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  1. For my moderate use, this has proved to be a good cheaper option. Linkage.
  2. Been busy removing the wheels for cleaning/degreasing and polishing prior to having new rubber fitted soon. Bike is still running OEM Dunlops, which are a tad slippy in the wet, so won't be missed. Pair of Metzler Roadtech 01s in stock and ready to go on. New tyre joy is imminent. 🤓 While I had the rear wheel off, took the opportunity to remove the Akropovic baffle, slashcut it and refit. Results are pleasingly big improvement.
  3. Good write up and food for thought of future work. Don't know the mileage on your ride but, while you were there; that deep in; where you not tempted to replace the HT plugs and air filter too?
  4. Job jobbed as above. Big improvement on standard. Previous owner had been there before and drilled the baffle, respect, but had stopped short of the slashcut that is required. Euro4 compliant my arse! Hope everyone is staying well and hearty during this clusterphuck of a time. 🖖
  5. I'm very happy with the tempered glass protector. Nice and protective. Does make the screen slightly more reflective as shown in the photos but not to the naked eye. Quite nerve racking to fit, but as long as the screen is as clean as possible, it goes on well. I did have a couple of trapped air bubbles after fitting but I was able to squeeze one out and the other went when the bike was run up to temp. You may think it unlikely that the clocks will get damaged and you may be right, but I'd be really pissed off if some scumbag damaged/scratched them when the bike was parked up somewhere away from home. Replacements are nearly £800, just for the part. So makes sense to spend a little to protect them while they're still in mint condition. Once scratched forever seen...
  6. I was lucky in that my bike came with just about every worthwhile accessory already fitted. Too many to list. One that wasn't was a TFT screen protector. I went with Speedo Angels Tempered Glass Screen Protector, same as I've used on my smart phone and it has saved the screen numerous times. YAMAHA R1(M) / MT-10SP / 900 Tracer GT Tempered Glass Dashboard Screen Protector - Ultra Clear ... Couple of snaps, before and after. 10% discount also available, use code = missenden.
  7. Mine came fitted (by the previous owner) with a top box (Givi Maxia E52 and top rack) large enough for me to consider doing house removals. 😄 Agree that they're worth having. The pannier bags mean I don't need to remove the panniers and carry them away into a hotel, B&B, hostel, or whatever. Just remove the inner bags and job's jobbed. 🤓 Panniers are also the best crash bungs known to man.
  8. They're included in the link. Notice the price has gone up since posting to, £52.00. 🤠
  9. I've been using my old V35 Givi pannier inner bags on the GT, panniers are long gone, but kept the handy bags, while I sourced some new yins. Just noticed that Yamaha have just added a nice looking branded set on their website for the 20L side cases. Listed at £51.96. I thought, that's good value. No-one seems to be stocking them yet online yet, so did things the old fashioned way - phoned the Yamaha dealer (Saltire Motos) and spoke to Robb on parts. Once he'd found them on his system, yes they're new, not seem them before; he's ordered me up a set for £51.96, great value, and I can collect them when I'm visiting them next month for the bikes first annual service. 😎 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT - Accessories ...
  10. This is another way. This chap cut down the baffle to half its original size. I think this might be the way!
  11. Thanks to you @bugie for being brave enough to remove the baffle in the first place. At some point I'm going to do the same and drill a few holes in the baffle to improve? the soundtrack from that pipe as it is too quiet and yet on balance probably too loud with it removed. Found this on YouTube. I think I would do the same but drill the holes further up the baffle towards the outer end? 🤓
  12. Having double checked the schematics. V-TUV142 is the baffle/damper for system S-Y9R3-HAFT -2016 models so won't fit the newer 2016- S-Y9R8-HEGEHT system.
  13. From that listed on Akra's website it hasn't changed since 2017. Well with the exception of the baffle/damper being welded in and the differing baffle lengths. Akrapovič
  14. Does anyone have the dimensions of the Yamaha supplied Euro4 system baffle/damper? V-TUV203 dimensions = outer 63mm total length 167,4 mm V-TUV142 dimensions = outer 63mm total length 190mm
  15. Right. Seems that V-TUV203 is the Euro4 compliant, welded in baffle/damper as supplied by Yamaha and fitted to my bike. V-TUV142 is the one as supplied direct from Akrapovic in the aftermarket system which doesn't need to be Euro4 compliant so it can be removed/refitted and bolted back in at will. See schematic below. https://www.carpimoto.it/Images/Products/Pdf/S-Y9R3-HAFT_Schematic.pdf The question is. Will it sound any different/better(er)? 🤓