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    Early bird gets the worm baby. Please delete!
  2. I have one of these ... about 20K miles into installing it my faring stay broke, I think the pressure of the massive windscreen over time was too much for it. I installed a new one that someone welded and reinforced.
  3. Charlotte NC .... may be heading out to Phoenix AZ soon
  4. Bought these BMW Ride sneakers on a whim and they have quickly become my favorite sneaker style boots I have owned. + Stylish - very casual non-moto look, lots of people ask what kinda shoes i'm wearing + Comfortable - breath really well + Easy to use - Inside zipper is LIFE CHANGING ... takes 2 seconds to get in and out of + Durable - Ive worn these 5 days a week for about 6 months ... still in fantastic shape. Honestly thinking about buying another pair incase they stop making them! BMW Ride Sneakers Riding shoes with the styling of a casual sneaker and the features of...
  5. Not for the faint of heart, no guard rails and massive 500+ foot drops. Mosquito ridge is a 44 mile lumber road just west of lake Tahoe. Honestly one of the best roads i've ever ridden. Incredibly fast twisty roads with great road conditions. I think I saw a total of 3 cars on it for the 2 hours I raced around it. Not my video .. but gives you an idea of what you're getting into.
  6. I have done this at my neighborhood pool ... people though i was some crazy guy 😄 .. HOA doesnt say anything about motorcycle tires in the pool ... definitely does now
  7. is the McCruise the $500 one sold on a sketchy website? I seem to remember looking into this at one point.
  8. Hey man I live in NoDa. Im always flyin around on my FJ ... although im currently trying to sell it
  9. I've been using Pilot Road 4/5s for the last 40K miles and I love them: Pros: +Super sticky in the twisties +Heat up quickly +VERY noticeable difference in stopping in the rain +Tire life is good (around ~8K for the rear the way I ride) Cons: +Expensive If you ride a lot in the rain and inclement weather I highly recommend these, otherwise I would go another route. I have not tried the "GT" version yet, curious if anyone on here has.
  10. This looked so cool until I saw it was a twin ... cant think of a more boring, uninspiring engine.
  11. There is a distribution center in Charlotte NC. I may know someone there with the hook up 😉. I gave a few friends a ride here and there. 95% was solo.
  12. chain maintenance is easy! just dont do it while the bike is running 😁
  13. yes, this was a pain in the butt to fix!
  14. Hey guys! Wanted to show off my touring build. Built this bike back in 2017 to do a 4 month trip around the US! Feel free to ask any questions. List of upgrades:Givi 2122DT windscreen Givi D2122 fit kitGivi EH2122 Hans extensions Givi ES2122 side stand plate Givi TN2122 engine guard Givi PL2122 side mounting hardware Givi SR2122 rail mounting hardware Givi 48L outback side cases Givi 58L outback tail case Corbin saddle, ordered direct from Corbin SW Motech quick lock 22L tank bag SW Motech mounting hardware Denali Sound Bomb Horn Speigler brake line Skene P3 brake lights Tail clean up and oxford turn signals Oxford heated grips Clearwater Darla lights