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  1. You would think dealer should know this. Regular service, dealer should know this. I had noticed the oil level was halfway middle of glass. Filled up. Problem seems to be solved. Thx
  2. Cheers brother. Thanks seems to be the consensus.
  3. Welcome. Eastern part of the country. Season coming to a close. Another 6weeks and off to be she goes. Till when do you ride in beautiful British Columbia?
  4. Filled up to top line and went for a ride. No lights came on. I guess this bike like to be full. Didn’t even wait for the bike to fully warm up just to see and all good. Sensors are so sensitive these days. Funny because the bike was serviced at 1000km and the oil added was from the dealer. Once again you would think dealer would know this, but I am disappointed once again. Are they doing it on purpose to do things half assed? They once again are confirming that you should find a trust mechanic and never look back. They kill me. Thanks again for the info.
  5. Excellent. Will give that a go. Thanks just filled up,to,top line. I will report back with an update.
  6. Question please. I posted a question concerning this issue about a month ago. Got answers but pretty much all relating to oil level when I start the bike up after riding for 5 minutes the engine oil light comes on as well as a general warning light (red exclamation point). The oil level Is perfect.. The only conclusion i have is either a sensor issue or the fact that my oil temp is too cold a sensor or something doesn’t read oil level or circulation well. When I get over 72 degrees Celsius or 21 Fahrenheit it goes away. Only stays on for about 60-120 seconds never to come back on again. I always let the bike warm up before I got but seems like not long enough. never had this issue with other bikes I have owned. Thoughts anyone??
  7. Good day Fellow tracers. Trying to delete add but not finding where.
  8. Thanks in advance for all your experiences.