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  1. This still looks as good as the day fitted. So pleased, I've bought two for my next bike. Cost just under a tenner using use code = missenden For 10% off. Thanks to the Missenden Flyer chap on YouTube. 🧑‍✈️ https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMissendenFlyer
  2. Hi, yes have replied with my location. Will give you a call in a bit.
  3. Further. How I see this working - send me your standard exhaust, once received, I would have the Akropovic removed from my bike by our local motorcycle shop at my cost and then shipped back out asap. Price is by prior negotiation, obviously. Further discount given for the other parts available & shipped together. The baffle on this system is and has been removed, modified - reduced in size by 50% - refitted and it sounds awesome! It, the baffle, simply bolts in and could if you wanted be put back to standard. More on this link. https://www.visordown.com/features/workshop/how-…-fit-akrapovic-full-exhaust-system-yamaha-tracer
  4. Hello folks. Although I've enjoyed my time with the Tracer GT, a new machine has been ordered and is due to arrive in September. I'm trading the bike in, so, wondered if anyone was interested in the Full Factory Akropovic System? It would need to be someone within the UK and I would take your standard system in part exchange. If of interest, post here or email me - gauld5 at gmail dot com. PS. I also have the comfort riders seat and large Givi screen which I would be willing to also trade for standard parts. If no interest, then the dealer will get them, but I'd rather they went to club member. Cheers and ride safe. John.
  5. You'll see those crap connectors Yamaha here -
  6. These were fitted to my 2019 GT when I bought it, as fitted by the orginal supplying dealer. I've had an issue whereby all the indicators stopped working on the switch. Never had that on a Japanese moto before, WTF? Traced that fault right back to poor connections in (quickfit) bullet connectors YAMAHA provide for these led indicators. I've replaced these with proper waterproof automotive connectors which were soldered into the wiring loom, proper job. The fronts are wired seperately and they were fine then, last summer, but the NSF DRL is litterally now going on the blink. Good parts, very poor install. Thinking about it, they probably didn't charge much if any labour to the original buyer as these would have been fitted at the PDI stage, hence lack of time and care taken. I'll need to get the front fairings off and see what lies beneath....
  7. Good for a laugh. Second-hand Samsung Gear 360 camera. £50. Decent bit of kit, video quality is pretty decent, support from Samsung has ceased which is a pity. Mounted to the rear grab rail with one of those octupus type flexible tripod stands with an extension pole selfie stick type thing mounted to that. Pretty secure but wouldn't want to be going hell for leather. Fine for a bimble.
  8. Good thinking that man. I used this unused outlet to power a now fitted Innovv C5 bike video recorder. Made the wiring really straight forward and no need to go to the faff of removing the screen etc. etc. etc. See here for seat heater outlets. Cheers. 🖖
  9. For my moderate use, this has proved to be a good cheaper option. Linkage.
  10. Been busy removing the wheels for cleaning/degreasing and polishing prior to having new rubber fitted soon. Bike is still running OEM Dunlops, which are a tad slippy in the wet, so won't be missed. Pair of Metzler Roadtech 01s in stock and ready to go on. New tyre joy is imminent. 🤓 While I had the rear wheel off, took the opportunity to remove the Akropovic baffle, slashcut it and refit. Results are pleasingly big improvement.
  11. Good write up and food for thought of future work. Don't know the mileage on your ride but, while you were there; that deep in; where you not tempted to replace the HT plugs and air filter too?
  12. Job jobbed as above. Big improvement on standard. Previous owner had been there before and drilled the baffle, respect, but had stopped short of the slashcut that is required. Euro4 compliant my arse! Hope everyone is staying well and hearty during this clusterphuck of a time. 🖖