a good day out. I was down your way last Sunday. Down past Clatteringshaws loch, Newton Stewart for a sandwich lunch in a car park and along the A714 back up to Girvan then home roads were very very quiet, lovely run out.
  4. Hi Simon, welcome to the forum I run a 17 plate ordinary Tracer but here I my observations 1. I havn't had any issues or noticable free play in my setup but the cable is easily adjusted to take up excess play. Just make sure the throttle dosn't come on at full lock 2.I have felt with mine that the fueling can snatch at low speed from off to patially on a bit less in STD mode You do get used to it but flashing the ECU or addjusting the throttle position sensor can eliminate this. After the first few weeks of ownership I didn't feel the need to do this. 3.A you mentioned Lowering links are available and easily fitted that can drop the seat hight by 25mm or so this will have the same leg room but will decrease the ground clearance and you will need more effort to lift the bike on to the centre stand. When I run mine with the aftermarket shad side cases I just put up with the fact that I am going to hit them sometimes with my foot. It is a fantastic bike and if you can make it suit your requirements you should go for it.
  5. HGP61

    Headsets of 2020

    My two riding buddies and myself went for the Sena range. "Friend A" got in first with a quite expensive Shoei helmet with built in coms system While cheaper "Friend B" and myself opted for the SENA 10s Intercom. We like that we can group intercom with all three of us connected and taking part in the same conversation as we are riding.
  6. My understanding was that every thing from 2017 on had a slipper clutch as standard. My Bike was registered in April 17 but I am not sure if it came fitted with one or was an earlier model . Clutch is very light in action.
  7. Not with the Tracer but I had a similar sounding issue with the Diversion 900 I once owned. The gear shift return spring had broken. the bike would change down the gears but to change up I had to lift the foot lever let it drop to reset then on the second lift it would change up. I used it like that for a few days till the replacement arrived. Looking at the repair manual the set up looks different on the tracer but I wonder if the return spring might be stretched or broken.
  8. I remember being quite easy and gentle on the throttle for the first few days getting used to the bike (probably in B mode) The first time I really went for it in an overtake was amazing I think I went from 50 to over 100 without any effort and certainly much quicker than the CBF 1000 I had just changed from. Fantastic bike, Love mine too
  9. Mine has the same sort of free play only noticed it after I fitted the Yamaha heated grips. but installed with the original hand guard fitting NOT the replacement that came in the package with the grips. Gave me good "cruise control" when I switched the grips on and acted like a throttle lock when they had heated up to temp. Replacement was quickly fitted. Bear in mind that we need that little bit of free play if you are asking for it to be adjusted by the dealership.
  10. Happy for you that it arrived and you are happy. I can send you a picture now i'm sure they will almost look like twins. Mine on the Mennock road.
  11. I bought mine from a dealer in Batley west yorkshire last July. The 200 mile run home was nice and I had bonded with the bike well before reaching the M6 at Penrith.
  12. I was going to suggest sending you a picture of mine to put under your pillow but that sounds too much like adultery so i'm not doing that.
  13. That sounds correct I'm sure I measured my earlier tracer at 35" and they are a couple of inches wider than the newer models. Don't worry too much about it, I push my bike into a narrow shed and its easy enough sitting on, pushing, tilting bike slightly and turning bars. Bike is light enough and well worth the very minor inconvenience.
  14. If you are planning something like your profile picture make sure it is a really tall backrest.
  15. It's fine, if you are riding your Tracer with that on people will only be looking at your bike.