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  1. Welcome! And congratulations for “getting back on the horse” as we say.
  2. Welcome!! Nice bike and nice riding out there.
  3. Welcome!! Nice score on that 07!
  4. Hello friends! Thought I would share my quick project. I went to my local home supply store and bought this heavy duty metal mesh. I have used the stuff for other projects in the past and it is very strong, quite thick, and very durable. I cut a piece to fit, primed it and then painted it black. I used the two existing Zeus quarter turn screws to hold it in place and then one black zip tie on the bottom. $10 for the metal, $5 for the paint. Done!
  5. Hey hey! Picked up a new Tracer this past Friday. Very excited! Already have 250 miles on her and it’s much more than I could have expected! After having different brands over the last 25 yrs, my last was a beautiful Italian redhead (a red Ducati) but she had too much mental baggage (i.e. electrical gremlins) that left me on stranded roadside a few too many times... so I traded her in for the Tracer 900. 😉 Let the aftermarket purchases begin!!