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  1. Renewing the brake fluid is a top tip and something which is often ignored. Brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs moisture from the air over time. Changing every 24 months is deffo worthwhile and isn't a difficult job. Changing even more frequently than that at say 12 months interval is also worthwhile as it maintains 100% braking effiency. I do this. Obtain a syringe, something like this use that to remove as much brake fluid as possible from both the front and rear master cylinder reservoirs. Then, get a very simple one-man-bleeder, something like this - top up the BF res' to the max, then use the one-man-bleeder to bleed through the topped up and keep topping it up as you bleed the old fluid until enough has passed through to replace the original brake fluid with lovely fresh DOT4. DO NOT allow the BF res' level to drop below the minimum level as you risk drawing air into the system which will only need to be bleed out again. Keep topping up. Take your time, use plenty rags to protect from any spills as brake fluid will damage painted surfaces. You MUST also wear gloves and eye protection as you really really don't want to get brake fulid in your eye(s). Clean up any spills on the bike with water. If this scares you. Get your local friendly motorcycle mechanic to do it. Never try and save money on brakes as that's a fools errand. As for brake pads. I've used both SBS and Brembo with good results. Sintered pads work better but can cause brake discs to wear faster depending on your use? Brake discs are consumables though so expect they will need replaced at higher mileages. The fact you care about your brakes is a good thing which I share and support. Happy stopping.
  2. Evening folks. Thanks all for the warm welcome and kind words which are greatly appreciated. I'm sorry for not posting until now, but needless to say all went well with the test-ride home from Wigan. I'll away and type up my thoughts on the bike and post them up laters.
  3. Evening all. Just registered for this fine place as yesterday I agreed terms on a 2019 Tracer GT900 from a dealer in Wigan. I currently own a fine K1300s but have been looking to trade the bike in for a smaller sports tourer and the Tracer GT seems to fit the bill nicely. I've been riding since 2005 and since then have owned a Honda VFR800Fi1 (I still own this bike, it's my first big bike and can't bring myself to sell it), VFR800 VTEC (VTEC kicking in!) traded for my first and only ever brand new bike a Kawasaki Versys 1000ACF and then in 2017 my first ever hyper-bike the 2013 K1300s. What a machine it is too. But now in my 50s it's time to slow down a wee bit and smell the roses, hence going for the Tracer GT. I've never owned a Yamaha or a triple so I'm really looking forward to the new bike which I collect this Sunday. I'll be riding the K1300 down to Wigan for the last time from my home in Perthshire Scotland and then the 250 mile test-ride home, which should be a blast. Wish me luck and I look forward to adding what I can to this place. Ride safe and have fun. John. P.S. Not sure if the previous owner was a member of this forum? But it he, is I'd just like to thank him for equipping the bike so well with so many choice parts which make the bike that much more special which all good motorcycles are. Thanks fella, I'll take good care of the bike and ride it like deserves to be ridden!