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  1. My first Yamaha an XS250 in 1982. I was studying at Jordanhill College in Glasgow in the days when they gave you a grant to go to further education. The college was a short walk to a motorbike auction place nearby and when the second installment of the grant payment had cleared into my account it was time to go shopping. I would wander up to the Auction on a Thursday lunchtime to see what was in and if their was something I fancied having a bid on would hang on to do some work and in the evening head back up to the auction. I had passed my bike test the year before when I had bought a Honda H100 two stroke at the auction for £150 and sold it 6 months later for £175 The picture below was the first big run I had on the immensely powerful XS250. (well after the H100 it felt powerful) PS This big run was the week after I had bought the bike and I had gone 30 miles to visit a friend. Thanks Scotty You have made me recall some happy memories.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I enjoyed reading your riding history. I have a similar Tracer in that lovely black colour. Unfortunatly garaged just now because of this pandemic. I did manage to get out for a short 100 mile blast with my two riding buddy's last Sunday before we were asked to go into isolation at home. Also bought a similar looking Vontox tent at the tail end of last year for our summer tour round the Scottish "North Coast 500". Might put it up in the back garden later to see how it looks. Often thought about the TT on the Isle of Man but have always worked during June planning to retire from my work in August so hopefully will get on a "to do list" Cheers and enjoy the bike
  3. Honda make some lovely bikes, I ran a CBF 1000 for five years before changing to the Tracer last year. I really enjoyed my time with the CBF the engine was smooth, quiet and power delivery predictable. But, the difference with the triple engine and the way it sounds and delivers its power is way more exciting. I think that the CB-F retro will be hard pressed to take sales off the Yamaha XSR 900 unless riders go on looks alone. That CB-F above does look lovely.
  4. If you want to change it you don't love it enough. Trade up for a 19 GT
  5. Closest I came to a Triumph was testing one when I changed bike last year, My short list was, Tracer 900, Triumph Tiger XR and a BMW F850. I am sooo! pleased I went for the Tracer. Never went to test the BMW after the Tracer test ride choice was made 5 mins into the test.
  6. I don't know enough about the manufacturing processes regarding tyres but could it possibly relate to a fault in the manufacture of the tyre particularly if they are a dual compound material. With my previous 4 sets of tyres I have had the tyres fitted but put the wheels on myself and have never compressed the forks never had this issue like this with them.
  7. Nope, always felt that the manufacturer had already given it a name.
  8. The new tyres never displayed this again, The Diversion being shaft drive was never out of alignment. I put the problem of uneven wear with the tyres down to more exuberant right hand cornering but as I said never seen it since.
  9. Had a similar experience a few years ago when I was running My Diversion 900. On a weekend run to Applecross I could feel a very very slight vibtation through the bars. On examination you could see the slightly different shape on the right hand side of the tyre and what felt like "flat spots" between the tyre grooves. The handling felt incredible the next week when nem tyres were fitted.
  10. I would also be making sure that the brake pads ,calipers and any acumulated crud round the pistons was cleaned off. I will possibly go with Avon 3D XM tyres when it comes round Only because I have used them twice on the last bike with no issues.
  11. I decided to put one on partly because it was an inexpensive addition My bike is an all Black 17 model When I fitted it I felt it helped to "balance" the slightly top heavy look the Puig touring windshield had made when I fitted that.
  12. Quick and easy addition to the bike today when I added a beak to see how it looked. Picked a cheap probably chinese copy so am only out of pocket to the tune of £14. Looks ok in place but will reserve judgement for the moment.
  13. Agree totally, I remember trying the quickshifter several times on my test ride but this was the only time during the test that I felt the quickshifter was close to useful for my style of riding.
  14. The difference was exactly as you have mentioned, the instant feeling of the gear change when overtaking made me feel the overtake was completed quicker. Unfortunatly perhaps I have been on bikes for 40 years and too much of my riding has been on bikes without modern electrics I certainly want the security of ABS and traction control but at my age I dont feel the need to re-learn how to ride differently to save a few seconds a lap on a track. Love Malta by the way but have driven a few roads over there where I would be cornering at 1/4 trottle, keep your traction control on.
  15. When I test rode a new GT model at the Edinburgh Saltire dealership last year I am sure i was was told by the salesman that I should only use the quickshifter function when accelerating above 4,000 revs and using gears 3 to 6, I thought it was a useful function and did try it on the test ride. I felt it made a slight difference when I was overtaking at one point but not enough of a difference from the standard tracer to sway my decision to go for the GT model.